World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 698
The Demon and Devil heavenly pit terror, stands in the nearby can feel, the strength of below that devour, is similar to a monster is opening the fierce big mouth, waits for you to jump, but that incomparably wild strength, can rip the fragment you. If not Gu Dongchen prevents Liu Meng'er, perhaps Liu Meng'er jumped, now her in heart, only then incomparable angry and sorrow, although she knows that Shen Xiang has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but that Demon and Devil heavenly pit terror she actually very understood, because her parents have mentioned with her. The person who Gu Dongchen brings has the good 50-60 people, majority are around Chenwu Mainland some small continent above Big Shot, was Eastern Sea continent, actually once had joined Holy Light Church, but afterward Holy Light Church disintegrated. Although Shen Xiang was infiltrated Demon and Devil heavenly pit, but Tai Yunhong actually does not vent spleen, because Devil Seed was also brought by Shen Xiang, Demon and Devil heavenly pit that terrifying strength, so long as stands in the, can feel clearly, formidable strength that Gu Dongchen their numerous expert released a moment ago, was given devour by Demon and Devil heavenly pit. Gu Dongchen complexion suddenly becomes gloomy, because suddenly came the people of some wear black robes, the body is erupting very intense Devil Qi, understands at a glance is expert in Devil World, Tai Yunhong colludes with the Devil World's matter, now was proven. Shen Xiang said not false, you are really in cahoots with Devil World.” The Gu Dongchen anger sound said. On the road, Gu Dongchen approximately told the matter comes together expert, after they heard , was also very accidental, but was confirmed now. Snort, Shen Xiang this chop suey, goes bad my good deed, you same cannot run away today.” Tai Yunhong is shameless, said with clenched jaws that in him behind ten Devil Subduing School's elders, with 30 Devil World's formidable devil cultivator, the whole looks like, they be much more formidable than Gu Dongchen. „Do these many idle talk do.” Liu Meng'er only thinks tearing the fragment Tai Yunhong at this time, although in her heart the anger is dreadful, that aura that but she releases at this moment, actually ice-cold incomparable, is similar to places the Land of Ice and Snow environment to be ordinary. Cold wind raids, making Tai Yunhong and the others feel that the piercing ice was cold, hits one to tremble, Liu Meng'er this strength displayed Icewind Divine Art to come, powerful force.

Tai Yunhong suddenly grins fiendishly: Ha...... Can you win us? Us crossed the people of Nirvana eight tribulations you be more, moreover majority are the skilled people in Devil World, you must know, master who in Devil World does not lack this rank.” Besides your Chenwu Mainland's these quite fierce, other fellows in our eyes are some small small shrimp, you want, for met a cruel death, soul destroyed does little rascal go all out?” These words had said whose these came with Gu Dongchen, but the strength quite weak Big Shot hear, they heard this saying, started to consider if wanted got rid, the words that they and Tai Yunhong they battled, must die without doubt. Liu Meng'er calm, she also saw clearly the situation now, Tai Yunhong on the overall strength, truly presses them, as soon as plans. Now you must walk already late, only then hires oneself we, otherwise you must die, Ha Ha......” Tai Yunhong that fierce laughter, reverberates in cold wind dense One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, appalling. Dean Gu, did not do right by......” Gu Dongchen behind old man suddenly saying that then a leap, unexpectedly went to that side Tai Yunhong, at the same time, Gu Dongchen they behind many Big Shot also diving postures, arrived at side Tai Yunhong. This makes Gu Dongchen they be mad trembles, lets him somewhat happily is, their Chenwu Mainland's expert has not flinched, he already should think that these are been once unreliable by the fellow who Holy Light Church enslaved. But Gu Dongchen them has Wu Kaiming, Liu Meng'er, Lian Yingxiao and True Martial Sect Dean Tang Yichao and Proud Sword Sect's Dean Yue Jianglin and Danxiang Taoyuan's elder Yun Yan, as well as Beast Martial Sect's new Dean Guo Huangxiong. Although True Martial Sect, Beast Martial Sect and Proud Sword Sect once and Extreme Martial Sect became enemies, but chose and Extreme Martial Sect in afterward them reconciles, waits to tide over three realms great war this crisis to say other again, now they can stand in the same front, this can make their relationship well.

Ha Ha, I know that your alliances could not become any climate, the fist hardly was the real skill, therefore I was not worried about that this broken alliance.” Tai Yunhong said while loudly laughing. Snort, your this group of bums, essential time unexpectedly defect, when you violated have formed an alliance the treaty, waited to be punished.” Lian Yingxiao coldly snorted and said. You died, who knows that they do violate the agreement? Ha Ha, I will make them continue in the alliance to stay, I will make them continue to defect at crucial moment, making your nonsense alliances be finished.” Tai Yunhong laughs crazily. You did not have that opportunity!” The clear and bright sound conveys together, making Gu Dongchen they one happy. Comes person Lan Shan, was expert of Huang Jintian time, but he also caught up with several Big Shot. Has not thought that Devil Subduing School unexpectedly was led by such a fellow, we already had to be vigilant luckily.” The blue photoemission comes together, throws over old man of blue robe to stand in Gu Dongchen side them, this old man is Blue Blood Clan Patriarch, blue Kun. Is a very tall and strong middle age is then bald, the whole body is sending out the arrogant imposing manner, descends from the upper air, when he falls to the ground, the earth trembles suddenly, this person is Wu Village Village Master, Wu Shao! Dignity that a Tai Yunhong old eyebrow wrinkle, complexion could not say, the person who came although were few, but the strengths of his clear these people, if spelled, even if they have won, but can also be the hard victory. Really and Devil World colludes with together, went all out, I cannot let go you today.” The Wu Shao sound like the thunder, roared.

They are peak expert in Mortal Martial World, moreover is Big Shot of influence, they have the responsibility to protect their land, protects own clansman, therefore they cannot make Demon and Devil World rule this world. Such being the case, then we do not have anything said that the Devil World's friends, these fellows will be you from now on will rule here biggest hindrance, you do not need to be forgiving.” Tai Yunhong said solemnly. Liu Meng'er tenderly shouted, cold wind has assailed, Tai Yunhong their suddenly thought that the body is somewhat stiff, in this time, Gu Dongchen and the others also flew to! expert great war, is ready to be set off, in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain is reverberating rolling bang the sound, as well as intermittent violent shivering. One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain above black Qi was more turbulent, but deeply does not see the bottom in Demon and Devil heavenly pit, actually floats the man who is embracing the black ball. After Shen Xiang was hit, has not lost, although he encounters formidable strength to tear crazily, but Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor has preserved him finally, making him fall into under lonesome and quiet jet black heavenly pit, at this time slowly was still falling.