World Defying Dan God - Volume 7 - Chapter 700
If a bit faster does not resist this type of toxin, the whole body will corrupt, corrupts like the deceased person such.” Another formidable devil cultivator is the whole face is also panic-stricken, transports the merit to drive the toxin. Other formidable devil cultivator, are the whole face fears at this time, they had the formidable strength, but actually feared this Devil Decaying Death Qi, so long as were not stupid, can see that Devil Decaying Death Qi was fierce. Tai Yunhong looked angrily at Gu Dongchen their eyes, gets angry coldly snorted: You think that the deathtrap comes.” Then, immediately Hell that Devil Decaying Death Qi. At this time, several small continent's Big Shot also suddenly sent out sad and shrill yelling, saw only their body suddenly to be rotten, the clothes and skin fused together, the body cover entirely the black rotten meat, looked makes the persons head skin tingle with numbness. Gu Dongchen they are also the heart startle the extreme at this time, hastily transport the merit to drive the toxin, that cool breeze that because Demon and Devil heavenly pit spout, is that Devil Decaying Death Qi. Han Lie that observes in the distant place, is face dying embers, he also thinks one were in luck, but has not thought that unexpectedly is so bad luck, unexpectedly has bumped into this Primordial Strange Poison. Devil Decaying Death Qi was getting more and more heavy, you want the fight words now, quite in perishing together, you should be very clear now, if you attack us, will be drilled into the body by that Devil Decaying Death Qi surely, is out you to know.” Devil World expert looked at not far away that several whole bodies is the corpse of purple black rotten meat. These small continent's Big Shot, crossed the Nirvana five tribulations, martial artist of six tribulations, but also was only the short instance, turned so, making here all people fall into deeply in the fear. In order to avoid by the opposite party suddenly attack, Gu Dongchen and people of Tai Yunhong both sides, transports the merit to resist poisonous Qi, while retreat, they are hoping that can leave the place that this Devil Decaying Death Qi covers. But has not thought they in leaving that heavenly pit, 30 zhang (3.33 m) time, Devil Decaying Death Qi suddenly forms energy shield, covers in a heavenly pit surrounding area 50 zhang (3.33 m) place, but also revolves crazily, lets Devil Decaying Death Qi henceforth in energy shield.

„......” Roars to transmit, Bang a sound gets up, a person falls in the ground, this unexpectedly is that the bad luck egg that at the same time observes, Han Lie, his unexpectedly was attracted. This made has been covered frightened in the people heart smile secretly. Who makes you idle the egg to hurt, comes to see lively? Audiences expert had been stranded in heavenly pit side, to avoid opposite party suddenly has the strength attack, they are hiding the opposite party as far as possible by far, moreover nobody dares to use strength, otherwise that Devil Decaying Death Qi, once found the crevice, will drill into the body of person, turns into a pair of purple black rotten meat the person, no one wants to have that fate. They can only wait for that now these Devil Decaying Death Qi retreat. Should not fight near this Demon and Devil heavenly pit, this Demon and Devil heavenly pit saved these many death Qi, possibly was fought the sound that has to affect, all of a sudden erupts.” Tai Yunhong was sighing reluctantly, he has bad luck to the family, not only the Devil Seed plan fail, must be stranded finally here, although Shen Xiang had been infiltrated Demon and Devil heavenly pit by him, illuminated him looks like could not live, but he actually still hated to the marrow of the bones to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang in Demon and Devil heavenly pit, is fusing incomplete Divine Soul that just obtained, suddenly felt that a cool ground wind spout, this awakens him. What thing is this?” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm.

Devil Decaying Death Qi!” Bai Youyou calls out in alarm, that ice-cold sound is passing frightened deeply: One type can rotten Primordial Strange Poison, be the gas shape, my elder sister entered a city I to say since childhood that this type of toxin in Devil World, most had the lethality, this type of toxin happened, will die a big piece of person, even if were very fierce expert, was hit the attack by this Devil Decaying Death Qi, met the whole body to corrupt and die.” Not can only make fleshly body rotten, similarly can let person soul destroyed.” Bai Youyou suddenly relaxed: You practice Suppressing Devil Golden Body luckily, otherwise you already died, even if higher Devil World's Devil God, here by the Devil Decaying Death Qi converging attack, same will die, this type of thing is the same with your Soul Eroding Powder.” In the Shen Xiang heart secretly rejoices, before he Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest in Sacred Dan World, is the trifling thing does not have, this is lucky that Suppressing Devil Golden Body. Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable so is no wonder formidable, is regarded as all Devil God's difficult adversaries!” Bai Youyou also cannot help but acclaimed at this time, a Shen Xiang such strength faint fellow, can survive in the place that many fierce devils or Immortal are unable to survive, this was because they cultivated Suppressing Devil Golden Body. Sister Youyou, these are Devil God the gods? These anything altar, is very fierce!” Shen Xiang looks at the tight post in his palm above Devil Seed. Naturally is not real god, genuine god, in surmounting Heaven World's that type to the high world on, theoretically said that these world are to exist.” Bai Youyou has thought that then said: These Devil God, were in Devil World lives was very long, devil cultivator of strength peak . Moreover the matter that they made, received most devil cultivator to hound, is labeled as Devil God, the matter that naturally, they made will not have any good deed.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: Is also attractive like Senior Sister this type, good Devil World expert are not many, but since ancient times, only then Devil God surnamed Bai is did good is labeled as Devil God's.” Bai Youyou sighed lightly: But the Devil World's Bai started to decline now, does not know that many Bai juniors can observe the ancestor who Bai Devil God's established in the past to teach.” Shen Xiang has had doubts Bai Youyou not to be why different from most Devil World devil cultivator, now he understood finally, actually this is the bloodline reason, but looking back now, in this Devil World is keeping the race of good blood, must degenerate.

Can insist under Devil World that environment such for a long time, was good. Ten days passed by, Shen Xiang the successful integration incomplete Divine Soul, he crossed the Divine Soul transformation stage at this time, arrives at the maturity stage, although is only second layer, but he thought that magic power and Divine Sense had very big promotion. Two wisps of very weak incomplete Divine Soul, let his Divine Soul advanced by leaps and bounds, if complete Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable Divine Soul, he does not dare to imagine. Estimated that this is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable divides intentionally, lets have the cultivate Spirit potential person to obtain, that Wang Shengren had the potential, but had been used by Tai Yunhong such fellow, causing him to step onto Evil Path, finally convenient I!” Shen Xiang laughed: I am person of the authentic cultivate Spirit, moreover obtains town Devil Heaven these many advantage, I will certainly not disappoint Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable.” Shen Xiang thinks also to think very marvelously, since he has practiced Suppressing Devil divine art, after building up Suppressing Devil Golden Body, with thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable is closely linked, was always obtained by him one after another, he also because of so, can save the poor life in the dangerous situation, now is so. But the Demon and Devil heavenly pit surroundings, audiences expert is still same as usual, ten days passed by, that Devil Decaying Death Qi has still not retreated, they can only wait for patiently.