World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 709
Friendship price, 2.001 million grains, sincere.” Zhu Rong curled the lip: Friendship also very valuable......” This is 120 grains, you take away the equal division, in ten years paid off that's alright, now these many world fused, three realms great war erupted time, the situation will be worse, you must promote the strength as soon as possible.” Shen Xiang has put out storage pouch, gives Xu Weilong taking care. Lian Mingdong and Lei brothers are practicing now, but Shen Xiang knows that Xu Weilong hands certainly over in Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan their hands. You as far as possible before three realms great war approaches, arrives at the Tempering Realm peak.” Shen Xiang seriously said. Yun Xiaodao they nodded, they can become friends with Shen Xiang are also their luck, he cannot disappoint Shen Xiang to their help. „The world that now many just integrated into, wants by the world name of their actually, then to have the dispute, the fellow of this crowd of non- brains, could not see that names with Mortal Martial World is best.” Yun Xiaodao looks at the people of street above these outlandish clothes. „The world became bigger and bigger, if can tide over three realms great war this crisis, we can travelling numerous world, be able to develop the vision, to cultivating also helpful.” Shen Xiang can think of this huge world now at this time chaotic. In a world had many influences is the opposition, but now these many world fuse together, this situation will increase day by day, if not unite, once Demon and Devil World invades, troubled. Demon and Devil World these devil cultivator and Evil Demon quantity are many, especially Demon World inside Evil Demon, is one crowd does not have the brain, moreover fellow not awfully, fights with all might, weak humanity is hard to be a worthy opponent.

Shen Xiang, do you still remember Dongfang Yao? Initially Devil Subduing School recognized that is you kills, and has posted a reward you.” Xu Weilong suddenly said. Shen Xiang nodded: He respective world, is a very formidable world, moreover his family is formidable, has ruled that world.” „The Dongfang Clan strength is truly strong, moreover they have ruled a world, can strength of condense world annex some world nearby them, is only one year, their influences expanded ten times.” The Xu Weilong words had a scare Shen Xiang. After world fusion, is sea area with sea area connected together, did not have division of what world and any world, now in this huge world, on that limitless sea area, covers entirely innumerable continent, constituted this huge mortal world. The Shen Xiang complexion becomes somewhat ugly: „Isn't this good matter, Dongfang family to dominate the world?” „It looks like according to the present, truly, moreover they have that ability, after their influence expands, can concentrate many strength, now could be said as the first under heaven big influence, but Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace also in absorption massive disciples.” Xu Weilong said. Shen Xiang shook the head: This matter we worry are also useless, is the relieved promotion strength.” Although said that but Shen Xiang their several people are actually worried, like the words of Dongfang family this speed exaggerating influence, will be one's turn Mortal Martial World to be annexed one day, when the time comes is unable with it contending, after all you to be the super big influence that many world combine! But this, now is also Gu Dongchen they worries.

In a King Continent's dwelling, Mortal Martial World each continent's Big Shot concentrates here. Teleportation Formation sect focusing on formation was established by these, now pills sect, formation sect, refiner sect has numerous number, moreover majority were grasped by that anything Dongfang Dynasty.” old man sighed. Then currently has to be able with the influence that Dongfang Dynasty contends with?” Gu Dongchen asked that regarding this, he same was worried with other Big Shot that they did not have the ambition like Dongfang Clan, unceasing expanded the influence through the war, if did not submit, extinguished continent, this matter they may unable to do, other world could not do, will therefore make Dongfang Dynasty expand. Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace, we know these at present, but now this world is how big, there are some strong presences that we do not know to hide.” But now, most should be worried Dongfang Dynasty is Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang has massacred Dongfang Yao, this matter was known by that Dongfang Dynasty, started to post a reward, therefore Shen Xiang has been missing for two years, but still is very famous. After Shen Xiang knows this matter, but smiles helplessly, regarding this he was not worried, if he must go into hiding, everyone was hard to find him, especially now he can change his appearance and height, can change own aura, he felt relieved that formidable Dongfang Clan, to seek for him, but reckless attack Extreme Martial Sect. But the world that now this just fused, was called the new world, although three realms great war approaches, but the ambitious influence, actually still expands their spheres of influence, strengthens their strengths, otherwise by other influence annexation. This matter, when Shen Xiang they knew many world merge together, met.

Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School in King Continent, therefore this continent is also very famous, moreover is many influences most has scruples. Ten days passed by, Shen Xiang news that from asking around to arrive at, this also makes him very excited, the place of this new world waiting exploration were too many, but does not know that can support three realms great war. Demon and Devil World that side, if also fused, it is estimated that the situation can terrible.” Bai Youyou said. when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current, I go to that Dongfang Dynasty to have a look, to have a look at this new world strongest influence now.” Shen Xiang on King Continent, has stepped into very huge Teleportation Formation, transmits Celestial Emperor Continent with one group of people, this is also the Dongfang Clan den. Celestial Emperor City, this was the Celestial Emperor Continent imperial capital, Dongfang Clan establishes Imperial Palace here, Patriarch Dongfang has proclaimed oneself emperor, Shen Xiang arrived here to see most had about his posting a reward command. But now changed an appearance ordinary man , came from other continent, nobody will associate together him with the person who that value 1 billion will post a reward. Also does the solemn new world first influence, leave 1 billion? Too poor!” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart. After the new world is born, is expert pours forth, perhaps if Shen Xiang because of that warrant for arrest, his present reputation already were not submerged, naturally, because did not know about Shen Xiang, therefore many people have not cared him, especially these is well-born, martial artist from strong presence, thinks that Shen Xiang has unearned reputation.