World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 695
In Devil Subduing School, Shen Xiang shoulders, swaggering is walking in, at this time he changed a Devil Subduing School's student. This student is a medium sect's disciple, usually bullies the weak and fears the strong, is one annoys the fellow who the person hates. His aptitude also calculates, but his luck is not good, stared by Shen Xiang, then by the Shen Xiang being strip naked clothes, was hung on the tree. This fellow was too loathful, although good cheeks, but the woman sees to hide by far.” Shen Xiang walks on the Devil Subduing School's road, many people saw that he reveals the facial expression of loathing. Shen Xiang's Transformation Technique perfect is complete, now he has to know the memory of that student, therefore installs to look like also very much, now he entered Devil Subduing School with ease, otherwise he very difficult to come in across that large formation, even if opens Space Gate to be also invalid. After entering Devil Subduing School, Shen Xiang returns to him fast the residence, then hides in inside, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, according to the Wang Shengren memory, seeks for that Tai Yunhong. dragon brat, found that fellow who called Mo Dian?” Shen Xiang had found Tai Yunhong now, in a tall tower uppermost layer, but above that tower top is protected by powerful formations very much, he is unable to go, but can actually hear inside sound. Had found, the fellow walks toward tall tower, should be lets Tai Yunhong.” Long Xueyi's Nine Heavens Mental Exploration be much fiercer than Shen Xiang, can simultaneously release to say Divine Sense, wanders in all directions, can seek for the goal fast, but Shen Xiang can only emit now together, the distance is limited. Shen Xiang is waiting for patiently, that unusual Divine Sense that he releases, gets down from upper air overlook, can see that Mo Dian half step to walk toward tall tower that Tai Yunhong is , after arriving at tall tower below, these guards do not block this Mo Dian. This makes Shen Xiang have doubts, because according to the Wang Shengren memory, this Mo Dian and Mo Huan little has with Tai Yunhong contacts, but passed for ten days, this Mo Dian is very familiar on probably and Tai Yunhong such, after walking into tall tower inside, light vehicle route ripe arriving most top. This Tai Yunhong definitely has many matters to hide the truth from Wang Shengren, Wang Shengren is his apprentice, was planned by this Tai Yunhong since childhood, was concealed the truth is also being very normal matter.” Bai Youyou said: Mo Dian is surnamed Mo, so long as has Devil Path Martial Artist of this surname, the status will not lower, to make how possibly the test piece to transmit?”

Listens secretly carefully, having a look at them to speak anything!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also thought that inside has the fishy, he listens to that tall tower most top that matter inside sound with rapt attention. How to prepare?” Tai Yunhong sees Mo Dian to arrive, asked directly. Has completed, these things can apply, your a bit faster fight, that group of fellows composed an alliance, Wang Shengren are abandoned by Shen Xiang, you did not have enough strength, perhaps will then be routed by that alliance.” Mo Dian said that he spoke the expression very ice-cold. Tai Yunhong said with a sneer: That alliance inadequate anything climate, more importantly Chenwu Mainland that several sect, as well as Wu Family and Blue Blood Clan, that Fire God Palace, I had the means to cope with that alliance.” Then you a bit faster start, you have complied with our matter, don't forget!” Mo Dian coldly said. Relax, I do not go back on word!” Tai Yunhong said that jumps the window, flies in a direction, the speed rapidness, Long Xueyi's Divine Sense catch does not arrive at his trail, asking him to leave. Shen Xiang clenches teeth secretly, from the dialog of Mo Dian and Tai Yunhong, he listened to some important things, but is not very clear. Mo Dian has been helping Tai Yunhong prepare some important thing, now sounds that to make Tai Yunhong obtain very big overflow probably, but Tai Yunhong also accepted some Mo Dian their conditions, that naturally is to Mo Dian their advantageous conditions. Shen Xiang only obtains these many from their dialogs, before he had not known these from that Mo Huan memory, that Mo Huan was also hiding the truth from something.

Under Mo Dian the tower, wants to know is clearer, this does not have anything to be difficult.” Long Xueyi cracks into a chuckle. So long as holds Mo Dian, searches his memory with Grasping Soul Devil Curse, can know clear. After Mo Dian goes down the tower, unexpectedly has not returned to his residence, but goes out of Devil Subduing School, this makes Shen Xiang secret, this happen to makes him facilitate fight. Shen Xiang lets Long Xueyi with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration with whom Mo Dian, then leaves to start, follows in Mo Dian behind. After going out of Devil Subduing School, Mo Dian walks toward these cities. He could go to Teleportation Formation, now fight.” Long Xueyi said that she is also very curious, what deal Mo Dian and that Tai Yunhong have. The Shen Xiang half step dashed came up, arrived at that to pass through the forest on the muddy road, Mo Dian slowly walked at this time above. The sound that Shen Xiang runs is so big, Mo Dian had not detected how possibly, but he induces to is a strength not strong person, he so is not vigilant. „Do you do with me?” Mo Dian frowned to shout angrily, appeared very life Qi/angry, moreover that eyes has emitted faint trace black Qi. Mo Dian could not certainly see that this is Shen Xiang turns, he knows that at present this person is a very loathful fellow.

In the Shen Xiang heart secret smiles, then gets angry the sound to ask back intentionally: Who with you? You think that who you are? Aren't you Wang Shengren tagalong? Now he died, you......” Mo Dian the violent anger, fights with the fists immediately to Shen Xiang, he came from Devil World, is a bloodata-titlehirsty person, now is looked down upon by such rottengoods, so ridiculed, words that he did not get rid, he insulted demon surname. Shen Xiang already was ready that counterattacks, seeing Mo Dian that to release the fist of steaming hostility to attack, his fist has counter-attacked the past, the speed of that fist also wants to be faster than Mo Dian. After Mo Dian sees, has a big shock, fist that Shen Xiang hits besides speed quick, including bringing any strength, but he actually could see that anything comes, but late, two fists clashed together. You......” Mo Dian that arm lets fall immediately, looks like soft, is similar to the loach like that his whole face is panic-stricken: How Transforming Bone Devil Palm...... this Devil World will rare technique spread here to come?” In the Mo Dian heart arrives at the extreme panic-strickenly, before Wang Shengren had not mentioned with him went to the arm by Shen Xiang the matter, otherwise he was already vigilant. So long as is the Devil World's person, had heard surely Transforming Bone Devil Palm this fierce devil art, Mo Dian also knows can learn this devil art person, is not surely simple, when he wants to run away, he sees Shen Xiang both eyes suddenly glittering to have red light, innumerable red ray suddenly shoot. Passes...... Penetrating Heart Devil Eye!” Mo Dian thorough despaired, he felt that own whole body the meridians skeleton, the five main internal organs (entrails), was pierced by the ray of that erythrophobia, making him fall down immediately.