World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 706
Small pile powder, unexpectedly is painful this Poisonous Beast Devil God to call, moreover on his chest that hole, but also some overflow black Qi mist. This fellow is melting!” Long Xueyi said. The powder that Soul Eroding Powder and Devil Decaying Death Qi fusion refines, after enters Poisonous Beast Devil God body inside, rapidly spreads, internal one gradually rotten, now already to skin. This is any thing, damn little rascal, the father must dig up your skin exactly.” In the Poisonous Beast Devil God heart is panic-stricken and angry, his the internal organs that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable cannot shake, now unexpectedly is starting to melt. This is Soul Eroding Powder and Devil Decaying Death Qi fuses together refined into, you can dying slowly, let alone bullshit.” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing. Evil Devil!” Poisonous Beast Devil God knows certainly that Soul Eroding Powder this type of thing, he has not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly smelts together Soul Eroding Powder and Devil Decaying Death Qi, thinks to know that this is terrorist. Hehe, and you too.” Shen Xiang sits on that great tablet at this time, the patience waited for that this Poisonous Beast Devil God died. Was a pity that his soul had been hit by Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable remnantly, otherwise devour his soul, can make your Divine Soul promote once more rapidly.” Long Xueyi sighed. The Poisonous Beast Devil God pitiful yell sound has continued for two days, then vanished, in five are glowing under the silver-white ray great tablet, has beach black water, but in black water, is actually sending out the purple light bead, the fist so is roughly big. Should be Poisonous Beast beast core!” Long Xueyi calls out in alarm said. Such big Poisonous Beast, beast core is so small, is the good thing, beast core to be definitely smaller is better, that Dragon Pearl that Shen Xiang previous time obtains is also such big. Shen Xiang flies to leap up, hastily picks that beast core, then puts in Hidden Jade Ring.

Estimated that this fellow has eaten this thing, turned into Poisonous Beast, this thing is not useful to you temporarily, but can actually show that you have killed this fellow.” Su Meiyao said that she and Long Xueyi have Bai Youyou to hold appreciatively in inside, cannot see to have other any special places. Now can exit!” Shen Xiang also thinks must make his fight destroy these great tablets, this probably requires a lot of time, but has not thought after that Poisonous Beast Devil God died, five great tablets and these giant shackle suddenly turn into the golden powder, vanishes in the jet black space. Ha Ha, finally can exit.” Shen Xiang whole body suddenly glittering leaves silver-white light glow, but under these silver white light glow, but also spout intermittent red flame. Pair of silver white light glow is wrapping the huge Vermillion Bird Fire Wings appearance, the Shen Xiang flutter wing, flies fast upwardly, has the protection of Suppressing Devil Holy Power, did not fear that various strength of Vermillion Bird Fire Wings by this was torn into shreds. These Devil Decaying Death Qi spout was so long, will not make entire Chenwu Mainland!” Shen Xiang suddenly worries that this thing is no one can withstand. Should, this Demon and Devil heavenly pit not have a strange suction, you such were attracted before.” Long Xueyi said. Around Demon and Devil heavenly pit, these expert complexions are not attractive, after all they place in the dangerous situation now, will have slightly will be carelessly killed, moreover died miserably, naturally, regarding expert that their these attached great importance to face-saving, died ugly before others, that was most awfully. Sky over Demon and Devil heavenly pit, year to year was being covered by dark clouds, at this time also has Devil Decaying Death Qi that these cannot see, that type of aura makes people more depressing. suddenly, a fiery red ray shines, the people you turn head to look to Demon and Devil heavenly pit, sees only pair of huge fire wings flutter, ascends from that Demon and Devil heavenly pit. That looks like grand magnificent fire wings, unexpectedly is a person releases! Who the people see that person quickly are, is Shen Xiang!

After Shen Xiang comes up, hastily receives fire wings, float in the air, under overlook, quick saw these expert, has many him to be familiar. Sees this, he has thought quickly of anything, especially sees Tai Yunhong that face to be panic-stricken, in his heart smiled happily. Gu Dongchen hung the long time heart to put down finally, he has not thought that almost passed for two years, Shen Xiang unexpectedly was living coming up from below. This little rascal, was really is worrying!” Liu Meng'er gently charmingly angry one, on the jade face full is excited, she bears the tears fall, looks that Shen Xiang from airborne descends slowly. Tai Yunhong and the others panic-stricken, because Shen Xiang unexpectedly has not come under the influence of that Devil Decaying Death Qi, is this possible? They witness many several expert rottenly become the purple black rotten meat, what most unbelievable is, falls into Demon and Devil heavenly pit following Shen Xiang, almost two years later, unexpectedly was living. This group of fellows are not Eastern Sea? I remember that they have joined alliance probably, how now to sit together with Tai Yunhong this old devil?” Shen Xiang descends gently, has not come under the influences of these Devil Decaying Death Qi slightly. Shen Xiang can certainly see these expert to resist Devil Decaying Death Qi, does not dare to move, but he can actually move now! These fellow suddenly defect, Young Martial Uncle you look at the office.” The Gu Dongchen words, making these rebel against the people of alliance are similar to have stepped onto the execution grounds. Shen Xiang also saw that ashen-faced Han Lie, he looked that asked to Han Lie: This fellow?” This makes Han Lie be mad spits blood, this little rascal unexpectedly described this Fire God Palace's Palace Master with the fellow!

Comes to see lively.” Lian Yingxiao said that at this time Gu Dongchen their here people, each one are encouraged, they know that Shen Xiang will definitely not circle these fellows. Tai Yunhong was anxious, exclaimed: Shen Xiang, your this fuses Devil Seed Evil Devil, some day you by Devil God devour, will certainly be brought the disaster to entire Mortal Martial World.” old fellow, do not want to slander me, wants to fuse Devil Seed, the one who obtains formidable strength is you, I have just prevented you, moreover you also overcome Demon and Devil heavenly pit me!” Shen Xiang sneers was saying that walks toward Tai Yunhong, then also explained to the people one next on the same day the matter that has on the altar. The people are suddenly enlighted, Gu Dongchen makes them come on the same day such hastily, they also very want to know the reason, now looks like this is very necessary, if made Tai Yunhong prevail, was the Mortal Martial World disaster. Snort, if you did not fuse Devil Seed, you can resist Devil Decaying Death Qi? You know that what Devil Decaying Death Qi is?” The Tai Yunhong words cause the people to begin to have suspicions. Now the people have understood that Devil Seed, if Shen Xiang fused Devil Seed, that without doubt is a disaster. Father Hundred Poisons Immunity, trivial Devil Decaying Death Qi is nothing!” Shen Xiang laughs, whole body, that silver-white pure and holy light glow from his body spraying four directions, appears pure and holy is incomparable. Is Devil Seed, I can also purify!” At this time Shen Xiang is similar to Heavenly God is ordinary, making in the people heart exclaim in surprise again and again.