World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 710
After arriving at Celestial Emperor City, Shen Xiang knows that he said Dongfang Yao unexpectedly that kills has very high status, is regarded as this Dongfang Dynasty successor, but actually dies now not entire corpse. Is Dongfang Yao Shen Xiang kills, does not have an exact view to the present, does not have the evidence to show that but Dongfang family according to Devil Subduing School initial posting a reward, thinks that Shen Xiang is a murderer. After Shen Xiang arrives at Celestial Emperor City, immediately knew Dongfang family announced stops going on an expedition in all directions, after understanding him knows that this was Devil Subduing School spoke, that Dongfang Yao grandfather, has not the low status on Suppressing Devil Temple, his family slaughtered in Mortal World, this was responded by Devil Subduing School, suppressed the Dongfang family expansion. Devil Subduing School these descendant died completely, now Devil Subduing School had very big transformation, this is the good matter.” Shen Xiang relaxed greatly, if this Dongfang family continues, three realms great war has not arrived, this new world started to kill one another. Outside a Celestial Emperor City giant palace, Shen Xiang exclaims in surprise again and again: This Imperial Palace unexpectedly constructs in Mysterious Realm, this looks like the luxurious palace is only conceals, in also entrances to Mysterious Realm.” The dens of many big influences, establish in Mysterious Realm, because they were capable of controlling these Mysterious Realm, will be safer in, for example Extreme Martial Sect's Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm and Danxiang Taoyuan. Shen Xiang wants to come to see this Dongfang Clan, but has not thought that here will have Mysterious Realm, this makes the Shen Xiang heart itchy, he thinks that in this Mysterious Realm definitely has many treasure, if not go to have a look, he will unable to sleep. With previous time mixes in Devil Subduing School to be the same, Shen Xiang can the freedom initially enter that family Mysterious Realm person to make the corona one, after obtaining that person of memory, displays Transformation Technique to turn into that person, then swaggering walked. The person named Dongfang Rong that Shen Xiang turns into, is appearance general martial artist, is a team leader of patrol squad, the strength in Tempering Realm this, although east surname, but is actually not the Dongfang Clan juniors, but is a lackey of a little talent, then obtains Dongfang Clan to grant the name. Team leader, when also has a vacation to us, outside you can go to ramble all day, we were miserable, day and night must go on patrol.” A man the face was saying painstakingly.

This squad has more than 30 people, is True Martial Realm martial artist, but they grow up in Dongfang family since childhood, is Dongfang family trains, is the Dongfang family lackeys, is called anything to make anything. Outside present is very chaotic, moreover after many world fuse, becomes very greatly, in the past few days after had one group of fellows exit, has not come back, for your securities, will therefore have long a period of time to forbid you to go out.” Shen Xiang according to the Dongfang Rong memory, is well-founded said that but simply put, prevents these, when a lackey many years of person runs away. The new world now is so big, once they ran far, but also was very difficult to look, therefore this Dongfang Mysterious Realm, the turnover was more stern. Hears the Shen Xiang's words, the people of patrol squad are dejected immediately. Although cannot exit, but does not represent does not make you rest, now you rest for three days, can only in the place that you live, remember, do not run all over the place.” Shen Xiang said very magnanimous that is leading this group of people, he goes into action really very not to be convenient. More than after 30 people of patrol squad hear, on that anxious look has shown the smiling face immediately, is forming the neat line, slightly is running departure. Person who Shen Xiang turns into now, is the team leader of patrol squad, under Nirvana Realm, this strength is good, therefore he can some places in this Mysterious Realm walk everywhere. According to that Dongfang Rong memory, Shen Xiang knew that in some heavy many, but is away from his recent one, in Xinyue in mansion. Outside Xinyue's Mansion, Shen Xiang just arrived, the light and lively sound fluttered from inside together: Dongfang Rong, how you go on patrol today, you behind that crowd of waste?”

Hears this sound, the Shen Xiang heart jumps slightly, the delightful sound is this Xinyue's Mansion master sends out, is this Dongfang Clan Patriarch elder sister, called Dongfang Xinyue, was a very beautiful woman, had very high attainments on formation, this Mysterious Realm inside many powerful formations were her arrangement, the strength is greatly strengthened, it is said was in the Dongfang Clan second master. „Was his mother, how discovered by this woman?” Some Shen Xiang worries will be seen through by this woman, he approached here, goes in Nine Heavens Mental Exploration again finds out, has a look to have treasure anything. However he is very calm, comes across this matter, he will not think anxious. Elder Xinyue, that group of fellows shout must have a vacation, I made them rest for ten days.” Shen Xiang replied immediately, the voice and expression of speech, were just the same as that Dongfang Rong. Comes.” The Dongfang Xinyue sound is having the irresistible dignity, but sounds comfortably actually that. Shen Xiang now only then braced oneself to develop, he has walked into Xinyue, according to that Dongfang Rong memory, went to a simple and elegant small hall. Comes to the following garden.” Dongfang Xinyue probably knows Shen Xiang's every action and every movement, seeing Shen Xiang just to sit down, that light and lively sound then conveyed. Shen Xiang in the heart is extremely discrete at this time, his suddenly some do not want to continue, but wants to find the excuse to leave, he will be worried about by this intelligent woman discovery. But he acts according to the Dongfang Rong memory to know when appearance that this woman, actually very much wants to have a look with own eyes.

Goes out of the small hall, across a track, he arrived at a quiet and tasteful peaceful garden, a beautiful and slender beautiful figure stands long-drawn-out in good taste by a small pond, body that snow white women's clothing flutters with the wind slightly, one intermittent fragrance raids with the wind, making in the Shen Xiang heart acclaim secretly. Dongfang Xinyue has turned around leisurely, beautiful woman outstandingly beautiful Li of allows, making Shen Xiang have a shocking feeling, she to Shen Xiang lightly smiled, beautiful eyes has a smile, seems like that kind nature, the aura that but her whole body lends, actually light aloofing, that light pressure and imposing manner, making Shen Xiang think that is his first time sees Liu Meng'er such likely. Has seen Elder Dongfang.” Shen Xiang hastily gave a salute. Told me that for serveral days outside what happened?” The Dongfang Xinyue white hands wield, hinting Shen Xiang does not need to be overly courteous, in the oval face of that maturity graceful bearing, the charming and gentle smiling face, is surging Shen Xiang that chaste mind. Shen Xiang hastily lowered the head, then talked at random the matter that some outside had these days, although the new world was born already for more than two years, but this Dongfang Xinyue has not actually trod Mysterious Realm. Even if before, this Dongfang Xinyue also little goes out, generally knows outside matter through the mouth of servant.