World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 707
In these people, only then Tai Yunhong saw silver-white light glow that on Shen Xiang releases is the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi evolution later shape, but he has also heard, in Suppressing Devil Temple, which old undying he has not seen has to display. Tai Yunhong suddenly thought that Shen Xiang was more mystical, Shen Xiang has some fierce devil art, but can practice so the situation Suppressing Devil martial arts, in his opinion, these martial arts should have the conflict is right, but perfect of unexpectedly on Shen Xiang coexists now. Naturally, now what he most is worried is how Shen Xiang to handle them! Tai Yunhong knows that Shen Xiang will not let off his, seeing Shen Xiang to walk step by step toward them, his heart thump thump jumps, now he cannot move, so long as moves, that strong Devil Decaying Death Qi drills into his body, but can make him turn into the rotten meat instantaneously, now they can only allow to be oppressed. Shen Xiang, do you want to do?” The Tai Yunhong sinking sound asked that in the sound was passing a fear, in this Devil Decaying Death Qi world, Shen Xiang was similar to the god generally exists, their these expert can only to the Shen Xiang devastation. „”, Shen Xiang puts out a hand to wield, has slapped void, releases a Dao Qi vigor, maliciously fan a Tai Yunhong palm of the hand. Old dog, you have killed these many people, for that Devil Seed, I today cannot circle you.” Shen Xiang coldly said. Snort, dying is just some ants, dies again ten times, this world also according to the Changyun extension.” Tai Yunhong said angry that these mortals in his eyes are similar to worthless general, he never thought that kills these many people to have any sin. Shen Xiang sneers: You now in my eyes are also ants, dies 100 this world also to meet the Changyun extension, walks very delivers!” The voice falls, Shen Xiang waves, azure light glittering, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly appears in his hands, cuts to the Tai Yunhong nape of the neck. Together the chilly colorful blood spout, the body of Tai Yunhong instantaneously was also invaded by Devil Decaying Death Qi, body of separation turns into the purple black rotten meat immediately.

Died! Tai Yunhong such by Shen Xiang cutting, this made Tai Yunhong that side person hit one to tremble. This matter, Gu Dongchen and the others already knew, long ago, Shen Xiang was also such Beast Martial Sect's Dean killing, Tang Yichao had a vivid memory at this time. After Tai Yunhong cuts, Shen Xiang raises the blade toward these devil cultivator to walk, this makes that audiences devil cultivator immediately frightened, he thinks their this strengths arrive at Mortal Martial World are invincible existences, who knows that unexpectedly will meet Devil Decaying Death Qi. Do not presumptuously think to nibble Mortal Martial World.” Shen Xiang was saying, a blade cuts to fall. Ten formidable devil cultivator, like this under the gaze of audiences expert, one by one were cut the head by Shen Xiang, was invaded by Devil Decaying Death Qi, fleshly body and soul were corroded. You cannot kill us, we are the Devil Subduing School's elders, did not have us, Devil Subduing School could not support.” A old man sound fills to fear, the response that however gets is actually a blade. Shen Xiang does not sympathize with the fellow who these and Tai Yunhong is in cahoots, if initially they straightened out, was not hoodwinked by the benefit, can definitely collaborate to kill Tai Yunhong, but they such have not actually done, but is plans and Tai Yunhong collaborates, dominates Mortal Martial World. In an instant, in the ground were also many turned into the rotten meat the corpse, these Devil Subduing School's elders were butchered by Shen Xiang, Devil Subduing School currently also has Man Futian and Zuo Zhenxuan, he did not need to be worried completely. Person who now only the remaining these defect, Shen Xiang looks at their said with a sneer: Your this crowd of people with no mind of his own, you joined Holy Light Church before time, knows that you are not the good thing, is buried along with the dead to this group of fellows.”

During a sorrow shouted, Shen Xiang was relentless, cut the people of these villains! Fire God Palace's Han Lie, has looked at bloody one indifferently, but he has not been afraid, Shen Xiang must kill his words, he will not say anything. However Shen Xiang has not actually killed him, but passes through from his side, although this Han Lie sound scary a point, but Shen Xiang thought that he is not too bad, moreover probably is indifferent to the Fire God Palace's matter, Fire God Palace has such Palace Master, will not have other any thoughts. Now the matter of urgent matter, these Devil Decaying Death Qi driving out, has not proliferated now, but after not representative, will not proliferate. This One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain on Chenwu Mainland, if proliferated, entire Chenwu Mainland will be turned into a deathtrap. With Hell Tornado, creates formidable qi flow, fills completely these Devil Decaying Death Qi.” Bai Youyou said: Are many outside Devil Decaying Death Qi, makes a qi flow direction, will make these Devil Decaying Death Qi return to below.” Quick, burns flame large-scale Tornado suddenly to continue, moreover a formidable suction that on Demon and Devil heavenly pit, along with Shen Xiang crazy revolving, creates, these badly circle in Demon and Devil heavenly pit above Devil Decaying Death Qi immediately along with that qi flow, emerged in Demon and Devil heavenly pit. This magnificent, making these live many years of expert to broaden the outlook, thinks that this was the Huang Jintian's apprentice, in their hearts cannot help but exclaimed in surprise that they can meet, in the near future, Shen Xiang also like Huang Jintian, becomes Mortal Martial World first expert. More than half double-hour passed by, Devil Decaying Death Qi entered in Demon and Devil heavenly pit, Shen Xiang stops displaying Hell Tornado, sky over these expert fly immediately immediately, collaborates to release formidable barrier, the seal lives in this terror heavenly pit, Fire God Palace's Han Lie is also involved. three realms great war approached fast, when the time comes here will become a main battlefield, we must make the best use of the time!” Gu Dongchen looks at this to fill death Qi One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, the sound is dignified

After this matter, the people later will be more careful, exchanged greetings mutually, departs respectively, they are busy cultivating Devil Subduing Energy now, this they will cope with Demon and Devil trump card from now on. Liu Meng'er looked at Shen Xiang one, Shen Xiang has been all right she to feel relieved. After the people all walked, Gu Dongchen puts out his flying disc, is carrying Wu Kaiming and Shen Xiang flies back to Extreme Martial Sect. Almost stayed in that damned place for two years, luckily removed some Tai Yunhong this fellows and fierce devil cultivator, does not need to worry about these many!” Gu Dongchen said. Wu Kaiming said with a smile: Young Martial Uncle is really fierce, stole the show! We come out has arranged to manage Extreme Martial Sect, should not become too randomly.” Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen also simultaneously will sometimes close up long time, therefore these matters, Extreme Martial Sect these elders were used to it, therefore they were too not worried. However, after they return to Tianmen City, actually discovery here person be usually more, moreover the people of some outlandish clothes come and go on the street, originally clean street, at this time everywhere trash. Looks, some unexpectedly fight traces, the house is tattered, street damage. His mother, this is under the Extreme Martial Sect eyelid city, becomes such randomly?” Gu Dongchen has gotten angry, this people disturb certainly occur, the Zitian gate city completes now, has not had such matter.