World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 692
Now controls the Devil Subduing School's person, unexpectedly is the person who and Suppressing Devil Temple quarrel becomes enemies, such fellow definitely is not the good thing, this makes Gu Dongchen think very thornily. Why that this can Tai Yunhong collude with Devil World?” Gu Dongchen asked that this was he most is also worried: „Did they grasp the means that the Devil World's person makes?” They collude with Devil World are because they think, when three realms great war starts, goes to Devil World using Demon and Devil passage, because there has the thing that they want.” Shen Xiang was recalling these memories, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable has travelled for pleasure many world, unexpectedly has gone including Devil World and Demon World, moreover disregards any world the principle, can by the Immortal strength, go to some mediocre world. But Tai Yunhong knows that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable has left behind something in that Devil World, therefore he plans to go to that Devil World. Tai Yunhong has stolen many fierce things from Suppressing Devil Temple, for example past Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable some taboo Teleportation Formation, that was one type can go to Demon and Devil World Teleportation Formation, but needed very strong energy to open.” Tai Yunhong in order to clears passage simply, he uses the law of taboo pass on message, contacts with the Devil World's person, making Devil World also establish Teleportation Formation in that side, then transmits some people to come, opening this Teleportation Formation needs very huge energy luckily, therefore they can only transmit 2-3 to come each time personally, the present is only the laboratory stage, therefore they only transmitted the strength are not very strong person come.” Most makes Shen Xiang feel what is shocking is that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable Divine Soul, because Wang Shengren and Tai Yunhong respectively have a wisp of remnant soul, according to the Wang Shengren memory, this Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable incomplete Divine Soul has placed in Suppressing Devil Temple, but Wang Shengren birth time, a wisp of remnant soul on the breakthrough heavily hindrance, fused with Wang Shengren, therefore Wang Shengren was treated as the god child to supply by some Suppressing Devil Temple's people. Then was received by Tai Yunhong for the apprentice, Tai Yunhong tells Wang Shengren, his Divine Soul is only the remnant soul, must obtain complete Divine Soul, can cultivates Divine Dao, then he uses the Wang Shengren person, swindles incomplete Divine Soul that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable kept from Suppressing Devil Temple these long experts successfully, but also has one wisp the person. The Tai Yunhong undying heart, uses him is the god child Master status, stole many things in Suppressing Devil Temple, finally was held, has the conflict, the severe wound ran away, afterward arrived at Mortal Martial World.

Why Wang Shengren and Tai Yunhong do not know Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable incomplete Divine Soul in Suppressing Devil Temple, but they actually knew other Suppressing Devil Bloodline and things that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable keeps where. However must surmount a world to be very difficult, although they know, but is unreachable, that Suppressing Devil Bloodline on convenient Shen Xiang. That taboo Teleportation Formation experimented has succeeded twice, they will carry quickly on the third transmission, when the time comes will transmit a number of formidable devil cultivator to come, their Devil Subduing School's strength will be increased more.” Shen Xiang not only absorbs the Wang Shengren memory, these Suppressing Devil divine art of Wang Shengren practice, Shen Xiang now also achieved mastery through a comprehensive study, but Wang Shengren has studied a point these Suppressing Devil divine art. This is the Grasping Soul Devil Curse fierce place! Gu Dongchen pounds on the table: This bastard, unexpectedly wants to sell to Devil World entire Mortal Martial World, gave up any idea of that must extinguish this Tai Yunhong, even if had it all Devil Subduing School must also prevent them!” Shen Xiang said: Hurries to convene expert of alliance, discussed well this matter, Tai Yunhong should know the matter of alliance, I think he must open that Teleportation Formation quickly, first transmits a number of devil cultivator to come to consolidate his strength, avoids being destroyed completely by you.” Gu Dongchen nodded, then hastily leaves, he has not thought that when three realms great war must start, the biggest problem is not because does not unite, but some people lead a wolf into the house, regarding this he wants under the pain the cruel methods. Shen Xiang returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, hides is trying these Suppressing Devil divine art in secret room, he has not needed to study the opening part of Suppressing Devil Qi Formation and Devil Subduing Fist now laboriously, that is also the most difficult part.

What thing did Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable keep in that Devil World?” Su Meiyao is very curious, thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable leaves behind, is not definitely bad. Does not know that Wang Shengren knows had underground palace there, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable long ago to found coped with Demon and Devil martial arts, carried on experimental there, moreover stayed there was very long, should have many good things to stay there.” Shen Xiang was saying, while stimulates to movement Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, is controlling some Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi with Divine Sense, condense becomes the energy silk thread, forms one very small chart, appears in the fist front, revolves slowly, because of such one small air/Qi, can strengthen many time of strength to the person, moreover has very big lethality to Demon and Devil. That Wang Shengren has learned second layer Devil Subduing Fist, but was rare, if the ordinary people, to be difficult the first layer society. Shen Xiang estimated that if not fuse this Wang Shengren regarding the attainments of these divine art, perhaps he must spend last more than half a year the time, can grasp well the basic parts of these two Devil Subduing martial arts, but now he actually with hands down. Devil Subduing School's that large formation comes Zitian, changes according to Suppressing Devil Qi Formation inside large-scale formation, moreover Devil Subduing School also takes the formation energy storage with massive crystal stones, it seems like it is set many expert strength, is hard to break through, that Tai Yunhong is no wonder secure.” Shen Xiang left the secret room, arrives in courtyard, walks back and forth, finding the way to come fatally to strike to that Tai Yunhong, but that Tai Yunhong is grasping very strong strength now, Devil Subduing School inside these elders, majority are Heaven World gets down. You fused that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable incomplete Divine Soul first said again, when your Divine Soul was more formidable, then mixed in that Devil Subduing School.” Long Xueyi has hit a yawn: Although that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable Divine Soul is incomplete, but after you fuse, definitely will promote many.”

In the Shen Xiang's fine Divine Sense sea, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable incomplete Divine Soul is fusing with his Divine Soul slowly, but must fuse completely, must require very long time, if he cultivates Nine Turn Dragon God Technique with single-hearted devotion, that will be quicker. Shen Xiang goes into the secret room to start to practice immediately, several days of after past, Mortal Martial World inside unexpectedly is spreading another Devil Subduing Energy study means that this is a simple easy to understand edition, only then front three. Although only then three, but can actually to promote many strength, this makes entire Mortal Martial World seethe with excitement, especially these are unable to enter the Devil Subduing School practice martial artist! This after Gu Dongchen they discussed decision that from now on will make, Devil Subduing Energy is they puts, this is to let go all out to turn head toward the person who Devil Subduing School runs, can suppress the Devil Subduing School's strength expansion.