World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 704
Although Poisonous Beast Devil God wants Shen Xiang to give him a happiness, but in his heart actually does not want dead, he was detained by Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable so is here long, contains the hate, moreover he has very strong strength, so long as he is also living for day, may be able to dump tray. He said that but is thinks that Shen Xiang could not kill him, could not kill him Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, let alone was Shen Xiang? Shen Xiang stands on a great tablet, overlooks under that to ridicule his monster in loud voice. How to come? Doesn't dare to approach me?” Poisonous Beast Devil God bored was so long, the rare present has living the person comes . Moreover the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable fee completely pains, the successor who using a lot of time to elect, thinking of Shen Xiang must accompany his innumerable years here, he smiled happily. You must kill me, must first break my skin, my skin has 81, after breaking, must ruin in my body all, but my body inside thing be fiercer than my skin, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable had broken my skin in the past with great difficulty, but is actually not able to ruin my five main internal organs (entrails), is unable to be cut off my bone, do you think you to be able?” Poisonous Beast Devil God said while loudly laughing. Long Xueyi said: This fellow said not false, this ugly body, probably from that highest world, god, therefore is very difficult to destroy, you look at his fleshly body surface, now well, should have the ability of self- repair.” Only then means that melted this fellow with Soul Eroding Powder.” Su Meiyao suddenly is excited, if Shen Xiang handles the matter that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable could not achieve, that is a how exciting matter. I give a try with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade first!” In the Shen Xiang hand suddenly glittering leaves azure light, explodes along with azure lightning together dodges, then presents formidable aggressive Divine Blade, above that lifelike dragon carves along with the knife shivers slightly, sends out clear dragon roar. What thing is this?” Poisonous Beast Devil God one startled, the thing in Shen Xiang hand made him feel the threat. Kills your thing.”

Shen Xiang leaps from the upper air, when must fall in Poisonous Beast Devil God that giant body above, lifts the blade to divide, the stroke on the chest of Poisonous Beast Devil God has been similar to gully general hole, above emits the black blood and spout poisonous Qi. „......” The Poisonous Beast Devil God pain must exude one such as roaring of lightning-like: little rascal, what you use is what thing?” Shen Xiang sees Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to be effective, in the heart steals to be happy secretly, did not reply that Poisonous Beast Devil God words, in that full is on the skin of wrinkle, brandishes Divine Blade to be away from these is similar to the stone generally stiff thick skin. Along with the Shen Xiang's intention control, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade becomes long and big, can shear deeply, Shen Xiang looks like cuts the bean curd to be equally relaxed now, but he mixes Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade time, discovered that was stopped by many things, these thing he has not imagined such easily shuts off. That is Poisonous Beast Devil God body inside thing, is stiff. Damn little rascal, you were first cut open these many people my skin, the pain dead father, do not let me hold you, otherwise I must pull little your intestines.” Poisonous Beast Devil God sends out painful yelling, although his skin is very stiff, but Pichet opens lets his unusual ache. 81 skins, the color is various, Shen Xiang started out one on the chest of that Poisonous Beast Devil God has been similar to water well same hole, looks that the skin that was cut the layer upon layer color of varies by him, he cannot help but exclaimed in surprise that in society unexpectedly had the so marvelous biology. Shen Xiang by that black water well can see following that normal is beating violently black perverted heart to be dirty. Hehe, these Devil Decaying Death Qi should be able to enter in your body, looked when you can smile!” Shen Xiang has laughed.

Snort, trivial Devil Decaying Death Qi, makes undying I!” Although Poisonous Beast Devil God pain, but he actually cannot make Shen Xiang prevail, sees only that by hole that Shen Xiang opens, the unexpectedly slow cicatrization. Although the speed is slow, so long as several days can heal completely, even if do not heal, the Devil Decaying Death Qi dozens years cannot make his body rotten, this Poisonous Beast Devil God fleshly body is truly fearful. This is in Devil World strongest existence, makes Shen Xiang broaden the outlook, this fearful fleshly body, no wonder has no alternative including Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable. Ha Ha...... Even if you have peeled father's skin, I can regenerate long come out, the father is undying!” Poisonous Beast Devil God said with a smile crazily. First what heals is the Poisonous Beast Devil God meat, but more than half double-hour healed, that 81 skins will heal in several days completely. Soul Eroding Powder, although, but does not know when must be able to refine, fleshly body of this fellow was too fearful!” Shen Xiang sits on that purple black huge body, how thinks to be able this fellow to butcher with hardship. The year request of fierce Soul Eroding Powder to material is very high, must know that this Poisonous Beast Devil God is a fleshly body strong fellow. Tried to know, the high rank Soul Eroding Powder refinement difficulty was not big, but needed for a long time, the internal organs of this fellow were firm, moreover various energies are unable to cause the damage to it, perhaps slightly high rank Soul Eroding Powder.” Su Meiyao said: I will make that Soul Breaking Tree year increase again, when the time comes you refine Soul Eroding Powder here.” Lost heart, Ha Ha......” Poisonous Beast Devil God sees Shen Xiang to stand on his body motionless, laughs.

Shen Xiang pays no attention to him, has put out Soul Eroding Powder, then casts into that in hole that slowly heals, falls on these meat. What is this?” Poisonous Beast Devil God felt that these meat is a little itchy, is a little painful. Shen Xiang observes the meat that these are melting slowly, discovered that this low rank Soul Eroding Powder unexpectedly is so useful, can make these meat melt. Was good, should be able to refine Heaven Level High-Grade Soul Eroding Powder to come.” Su Meiyao expedites childbirth with Soul Creation Fluid. When some spirit herb are incomplete, was irrigated by Soul Creation Fluid, can become complete. But spirit herb was complete, with the Soul Creation Fluid words, can spirit herb pick up the growth rate. Heaven Level High-Grade? How can I refine now?” Shen Xiang has gawked, he can only refine Earth Level Low-Grade Dan to come now, but makes him refine Heaven Level High-Grade all of a sudden, he cannot achieve. This need very fierce flame and Divine Sense, then experience! Heaven Level High-Grade Soul Eroding Powder has not certainly been able to cause the damage to this fellow, therefore you must add on massive Devil Decaying Death Qi, both mix, effect.” Su Meiyao excitedly said, that tender laughter, sounds to look like a deceitful female devil, making Shen Xiang have a shiver. When the time comes all give me and Xueyi, our souls must fuse together temporarily, I control your body alchemy, simultaneously uses Xueyi that formidable Divine Sense, this should.” Su Meiyao already one set of plan.