World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 705
Su Meiyao is one craves in the alchemy woman, because she strength loses, is unable the alchemy many years, the hand itchy to be so long, at this time must refining Soul Eroding Powder and Devil Decaying Death Qi these two types makes Immortal Devil two hear that the thing of discoloration fuses together, she thinks excitedly incomparable. A alchemy master, can simultaneously contact these two types of fierce things, that is very rare, moreover this never has the person to attempt. Sometimes the alchemy master was also treated as devil to exist generally, especially these flee far-away place, fellow who builds up the toxicant specially, is regarded as Evil Devil in Heaven World. This needs massive Soul Eroding Powder herbs, I have let Senior Sister in inside lot manufacturing, is Devil Decaying Death Qi, must fuse together these two thing, moreover are massive, after the compression, the quality will enhance again, when the time comes should be able to deliver this fellow to start off.” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile. little rascal, later you can perhaps meet Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable this old fellow again, when the time comes you can boast before him maliciously.” Shen Xiang laughed: Then this gave you, my good elder sister!” His whole body relaxes, lets Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao's consciousness enters in his mind, is led then from Long Xueyi, uses her Imperial Dragon Clan cultivate Spirit secret method to make their souls fuse temporarily together. „The body of man, strange!” Su Meiyao looked at both hands. Took possession by two women, I also think strange, has the opportunity I also to attach to your body.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. little rascal attaches to the body of woman, definitely momentarily will paw own.” Long Xueyi giggle smiles tenderly. Do not let one's thoughts wander, I must refine Soul Eroding Powder with single-hearted devotion, is earnest.” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. They are certainly using Divine Sense to talk, otherwise was heard by that Poisonous Beast Devil God, but also thinks that he is sick.

little rascal, is studying, I must start!” Su Meiyao said that has put out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, can use this pill furnace alchemy, however she cannot help but sighs with emotion sighs. At this time their three spirits fusion, oneself will think very marvelously, but Shen Xiang can see itself to make anything, but that is not he is actually doing, he relaxes, whatever in his body other consciousness is controlling his body, naturally, he can also feel. Su Meiyao most cannot know about Shen Xiang that has several root hair to know clear including him on, uses the Shen Xiang's body at this time, she can quickly the handy control. Just like Su Meiyao said that the quantity of refinement are many, that Soul Breaking Tree flower, fruit, leaf, branch, tree root and skin are many, is one big basket of one big baskets pours into toward Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace. Shen Xiang has Universe Fire Spirit, the flame was fierce enough, own True Qi is also very vigorous, can support Shen Xiang to release flame alchemy for a long time. Long Xueyi has formidable Divine Soul, magic power and Divine Sense are very powerful, suffices the Su Meiyao use. Sister Meiyao, this is really good, later can't you frequently such alchemy? You definitely are not only only Dan Ancestor, I thought that you at least are also Dan Immortal, Ha Ha...... You can refine many Immortal Dan like this.” Shen Xiang said excitedly. Su Meiyao had told Shen Xiang, she is only Dan Ancestor, but Shen Xiang has not believed that at this time he believes firmly that his suspicion, Su Meiyao at least is Dan Immortal. If can be like this good, but this after is not my body, will affect my display, your little brat strength also insufficiently refines Immortal Dan, my this can refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan at most . Moreover the speed is very slow!” The Su Meiyao's words let break the Shen Xiang's fantasy. This high level Soul Eroding Powder be easier than to refine more than these Heaven Level pill . Moreover the time of requiring is very long, if must refine, I thought how to say must need more than one year.” The Su Meiyao words made Shen Xiang be startled. In Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace has acceleration formation, this also needs more than one year, if ordinary pill furnace, can more years? Was right, this adds on the fusion massive Devil Decaying Death Qi time, you look at that's alright.” Su Meiyao said.

Shen Xiang looks immediately with rapt attention one alchemy, think so, more than one year on the past, Su Meiyao in the alchemy process, does not forget condense Soul Creation Fluid, makes many refinement Soul Eroding Powder herbs, Shen Xiang did not remember that Su Meiyao has put in many herbs toward Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace. Those who let him most exclaim in surprise, he must fuse small case to come Soul Eroding Powder that so many herbs refine, obviously quality high. Naturally, in the process of refinement, Su Meiyao controls the Shen Xiang's body, displays the Engulfing Devil Art person, absorbs massive Devil Decaying Death Qi to pour into alchemic furnace, making both fuse together, is what kind of as for the effect, no one knows. Poisonous Beast Devil God is only when Shen Xiang is practicing, Shen Xiang can become to other party before the matter of injury he had already forgotten, Shen Xiang can rip his thick skin, although he surprised, but actually feels relieved ruthlessly, because Shen Xiang kills undying finally he. These Devil Decaying Death Qi from flow in below these chaotic spaces, sign that more than one year in the past, had not weakened, therefore these expert around Demon and Devil heavenly pit, is same as usual, the patience was waiting for Devil Decaying Death Qi retreats. Completed!” Su Meiyao long implored the one breath, she opened Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, looks at these float black and white powder, in heart excited incomparable. „It looks like is very probably fierce!” Shen Xiang wants to have a look at the effect to be what kind of very much. Xueyi, was laborious you, making us change the actually appearance.” Su Meiyao does not think at this time weary, instead is full of vigor. Shen Xiang works on these black and white mixed together powder, rubs on the fingertip. These things do not have effect to you, but...... Su Meiyao cloudy Danger Zone smiles to others. With hardship more than one year, refinement a little, Shen Xiang many are somewhat disappointed.

Then examines now fiercely!” Shen Xiang has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is delimiting on the chest of that Poisonous Beast Devil God, digs out skins and black meat. little rascal, stops quickly!” The Poisonous Beast Devil God anger exclaimed, although Shen Xiang cannot be able dead he, but can actually make that he was very painful, this let him angrily, solemn Devil God, unexpectedly by this small ant insult again and again, being made him extremely aggrieved. Shen Xiang pays no attention to him , to continue to handle his matter, only then he can leave this damned place like this. Snort, useless.” Poisonous Beast Devil God felt that own chest started out hole, disdainfully said. Shen Xiang looks on the palm that small pile black and white powder, lacked self-confidence at heart, but he thinks that this is Su Meiyao with massive Soul Eroding Powder herbs and massive Devil Decaying Death Qi refinements, the suddenly confidence increases. He waves to scatter, controls on the giant heart that these powder fall into that beat, then rises with a spring, jumps top to a great tablet. „...... little rascal, this is any thing.” Poisonous Beast Devil God sends out intermittent appalling neighing. These powder are useful, this lets Shen Xiang happily.