World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 694
Leng Youlan mentioned these matters to come, cannot help but was shameless including Shen Xiang one red, but she has not thought anything, this made Shen Xiang cannot help but exclaim in surprise the great strength of White Dragon Bloodline. Brother, Xianxian Senior Sister here, we together does not take a bath now, Senior Sister said that you most liked handling such matter.” Leng Youlan happily said with a smile, a face naive appearance, this lets Shen Xiang cannot help but crazy took a deep breath, the eye, in her has to concave-convex on the tender body spins. The Shen Xiang deep breath several tones, have resisted this enticement awfully, said: Your Senior Sister said not entire, I only like taking a bath with my wife together, you is a my younger sister.” Leng Youlan spits that rosy small tongue, spat tenderly: Hypocrisy, Xianxian Senior Sister has taught me many things, I can see the elder brother in have lied.” Those who make Shen Xiang surprised is, this white hair beautiful woman unexpectedly suddenly smiles charmingly, that character and style ten thousand charming appearances, look at Shen Xiang to make noise. The Leng Youlan charming tenderness said with a smile: Brother, you did not fear that your two treasure fruits were spoiled by me.” This girl is enticing me!” In Shen Xiang heart startled [say / way]. giggle, with such that Xianxian Senior Sister said that the elder brother you most could not bear my this.” Leng Youlan said with a smile tenderly. Dead girl, unexpectedly dares to play tricks on me.” Shen Xiang cannot help laughing, both hands are pinching her attractive cheek. Shen Xiang put out White Dragon Blood Dan, Long Xueyi suddenly said: „After she eats up, when needs very long 1st Stage can digest White Dragon Blood Dan inside strength completely, at least also takes one year, you make her eat in that time formation.” Youlan, this is White Dragon Blood Dan, eats up later can make you have strong strength, but you strength that requires very long time to smelt that to bring, takes one year probably.” Shen Xiang is serious, making Leng Youlan also earnestly listen.

Remember, this can only eat to you, do not give Xianxian, she is not suitable to eat, only then you suit! Youlan, you must know that now this world has filled danger(ous) in all directions, I such do also to let you have a stronger strength, can assure own security.” Leng Youlan heavily nodded: Elder brother, I knew, I will not disappoint you!” After Leng Youlan received White Dragon Blood Dan, immediately receives: I smelt inside strength as soon as possible, then comes and elder brother meets.” Sees Leng Youlan to be so clever, Shen Xiang happily has smiled, is caressing her snow white beautiful long hair: „After, you know that the place of your uncommonness, Youlan, your certain stronger is big, the world is very big, we must have the enough formidable strength, can go to the wanderer!” Long Xueyi said: „After her White Dragon Bloodline awakens, will have the memory inheritance, in the bloodlines of our Dragon Clan, will have these memories to inherit, when the time comes she knows how to take own road!” Leng Youlan stands up, is staring at Shen Xiang, whispered: Brother, I must return to that quickly damn time formation, have you been able kiss others...... Like own Xianxian Senior Sister.” Shen Xiang heart suddenly accelerates to beat, Leng Youlan's double face suddenly flies that unusual intoxicant blushing, is passing a different kind flavor, making Shen Xiang look crazily. Leng Youlan gained ground, the look is blurred, holds the eyes, appears more charming, Shen Xiang has not thought that this is boorish from time to time, mischievous sworn sister, unexpectedly also will have from time to time this charming enticement side. The Shen Xiang body proceeds, suddenly grasped Leng Youlan, and red lips that kisses white hair beautiful woman that sex appeal. Well......”

In the white hair native of US heart suddenly wells up the unprecedented feeling, she has seen Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian kiss, why at that time had doubts they such to do frequently, but she knew now, because after that strange wonderful feeling fills the whole body, making her have the comfort of not being able saying that making her be enchanted by, she is self-taught, the fragrant tongue also and Shen Xiang's hook makes together, the boorish craziness is kissing. Their suddenly tumbles in the place, closely is supporting the opposite party, crazy sucking , the tongue wild wadding entangles together, they wish one could to fuse with the opposite party, in the simple and elegant small bamboo house, sends out captivated to leave, when the ambiguous aura, as well as the men and women kiss sends out sound that sucks in weakly...... After is tangled up, Leng Youlan's beautiful eyes becomes is infatuated with blurredly, she thoroughly understands now why Xue Xianxian and Shen Xiang meet, will always be kissing inseparably violently, but she also said that has been crazier, was they strips off the clothes, then...... Thinks of here, Leng Youlan suddenly whole body one soft, before she had one type, has never had hope, before she at most curious, but now is actually not, the person but who wants most to love with, carries on person Spirit Gathering one, arrives at the joyful peak. This type feels well beautiful!” Leng Youlan jade face Hong Xia covers entirely, full is infatuated with the joyful color, by in the Shen Xiang's chest, is tasting that feeling carefully. Youlan, I send you to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire!” Shen Xiang smiled, said. No, I go, you must believe me, cannot again me, when the little girl same has come to see, others initially kissed already not, cannot be treated as little girl again.” Leng Youlan purses the lips, a face is stubborn. Shen Xiang smiles helplessly: Good, you are careful! I am worried about your this white hair, too conspicuous......” Leng Youlan smiles one tenderly, has put out a bamboo hat, brought: This did not fear that I frequently went out to play before, is this!” Shen Xiang delivers to go out of town Leng Youlan, looks at Leng Youlan to walk away, returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard. „After and other White Dragon Bloodline awakens, you possibly cannot hit her, our White Dragon Bloodline is very strong.” Long Xueyi said very self-confidently.

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Is uncertain.” Was the time goes to Devil Subduing School to search, can perhaps have anything to discover that others were hard to mix, but you were very simple.” Long Xueyi said: In 72 Transformations that Transformation Technique, your present magic power should be able to use.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I already the looks like tried.” giggle, changes a young girl takes a look to this dragon.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. That Transformation Technique, can turn into others' appearance, including the sound build can then, but this need magic power arrives at certain situation to be good. This change anything is more difficult, because this need becomes very lifelike, can change including aura, but the premise must induce to that type of aura is good, if magic power suffices, but can also the model some terrifying pressure. Shen Xiang white light dodges, he turned into a wear simply old bald, this exactly is the appearance of Wu Kaiming old age, if to not keep secret this 72 Transformations Divine Ability, he goes certainly back to see Wu Kaiming, what expression having a look at Wu Kaiming to have. In order to better interfusion Devil Subduing School, Shen Xiang must turn into a Devil Subduing School's student, he also has Grasping Soul Devil Curse, can know that others' memory, can make him well.