World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 699
Why Shen Xiang does not know to be able float, moreover in slow whereabouts, his body, although suffered the heavy losses, but his within the body that Jade Dragon Bloodline strength, releases under the unusual energy repair, is making him rapidly restore. This damn Devil Seed, how opens, I do not want to make Devil God take possession!” The Shen Xiang hand also holds to that black ball same Devil Seed, originally arm of Tai Yunhong also above, but actually by Devil Seed attracting. Gives a try with Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi? You have Suppressing Devil Golden Body, even if took possession, should not have what to obstruct greatly?” Long Xueyi said. „It is not good!” Shen Xiang releases Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but actually immediately by devour: I have Suppressing Devil Golden Body, but I felt now, if I fused this Devil Seed, will have very big fault to me, although can bring very formidable energy to me, may in soon, me become that anything nonsense Devil God's puppet, but must breed him.” His mother, must give to get rid this thing, it seems like can only cut off the arm is good.” Shen Xiang was saying, must put out a blade. No, Devil Seed now will have a formidable suction, if you cut off the arm words, will also continue to stick on your body, will fuse till and you, was selected after by Devil Seed, was very difficult to escape.” Bai Youyou hurriedly said: Let alone here also very danger(ous).” Sister Youyou, I do not want to take possession by that nonsense Devil God.” Shen Xiang said that must brandish a sword, no matter is good, he must try. Wait / Etc., in this Devil Seed is because condense massive Demon and Devil death Qi had the special energy, you try to release Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi unceasingly, purifies this Devil Seed with the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi characteristics.” Bai Youyou also shouted, she also is very worried about Shen Xiang at this time, she is Devil World lets, most cannot know about Devil Seed. Shen Xiang receives that the blade, urges to send out massive Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, lets that Devil Seed absorption, has attempted a moment later, that Devil Seed surface, suddenly was covered by a pale white multi-colored sunlight jet black, looks like effective, but the efficiency is very low, does not know when can purify.

This was too slow, but can suppress Devil Seed to invade my body now, according to the speed of present this purification, at least also takes over a hundred years, evil death Qi that in this Devil Seed contains were too many.” Shen Xiang said. Now the situation was better, can try to find the solution slowly!” Bai Youyou implored the one breath, she very clear, if were fused by Devil Seed, the Shen Xiang later trouble was big. Sister Youyou, where will I fall? This Demon and Devil heavenly pit is really terrorist, if not I have Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, perhaps was already torn.” When Shen Xiang recalls falls, that intense strength is terrorist. Here with that earth core same terror, momentarily can be killed, but at this time he also places, in one type fills to be able the environment that in the person tears, he guessed that he was made by this strength float. Does not know, but you downward have fallen evidently, here environment is so bad, should not have any fierce thing, some words will also be torn into shreds.” Bai Youyou is thinking at this time the means make Shen Xiang be separated from that Devil Seed. I display 72 Transformations to have a look, can get rid of this thing.” Shen Xiang gets a sudden inspiration, said. Best not to try, you change, the fleshly body structure will have the change, that is also the frailest time, but this all around is flooding strange strength, will not do well you to be extruded or torn into shreds, will be affected including Divine Soul, but you fused Jade Dragon Bloodline, will unable dead is, but that feeling cannot feel better.” The Long Xueyi words made Shen Xiang cancel that thought. Is inferior to this, little rascal you fuses Suppressing Devil Divine Soul that just made, while combines Devil Subduing Energy 11 th, I and Senior Sister thought that Devil Subduing Energy 11 th can help you obtain the strength of more formidable Suppressing Devil, when the time comes should be able to pick up the speed to purify this that Devil Seed.” Su Meiyao said slowly.

It seems like can only like this, do not fall to damn the place, dragon brat, you use Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to have a look.” Shen Xiang all around darkness, only then that pinches the black ball on his palm to send out the weak white light. „It is not good, as soon as I release Divine Sense, will rip to disperse.” But Long Xueyi sighed. Shen Xiang has smiled bitterly, starts wholly-absorbed revolution Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, cultivates his Divine Soul, this can accelerate to fuse him incomplete Divine Soul that came from Tai Yunhong there devour. Under Demon and Devil heavenly pit is very peaceful, but above actually hits bustling, likely is judgment day such, Shen Xiang does not know that above what happened. After Gu Dongchen they and Tai Yunhong one group fights, the strength of both sides is evenly matched, hits equally matched, although Tai Yunhong the person are quite many, the person strength that but these suddenly defect is not much, cannot play anything role. But Gu Dongchen them, majority are strength outstanding, martial arts exquisite expert. Ha Ha...... I said that here so is how lively, has not thought that unexpectedly was you hits!” The distant place transmits together is similar to the thunder cry common big laughter, this wants to watch the fight of Shen Xiang and Tie Ming on the same day, knows that this sound is that Fire God Palace's new Palace Master, Han Lie. Fire God Palace unexpectedly came, lets Gu Dongchen and Tai Yunhong they are surprised, if they hit mutually wounded, this Fire God Palace picks convenient, they can very danger(ous).

Relax, I come to see, does not meddle! Ha Ha...... You continue!” A whole body is burning the big old man of raging flame, stands on mountain that in soon collapses, laughs was saying. Han Lie is a person comes, regarding this person, some Devil Subduing School old fellow understood, although Han Lie is the Fire God Palace's person, the strength is also good, his Fire Spirit is obtains, just to avoid being plundered by Fire God Palace, therefore hires oneself Fire God Palace's, therefore in Han Lie heart somewhat dislikes Fire God Palace. great war continues, continually has continued for ten days ten nights, surprisingly, around Demon and Devil heavenly pit had not been destroyed, because of regardless of how fierce shake, how fierce strength, so long as approaches Demon and Devil heavenly pit, can by Devour. Hits in audiences expert is heavily engaged in the time, that very tranquil Demon and Devil heavenly pit suddenly has swayed crazily, the people only felt that a cool breeze wells up from that huge hole, sweeps across around heavenly pit instantaneously, making people feel that the whole body is cool. „It is not good, is Devil Decaying Death Qi, this is antique Devil World strange poison!” A Devil World expert complexion big change, a face fears, sees only him to hit does not hit, sits cross-legged to sit down directly, transports the merit to resist poisonous Qi of that invasion body.