World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 701
Shen Xiang under Demon and Devil heavenly pit, does not know that above what happened, he is only thinking now a bit faster cultivates 11 th Devil Subduing Energy, can make him use one type to love fierce Suppressing Devil strength, mounting gives the purification in his palm above Devil Seed. Devil Subduing Energy is very complex martial arts, in these martial arts sutra, several characters include the massive information, after combination, is more unreadable, but now Shen Xiang must this first layer to tenth layer all sutra chant, carry from the new arrangement, so long as aligns, cultivates unobstructedly, then can practice Completion Devil Subduing Energy. This is a very difficultly matter, after all sutra chant has, at this time quite was orderly these smooth chant, breaks up completely, carries on an arrangement again, but after arrangement, cultivates cannot make a mistake, can show a stronger might, even if were successful. At this time Shen Xiang quite in playing puzzle is the same, what is most difficult is he does not know that this puzzle the original manuscript appearance is anything, can only act according to him the understanding Suppressing Devil divine art, as well as he cultivates the experiences of many divine art to judge relation between that 1st Stage section chant, then combines. If not he has this solid foundation, perhaps he is unable to see in Devil Subduing Energy is containing 11 th, this is also Completion Realm, Shen Xiang guessed that this 11 th is most difficult to practice, otherwise Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable will not hide with this way such well, the time of perhaps cultivating, but also is very easy to let person qi deviation. Shen Xiang this time Divine Soul was in the maturity stage, this lets his speed rapidness of brains revolution, his progress is then quicker, if he uses Refining Simulation Technique to carry on alchemy at this time, will be definitely more relaxed, this also why the alchemy master requests very high reason to Divine Sense, Divine Sense is formidable, the soul is stronger, the brain is more developed! Demon and Devil heavenly pit deeply does not see the bottom, Shen Xiang is dropping little, around him is a darkness, this also makes him be hard to feel that he is dropping, passes along with the time, that 11 th soon has also been completed, but passed now for three months. These expert around Demon and Devil heavenly pit, still same as usual sits in same place, is defending these terrors Devil Decaying Death Qi invasion bodies, in the period, old man neglects slightly, entered the body by Devil Decaying Death Qi, then turns into a pair of purple black rotten meat, this makes audiences expert not dare to treat it lightly.

Once has neglected, but can make them be killed violently instantaneously! Make them feel what is helpless, these Devil Decaying Death Qi are haunted by the ghost, forms a giant cover, covers around Demon and Devil heavenly pit, revolves crazily, is pulling out Demon and Devil heavenly pit following Devil Decaying Death Qi unceasingly, making Devil Decaying Death Qi more and more rich, although this Devil Decaying Death Qi is transparent tasteless, but can actually clear feeling, that be cool cold wind. These Devil Decaying Death Qi are really many, under this can how many Demon and Devil corpses, form so terrifying Devil Decaying Death Qi?” Shen Xiang exclaims. It seems like previous time three realms great war, the experience of Mortal Martial World is surely out of the ordinary, this type will not form this Demon and Devil heavenly pit, Mortal Martial World will not lose so many Martial Dao and Pill Dao civilization, that affirmation loses is very serious.” Bai Youyou said: My elder sister has a lot of year of research to Devil Decaying Death Qi, must form is not extremely easy, she has also used many years, the using energy pains, collect.” Sister Bai Youyou's, Bai Ziqian! Shen Xiang recalls that violence, but the monster different acute poison beautiful woman, the corners of the mouth flood has wiped the smiling face, he is clear remembering, initially he maliciously grasped Bai Ziqian that to contain the elastic chest solid, moreover that whole body is poisonous demon scorpion Princess, only then this type the man who has Suppressing Devil Golden Body can surrender! Bai Youyou this ice-cold heartless Princess Wuqing, was melted half by him now, he thought that demon scorpion Princess sooner or later also will be detoxified by him. This Devil Decaying Death Qi is so fierce, my does if wanted collect a point?” Shen Xiang at present one bright, this type of thing is the Soul Eroding Powder equally fierce thing, moreover ready-made.

Is very difficult to collect, does not have good vessel depositing.” Bai Youyou also feels was a pity very that her elder sister sought in the past painstakingly was so long, obtains a little, but currently here has massive. My elder sister in the past to seek for one can hold the Devil Decaying Death Qi vessel, has cost many time......” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: Sister Youyou, I am a best vessel, if not for tied down by this damn Devil Seed, I on absorption massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, compress true element grains this thing now, preserves in the dantian, with time puts again, Ha Ha...... The father was invincible!” With carefully, this Devil Decaying Death Qi in Devil World is also taboo strange poison, is the same with Soul Eroding Powder, once were discovered that your portrait will paste full Three Great Heavenly Worlds!” Bai Youyou said. Three Great Heavenly Worlds, is Demon World, Devil World, the Human World higher world, Human World also calls Immortal World, because Immortal World is most formidable, therefore generally is called Heaven World Immortal World. Shen Xiang suddenly said excitedly: I must complete, Devil Subduing Energy Completion, I must practice quickly!” In his mind, that process from new arrangement Devil Subduing Energy sutra chant, probably in sending out golden ray, when all sutra chant complete after the new arrangement, making the Shen Xiang unexpected matter occur.

At this time he had to plant initially cultivated the feeling of Suppressing Devil divine art, he completed after the new arrangement, unexpectedly directly comprehended 11 th, but did not need him to practice according to these sutra! Suppressing Devil divine art sutra chant many people have, but actually few people practice, initially Shen Xiang remembered chant after the town Devil Heaven tablet, ignorant learns, now this Devil Subduing Energy Completion is also so! The Shen Xiang whole body is glowing pure and holy silver-white light glow, his clothes suddenly turned into the ashes, one brand-new silver-white magnificent and expensive clothes, appear on him, making him look like appears is full of prestige of the frightening noblly, as if in society all Demon and Devil, stand before him cannot gain ground such. „After Suppressing Devil Holy Power...... Devil Subduing Energy Completion, unexpectedly integrated in Suppressing Devil divine art, making my Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi evolve Suppressing Devil Holy Power, is this Completion? If there is not repaired refined into Suppressing Devil Golden Body, does not have Suppressing Devil Bloodline, is unable to practice this stage, indispensable!” Shen Xiang vision glittering sacred silver-white light glow, his as if special subdue demons Subduing Devil Heavenly God is ordinary at this time. humph, humph, this repugnant thing, knows that now feared?” The Shen Xiang arm shakes, urges to send Suppressing Devil Holy Power, making it emerge in Devil Seed, saw only that to paint black Devil Seed, suddenly turned into the pure white. Instantaneous, completely was purified, moreover was smaller, but that is actually a pure incomparable energy, he revolves Engulfing Devil Art, enters the body devour directly, will then start Blazing Dantian burning to build up, will display Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art again, building up energy, will compress true element grains.