World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 696
Mo Dian pours in the ground is struggling, on the face full is frightened and desperate, he has not thought that this Devil Subduing School inside pest, unexpectedly has two to be able the Devil World major influences to snatch rare technique of broken head. Who are you?” Mo Dian exclaimed with all might and main, can have these two devil art people, will be treated as Devil God to supply in Devil World, but now actually in Human World. Shen Xiang has laughed several, turned into his actually appearance, this let be scared Mo Dian thoroughly, this type can change the ability of appearance clothing, he not only has not seen, listened not to hear, but actually at present occurred in him now. Shen Xiang!” Mo Dian has shouted one. Hehe.” Shen Xiang smiled, bent down, a palm pats on the head of Mo Dian, starts to search his memory. Grasping Soul Devil Curse!” The Mo Dian headache wants to crack, shouted that these four characters, is difficult hissing shouted: Wang Shengren and Mo Huan had been used Grasping Soul Devil Curse by you, who are you? Possibly how to understand these many Devil World rare technique!” This is my secret, you knew now, therefore I, only then has killed you!” Shen Xiang received the hand, although on his present face full is the smiling face, but in the heart is very panic-stricken, because this Mo Dian and Tai Yunhong union in secret can make entire Mortal Martial World fall into danger(ous). spirit talisman that in order to avoid others uses to call back from the dead and so on found the Mo Dian soul, Shen Xiang displays Engulfing Devil Art, direct devour the Mo Dian soul, has then burnt down fleshly body. Mo Dian that moment at the point of death, but also knows that Shen Xiang has the Engulfing Devil Art this Three Great Heavenly Worlds taboo demon to attack! What are they uniting?” Bai Youyou asked that but Shen Xiang has put out Heaven's Crown Gate at this time, opened Space Gate.

dragon brat, model my sound, subpoenaed to Gu Dongchen, making him use the quickest speed, convenes expert that he can convene, went to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain monster Devil Heaven, having the important matter must occur, about Tai Yunhong, let him as soon as possible, otherwise troubled.” Shen Xiang said that steps into Space Gate, arrived at One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. After previous time he leaves here, does not want to come back again, but he is third time comes to this place now, but when here is also next three realms great war will erupt the battlefield! Mo Dian helped Tai Yunhong construct a Devil God altar in secret here, so long as established, moreover there is enough top grade, can make Tai Yunhong obtain grain of Devil Seed!” On the Shen Xiang's handsome face is filling the dignified color: However these sacrificial offerings, before are, youngster that Tai Yunhong and Wang Shengren grasp in all directions, wants the heart, head and soul.” Demon sub- sacrifice!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also said that sound is very dignified. Bai Youyou coldly said: These fellows, demon sub- sacrifice in Devil World, forbid! If makes Tai Yunhong obtain Devil Seed, and fused, Devil God will take possession on his body, Tai Yunhong while breeding Devil Seed, can obtain the Devil God's inheritance, if after him, cannot get rid of that in his body adolescence Devil God, waits for Devil Seed maturity, Devil God to be able devour his body!” Who is Devil God?” Shen Xiang asked that he once issued a warrant for arrest by Devil God Decree. Famous Devil God has ten, is ten big Devil God, but does not have the fame, but strength enough devil cultivator is also Devil God, the altar establishes in, then in view of once died Devil God here.” Bai Youyou said: Has not thought that will have Devil God dead here, three realms great war that it seems like here erupted in the past is very surely complex.” Altar constructs, sacrificial offering enough time, the altar will open, crazy devour here Devil Qi, breeds Devil Seed to come, will awaken also the Devil God's soul.” This is Shen Xiang knows from that Mo Dian memory. Long Xueyi has displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to relate Gu Dongchen, but Shen Xiang with the quickest speed, hurries to toward that altar.

What condition then Tai Yunhong did accept Devil World that side? Must construct the Devil God altar not to be easy, needs in many Devil World the precious material.” Su Meiyao asked. „After Tai Yunhong obtains the Devil God's inheritance, must give them that Devil God's devil art, moreover after three realms great war starts, but must destroy the defense of this Mortal Martial World, letting Devil World can break through Demon and Devil passage to come smoothly.” Shen Xiang very angrily said, this Mortal Martial World is not Tai Yunhong, Tai Yunhong did not certainly matter, in this person eyes, the human life is equal to the nonsense, only then his own benefit is most important. I must prevent this fellow!” Shen Xiang from the Mo Dian memory knows that Devil God altar where, he must catch up, when Tai Yunhong fuses Devil Seed prevents, otherwise all late, once Tai Yunhong fuses Devil Seed, the strength will rise suddenly, even if audiences expert arrives, he can break through, then hides to develop his influence. That Devil God altar establishes by Demon and Devil heavenly pit, it is said that is a very giant trap, in the past after Demon and Devil passage opened, many Demon and Devil clash, has fallen into inside, the following Demon and Devil skeleton are innumerable. In Legend, because Demon and Devil death Qi is too heavy, but also forms strength, making this Demon and Devil heavenly pit deepen, led to a strange world. Can infiltrate Demon and Devil heavenly pit to be good Tai Yunhong, even if Immortal falls into that place, by that intense Demon and Devil death Qi perishing.” Found that fellow, with Heaven's Crown Gate, I sees that altar to have a black sphere to float.” Long Xueyi suddenly said. That is Devil Seed, hurry up!” Bai Youyou is startled to shout.

Shen Xiang puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, the rapid rotation above ring, opened Space Gate, appears, in that is similar to a small mountain-like Devil God altar. On the altar has old man of whole face fierce wrinkle, the palm pastes in that float on the black sphere, this old man is that Tai Yunhong. Your black sphere is so big, the surface of lubrication has glossily, but at this time all around Devil Qi crazily emerges in this Devil Seed, on One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, black Qi covers, turbulent fluctuating is seething, intermittent frigid death Qi is active, is filling the entire hundred thousand mountain, appears more terrorist sinister. Shen Xiang!” Tai Yunhong shouted one panic-strickenly: You must do!” Prevents you!” Shen Xiang also puts out a hand, according to that Devil Seed. Young bastard, the delusion goes bad my good deed!” Tai Yunhong cursed angrily, a palm hit to the Shen Xiang's chest. Feels that incomparable terror strength to attack, Shen Xiang thinks one must be finished, who knows that skinny palm whips after his body, his unexpectedly matter does not have, he can also feel that incomparably wild palm strength clearly, after entering his body, flows out from his palm, pours into Devil Seed. At this time Shen Xiang and Tai Yunhong palm pastes that to absorb death Qi Devil Seed crazily, by sorption firmly, Shen Xiang is not known then what happened, but he knows that this can certainly affect Tai Yunhong to fuse Devil Seed.