World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 693
But many influences, start the restriction disciple to go to Devil Subduing School, must come back, will otherwise be expelled, this is the decision that the alliance makes, the words that if not, later starts, might present the traitor within very much, will also be attacked by the person on one's own side. Many people were attracted by Devil Subduing School these Devil Subduing martial arts, to let these people can resist this enticement, Gu Dongchen continues to send for disseminating the news, said that quick Devil Subduing Fist, Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi and Suppressing Devil Qi Formation simple easy to understand edition, can definitely study independently. Because there is a Devil Subduing Energy this example, therefore many people have believed that the Devil Subduing School's student is reducing little, every day some people leave, only then these from other world with thought that the person has not left. So long as the Devil Subduing School's student reduces massively, Devil Subduing School will lose these student every other a period of time to the resources that they provide. Ten days pass by, in Shen Xiang cultivates under Nine Turn Dragon God Technique with single-hearted devotion, he fused that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable incomplete Divine Soul completely, making his Divine Soul arrive at transformation eighth, this leaping promotion, let him and Long Xueyi feels surprised incomparable. Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration immediately, he could be far away from the body by oneself that special Divine Sense now, is similar to arrives at its boundary like that wanders in very far place, he can clear seeing, smell and hear the thing of that place, but others are very difficult to discover him, even if discovered that his Divine Sense, attacks his Divine Sense, he does not have any damage. little rascal, should not be used to peep others to take a bath, if you must such do, I will certainly prevent your.” Long Xueyi urged seriously. Small bad dragon, I have not thought must such do, you reminded me actually all day, were you often used to peep I to take a bath?” Shen Xiang is grinning was saying: You did not fear that looks at the bad eye?” Bah, if will look at the bad eye, I was already blind......” Shen Xiang has not thought that this female sexual attractiveness dragon unexpectedly such bold acknowledgment, his suddenly thought that the loss is very big, Long Xueyi has looked at his many times, but he has not looked at Long Xueyi. This is unfair, you looked my these many times, I one time have not visited you!” Shen Xiang immediately shouted.

This is natural, our women can grow two attractive rabbits.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: „That two eggs of your man are unattractive, moreover that bird same thing has increased, but also some terrors......” Shen Xiang low coldly snorted: Can let your woman comfortable that's alright, I guaranteed after you, certainly very much will like.” Urges to go faster...... Do not say that again these thing, was careful that your Sister Youyou punch you.” A Su Meiyao face blushes, she has not thought that these two little brat, mentioned these things, unexpectedly more said vigorously, endless. Shen Xiang curled the lip, took a bath, goes out of secret room, actually hears some people to knock on a door. Brother, opens the door quickly, opens the door...... Leng Youlan to whip the Extreme Dan King Courtyard front door quickly vigorously, the sound of knocking on a door is louder than her sound, obviously she how wants a bit faster to see Shen Xiang. Extreme Dan King Courtyard was wrapped solid by formation, even to jump not to be easy, but Shen Xiang was worried that Leng Youlan will destroy the front door. Shen Xiang hastily runs, opens the door to see Leng Youlan of wear red women's clothing, after she sees Shen Xiang, looks like little girl such, throws to hug Shen Xiang. Leng Youlan in front of Shen Xiang, that temper and little girl is different, but her body, her appearance, was passing all thoroughly ripe aura, if she were earnest, the whole body will send out one elegantly beautiful noble makings, moreover was having a female Overlord flavor. Xianxian?” Shen Xiang looked guarded the door outside, has not seen Xue Xianxian to arrive. Leng Youlan also hugs Shen Xiang not to put, is rubbing the Shen Xiang's chest with her tall and straight soft front proudly, this lets Shen Xiang immediately the blood ebullition.

Elder brother, others were stranded in that time formation practice, stayed in inside for a long time was very very long, for if not, can rush to the world with you, I was not this type to be able the person to be stuffy the bird the trifling thing.” Leng Youlan mentioned this matter, a face was depressed, honk that powder Run's small mouth, was annoying the person to love tenderly. Shen Xiang he he smiles, traces her snow white lubrication the hair: My good younger sister, to be rare you to come one time, went in said again!” Was right, Xianxian? Why you have not told her not to come, how can she make you run all over the place?” Shen Xiang is drawing the Leng Youlan's white hands, walks into a simple and elegant lonesome and quiet bamboo house, this is the place that Elder Dan usually lives. „Can't I a person run all over the place? Back then I was a person run to come to here from secular world, Master and Senior Sister sent here me, returned to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to go, Master must teach some headache thing to Senior Sister very much, probably was some formation anything, I could not learn these things.” Leng Youlan spits the tongue. Long Xueyi said with a smile secretly tenderly: I am also very repugnant these thing, if not I have the memory inheritance, kills me not study.” Even if Leng Youlan does not come, Shen Xiang also planned that looks for Liu Meng'er to want, because he just obtained that White Dragon Blood Dan, this is can make Leng Youlan awaken White Dragon Bloodline thing. Good younger sister, you in that time formation, what to have studied now?” Shen Xiang asked. Has studied many assorted things, any Devil Subduing Fist, Suppressing Devil Qi Formation and Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, Master said that is the elder brother studies to us, therefore I have to brace oneself to study these complex thing, but these martial arts are very fierce, after I learn, the strength has been increased!” Leng Youlan said here, has probably burnt suddenly: Brother, we hits one!” Looks that the Leng Youlan whole body braves golden Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, that pair of jade fist glittering intermittent golden light, the Shen Xiang corners of the mouth are twitching slightly. Youlan you more and more attractively, I cannot start to punch you now, I looked or exempt.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Leng Youlan tenderly snorted and said: Elder brother fought with me before, was I was not very attractive at that time, therefore under you went well?” Then, her pū chī smiles: Brother, your excuse is really rotten.” Dead girl, changed intelligent.” Shen Xiang has pinched her face. Others were not stupid, I and Senior Sister make up for one's deficiency by learning from others'strong points, Senior Sister has taught me the lots.” Leng Youlan said here, suddenly patted table to laugh. Youlan, what do you smile?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Leng Youlan stops the laughter: I think clearly, why Senior Sister Master do not hear your two fruits, the face becomes very red, isn't two meat eggs? Has anything to be quite shy!” Shen Xiang suddenly discovered that has the White Dragon Bloodline woman, is this morality moral character, Long Xueyi is so. „Did you ask Sister Meng'er?” The Shen Xiang corner of the eye is beating, he once made Leng Youlan ask that Sister Meng'er has the matter about male and female, has not thought that Leng Youlan asked. Asked, but Master had not said that but blushes scolds you, said that you teach people bad things I.” Leng Youlan pursed the lips.