World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 697
In Tai Yunhong heart one startled, he can also feel his palm strength to flow in Devil Seed, at this time his in the heart the anger soars to the heavens, but does not have any means. You such do court death, I will have the means to get rid of Devil God from now on to my influence, but you cannot, once Devil God elected you, you died!” Tai Yunhong angrily rebukes to say. Is uncertain!” Shen Xiang did not certainly fear that he has Suppressing Devil Golden Body, he believes that certainly can restrain Devil God, he can feel that terror strength that in this Devil Seed contains now clearly, if makes Tai Yunhong obtain, without doubt is the Mortal Martial World disaster, he must prevent, now he can delay the time, waits for Gu Dongchen they. Gave up any idea of that snatches with me, gives me dead!” Tai Yunhong shamelessly became fiercely is more terrifying, that skinny hand, the crazy bang was only hitting the Shen Xiang's body. Shen Xiang does not know that Tai Yunhong used any strength, unexpectedly to hit him very much to be painful, making him feel threat, he also got rid to counter-attack, is resisting that only skinny expert. Snort, you are tender, you are only a mortal!” Tai Yunhong wields speed swift pace of palm to be incomparable, moreover can avoid the Shen Xiang's standard to keep off, accurate hitting place of awfully on Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang could not use True Qi at this time, the strength sells at a discount greatly, but strength of this Tai Yunhong use very was very strange, but also was strengthening little, at this time he had been hit spits blood, he fused White Dragon Bloodline luckily, although body times caused heavy losses, but can actually rapidly restore to come, this was also simultaneously equal to is tempering his fleshly body. Hard to deal with little bastard, but also undying!” Tai Yunhong infuriated, scolded angrily, took control was meaner, but Shen Xiang actually can still stand there, can still open the eye, with one type the look that was full of the taunt visits him. A their palm was attracted on that Devil Seed, formidable strength is unable to use, they can only wait for that waited for Devil Seed makes the choice. Shen Xiang, you quickly try, can through Devil Seed, induce to the Tai Yunhong fine Divine Sense sea.” Bai Youyou hastily asked: If possible, used Engulfing Devil Art his incompletely Suppressing Devil Divine Soul devour!”

Was well-grounded Shen Xiang by the Tai Yunhong savage devastation, immediately releases most Divine Sense, what surprising him is very, he induced, moreover can induce to Tai Yunhong strength. old fellow, many thanks you, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang suddenly laughed, then revolution Engulfing Devil Art, this made Tai Yunhong bewildered, but was quick he yes what's all this about. Little bastard, are you doing to me!” Tai Yunhong said panic-strickenly, on this time face panic-stricken facial expression, with everyone by devour time is the same, is full of the endless fear. „Did you say?” Shen Xiang is laughing crazily, before he has tasted that incomplete Suppressing Devil Divine Soul benefit, now he can a devour wisp, this make him excited, he knows that own Divine Soul can bring many advantage to him formidable, but Divine Soul is very difficult to practice, but after his devour these incomplete Suppressing Devil Divine Soul, can let his Divine Soul advanced by leaps and bounds. You in devour my Divine Soul, is this Grasping Soul Devil Curse or Engulfing Devil Art?” The Tai Yunhong whole face with amazement, his suddenly understands why Shen Xiang destroys the Wang Shengren soul and Sea of Consciousness, for did not make him know that incompletely Suppressing Devil Divine Soul by devour. old dog, you know that are really many, you also really knew about Devil World!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he smiled at this time very happily, but Tai Yunhong was angry wants to cry. Has not thought that you with this way had been knowing my plan, no wonder again and will again be destroyed, do you understand these devil art places? These devil art are the fellows of Devil World five big surnames, painstakingly is seeking for this being lost rare technique.” A Tai Yunhong face is panic-stricken, he frightened simultaneously, is very curious, person who so long as grows up in Devil World, to these Devil World rare technique some understanding, will be slightly curious at this time. Did not tell you, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, be relentless was attacking Tai Yunhong. Other haughty is too early!” The Tai Yunhong suddenly rave, his wisp of incomplete Suppressing Devil Divine Soul by Shen Xiang devour , he had been wished one could to perish together with Shen Xiang at this time angrily, but he actually does not give up, because of Devil Seed at present, even if he did not have Suppressing Devil Divine Soul, so long as can obtain Devil Seed, he can stage a comeback.

But Shen Xiang here is actually in the way, if Devil Seed has chosen Shen Xiang, he wasted all previous efforts. Must want to obtain Devil Seed, must kill Shen Xiang! At this moment, Tai Yunhong could not attend to that many, on his another hand suddenly presented a sharp broadsword, his swift and violent has wielded a blade on own arm, was reduced by the arm of Devil Seed tight sorption oneself that. After reducing the arm, he can control oneself that formidable strength immediately. Ha Ha...... little bastard, you died!” Tai Yunhong said with a smile fiercely, was saying a palm hit to Shen Xiang. Surprised in Shen Xiang, did not respond slowly, kept off with Devil Seed directly, although the Tai Yunhong palm strength can be overwhelming, but the bang hit after that Devil Seed above, actually went into hiding. Tai Yunhong one startled, because he knows, if a bit faster does not massacre the Shen Xiang's words, then Devil Seed will be won by Shen Xiang. Quick, butchers this little bastard quickly!” Tai Yunhong suddenly bellows, sees only distant place suddenly to have ten old man to graze, Shen Xiang turns head to look, unexpectedly is the Devil Subduing School's elder. Was crossed expert of Nirvana Realm eight tribulations to besiege by these ten, the consequence can be imagined. Old Turtle, I am die will not make you obtain Devil Seed!” Shen Xiang laughs, that Devil Seed starts little changes is small, this makes Tai Yunhong fly into a rage, because Devil Seed was being absorbed by Shen Xiang.

Cannot make you obtain Devil Seed, this is my painstaking care!” Tai Yunhong to a Shen Xiang palm, but Shen Xiang actually hastily shunts, jumped a place. Dies to me!” The palm of Tai Yunhong kept eyes open probably was the same, with Shen Xiang, the palm bang of incomparable terror has hit. After the Shen Xiang body suffers that strong palm strength, the missile, was falling to that Demon and Devil heavenly pit above. terrible!” The Tai Yunhong heart said that hastily flies. Shen Xiang!” Distant place suddenly hears several hissings to yell, has Liu Meng'er, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, Big Shot of some other influences. They caught up, but Shen Xiang has actually fallen into that Demon and Devil heavenly pit, moreover was hit by Tai Yunhong. Liu Meng'er beautiful eyes flood the tears, on the jade face full are angry and sorrowful, has hit on a palm in the distant place, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Lian Yingxiao and other expert also get rid. topple the mountains and overturn the seas general strength, destroys that Devil God altar instantaneously, hits on Tai Yunhong, making Tai Yunhong spout a blood crazily, but after that palm strength was actually given devour by Demon and Devil heavenly pit.