World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 702
After being purified Devil Seed, is containing very huge energy, this makes Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised, he is absorbing crazily, this can let on his cultivation base one step. After his Devil Subduing Energy cultivates Completion, his body inside Suppressing Devil Holy Power, can eradicate these Evil Devil strength, this also causes him in this Demon and Devil heavenly pit, no longer received these strength tearing or extrudes, making him crash fiercely. Demon and Devil heavenly pit is very deep, Shen Xiang suspected that formidable Demon and Devil evil strength condense together, opened space passage below, can lead to other world, may is Devil World. Best not to pass, so as to avoid does not come back.” Bai Youyou sees Shen Xiang suddenly to crash, hastily shouted, she does not hope that Shen Xiang runs now Devil World this place, although is low status Devil World, but there still very danger(ous) to Shen Xiang. Gets rid of Devil Seed in later, Shen Xiang the motion is now free, he directly with magic power by own body float, no longer falls, when he has absorbed Devil Seed after that purification completely, he considers other again. This Devil Seed comes out with altar condense, has absorbed massive Demon and Devil death Qi, these impurities were purified, although the remaining parts are few, but enough you entered into Tempering Realm middle stage, remember, you cultivated, remembers that must continue to quenching the body, although your fleshly body has sufficed formidable, but that Tempering Realm, that was only a beginning.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang fleshly body is very high in starting point, although his fleshly body has exceeded the limit of mortal at this time completely, but according to this time practice, his fleshly body also just started to quenching in Tempering Realm, obtains by peak that his own standard weighs. Facing that powerful Tai Yunhong, Demon and Devil that as well as the next that comes, Shen Xiang even more longs for the strength, at this time he only wants a bit faster to break through, then leaves Demon and Devil heavenly pit. In Mortal Martial World, has been missing all of a sudden these many expert, just before leaving time has not left behind any news, this makes many people have doubts, even some people suspect these expert three realms great war that to avoid that soon arrives, hid. But who knows that these stand in Mortal Martial World peak expert, in the life and death edge, by frightened suffering, because of incautiously, them will be being been giving devour by that Devil Decaying Death Qi.

The time passed by fast, in an instant on the past three months, Shen Xiang under Demon and Devil heavenly pit, already completely devour that purified Devil Seed! In the process of practice, he revolves Blazing Dantian, releases one type to quenching the flame of body specially, can let have Universe Fire Spirit him to feel the scalding hot pain, such one achieved has quenchinged the fleshly body effect, coordinating him to compress true element grains at the same time, making him enter into Tempering Realm middle stage. The breakthrough, true element grains will double each time, he had 64 ten thousand true element grains at this time, if arrives at Tempering Realm late stage, he has million true element grains, that vigorous True Qi, will make him stronger. Does not know after I enter into Nirvana Realm, how many will true element grains have?” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited, but after him regards the dantian, discovered that he has million true element grains, makes that five formidable beast image shine to be so little, did not have what difference with before, he does not know that what degree True Qi must arrive, can make five beast image shine completely. Was so long, this Devil Decaying Death Qi still keeps spurts outward, I have a look to absorb a point in the body.” Shen Xiang revolution Engulfing Devil Art, making all around Devil Decaying Death Qi emerge in his body. Those who make him somewhat depressed is, his Suppressing Devil Holy Power was too strong, these Devil Decaying Death Qi enter in his body, immediately by these Suppressing Devil Holy Power erasing. Even if so, Shen Xiang still has not given up, he releases mysterious magic power, forms passage in the body, to the dantian , then absorbs Devil Decaying Death Qi, through that passage, compresses in the dantian. Devil Decaying Death Qi was isolated by magic power, that Suppressing Devil Holy Power could not feel that can make Shen Xiang successful the Devil Decaying Death Qi compression in the dantian.

This type of thing erupts in my body, will immediately be purified.” Shen Xiang Hehe one happy, then crazy devour Devil Decaying Death Qi. If makes the person in Devil World know in his dantian to compress massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, definitely by far will be hiding him, such fellow, even if from exploding, will kill a troop person. Sister Youyou, does your demon scorpion elder sister fear this Devil Decaying Death Qi?” Shen Xiang asked that Bai Ziqian this demon scorpion Princess, one was poisonous, looked like in Shen Xiang, should also be Hundred Poisons Immunity. Did not fear, she because once had Devil Decaying Death Qi, encountered Devil World to encircle kills, finally was Devil God comes, making her work as many formidable devil cultivator front to destroy this thing, defused her crisis.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: I think that she very much thought certainly of this type of thing, later can I have the opportunity to see her?” Remembers Bai Youyou that wildly, ice-cold, the elder sister of demon, the Shen Xiang's heart ripples, moreover that is a strength very strong woman. Certainly has the opportunity, snort|hum!” Bai Youyou has as if seen through the Shen Xiang's thoughts, coldly snorted. little rascal, this woman is my enemy, you look at the office!” Su Meiyao is also tenderly snorted one, can she not know the Shen Xiang's thoughts? cough cough, this is the later matter, later said again.” Shen Xiang discovered exposed, hurriedly said, continued devour Devil Decaying Death Qi.

His paternal grandmother, if father in fight, with this Devil Decaying Death Qi, that fiercely!” Shen Xiang has sighed with emotion one: Has not thought that cultivates Suppressing Devil divine art, can make me flaunt heart pleasant control these evil and cruel Devil Decaying Death Qi, Hehe, if I arrive at Devil World, perhaps I can become the Devil World first big devil, but I also obtained the inheritance of Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, Ha Ha......” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not oppose Shen Xiang such does, because they know that Shen Xiang strength will not damage the common people with this type, but Shen Xiang has a stronger method, they felt relieved. With, cannot keep the living witness.” Bai Youyou urged again. Relax, this thing is not too good to control, moreover cannot achieve to destroy the corpse and leave no trace, I thought that Soul Eroding Powder is easier-to-use, but Soul Eroding Powder needs to refine, needs age bigger Soul Breaking Tree to build up fiercer Soul Eroding Powder.” Shen Xiang said. Shen Xiang assigned a small region in the dantian, specifically was used to compress Devil Decaying Death Qi, he thought that this can be he cloudy person will maintain life from now on the fiercest method, he took one time to attract Bao Caihang. If Shen Xiang knows that perhaps the above situation, already came up, in Devil Decaying Death Qi, he can the motion be free, but these one moves expert that cannot move, can only recognize him to slaughter at will. One month passes by, Shen Xiang thought that almost should come up, he starts upwardly float, but his suddenly thought that no matter he how float, oneself probably are backing up, this makes him panic-stricken.