World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 708
Returns to Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, Gu Dongchen to convene immediately all elders, had a look what happened, unexpectedly can make Tianmen City randomly become such, he wants to have a look at the matter that also had anything to exaggerate to occur in Extreme Martial Province. After narration that an elder talked at once, Shen Xiang, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen have shocked, even if they were experienced, has seen many shocking matters, but actually is still hard to accept this fact now. All mortal world fuse together, every large or small, regardless of the strong and weak world, in more than one year years of suddenly bewildered fusion together, after the fusion, many martial artist accompanies travels in all directions, goes to these powerful world or continent specially! „Can his mother, how suddenly have this matter? May be many in the world mortal world, how to fuse completely?” Gu Dongchen is hard to accept this fact, innumerable mortal world fuse together, constituted a huger world, this lets many person inspired matters, person who especially these want to travel in all directions. However governs Big Shot of huge influence not to think that these many mortal world, some resources is about to have dried up, will plunder surely . Moreover the person more than one will be chaotic. Offended the person of influence, hides to be also hard to seek to obtain. Is, three realms great war comes time what to do? That side Devil World also fused? When the time comes may not only probably defend One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain that passage, if other world cannot defend, making devil cultivator seize, their Mortal Martial World bedding bag will encircle. Gu Dongchen they more want more to think fearful, expression is dignified. If according to actually such, their Mortal Martial World has very big confidence, can cross three realms great war, but is very difficult to say. It seems like called the Mortal Martial World fellow to meet to be good immediately, this way was not the means.” Gu Dongchen said. This matter, naturally does not have the place that Shen Xiang meddles, he quietly returns to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, said: Does not know that many world fuse together, these troubled.” Early does not fuse, late does not fuse, at this time started to fuse, definitely some people are up to mischief.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said. What? Two continent fuse together that also to be able to achieve, can two world fuse? That in the different spaces, who has such big strength, can make these many world fuse together?” Shen Xiang sucks the tongue secretly, although his some do not believe that but actually suspected.

Naturally is the fellow of these advanced world, these low status world may is they founds, why they want to do, this is not strange, perhaps three realms great war is only their game.” Long Xueyi has the memory inheritance, these memory inheritance are more, there are much is antique time these dragons inherits, therefore she will say such words. three realms great war must start, actually suddenly has this matter to come, very difficult to accept, but Shen Xiang thought that this also has the advantage, if Teleportation Formation establishes well, this huge world will establish contacts, the news disseminates quickly, when the time comes he can seek for some rare spirit herb conveniently. „To rush really everywhere.” In Shen Xiang heart itchy, this Mortal Martial Realm he already played greasily, although he has not gone to many continent, but his goal is mainly spirit herb. Shen Xiang sits in the room, suddenly feels relieved smiles: Elder Dan appeared finally.” The time passed quickly, arrived at Shen Xiang and time of Elder Dan agreement in an instant, Elder Dan and Shen Xiang has agreed that must come a competition, once Shen Xiang has won, gave Shen Xiang to look at her true colors, will comply to marry Shen Xiang. Young Martial Uncle, elegant demeanor as before!” Elder Dan or same as usual, are bringing a wooden mask, wears the black robe, binds solid oneself, the body is sending out the cold and proud unique makings, her sound actually appeared gentle, but sounded to be that icy. Matter that Shen Xiang these years handle, truly as before, is Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering. little girl, Martial Uncle I want dead you, did you cross Nirvana Tribulation?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he truly very much thought of this mysterious female Martial Nephew, although he has not seen her appearance, but actually knows that her stature was very good. No, do you still remember our agreements?” Elder Dan coldly asked. Naturally remembers that after sleeping I to dream of you are defeated, lifts one of your mysterious veil, whenever just at that time, I will wake up.” Shen Xiang very regrettable said with a sigh.

Snort, your bullshit is as before many, we are the competion refine Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, can you refine now?” Elder Dan as if very much cares about Shen Xiang's to progress, especially pills aspect, otherwise she will not drive Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Will only refine one type, but I thought that when competes with you, should also be able to learn 1-2 types.” Sees Shen Xiang so not to pay attention to this competition, Elder Dan is secret, but she also knows that this is a way of promotion, can stimulate the potential of person. I heard that you have Life Returning Pill, how do you come?” Elder Dan is most curious to this matter, she has thought behind Shen Xiang has a person of high skill, if that person of high skill can build up Life Returning Pill at will, is very definitely strong. I pick.” Shen Xiang said without thinking. Fart, you think that this is the silt? Can pick casually?” Elder Dan does not believe that this is picks. Believes it or not.” Shen Xiang is blowing the whistling, understood at a glance that he is lying: Right little girl, don't you meet? Little Featherhead and Little Bald there!” I am disinclined to pay attention to these matters now, when my one month, I collect herbs, here competes with you.” Elder Dan appeared all of a sudden, hurriedly left. Hello, you Extreme Martial Sect number one beauty conceal where?” Shen Xiang discovered that Wu Qianqian has been missing, moreover is not and Yun Xiaodao their together.

She so is not idle like you.” Extreme Dan King Courtyard is reverberating Elder Dan that ice-cold sound. This woman, always a day I must dig up the light her clothes, have a good look she have any secret, all day makes mystically.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, then seeks for Yun Xiaodao they. In luxurious theater box in a restaurant, Yun Xiaodao pounds on the table, praised: Subduing Dragon Sect, this name is good.” Shen Xiang smiled, looks at face afraid Zhu Rong, the complexion of this fatty was not normal. Old Zhu, that posts a reward also in your hands, Wang Shengren and Liao Shaoyun are I butcher, this posts a reward to return to me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Zhu Rong initially knows that Shen Xiang really will not be silly that precious thing to make the monetary reward so, in the end returned to Shen Xiang. Big Brother Shen, you did not say that can sell some pills to us? Is that Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan price what kind of?” Yun Xiaodao rubs hands saying that could see him to prepare many crystal stones.