World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 711
After listening Shen Xiang talked nonsense, Dongfang Xinyue Youyou sighs: I know that crowd of old fellow such do, certainly must enrage the father.” Although this Dongfang Xinyue has the young beautiful appearance, but she actually was also old fellow, Shen Xiang knew through that Dongfang Rong memory that sometimes in this Dongfang Clan, Patriarch Dongfang said does not calculate, but must pass through a group of senior statesmen to agree that was old fellow in Dongfang Xinyue mouth. But Dongfang Clan expansion influence, is the meaning of this crowd of old fellow. Didn't have?” Dongfang Xinyue blinked, asked gently. Why not does Elder Xinyue go out for a walk, has a look at this new world? Depending on the strength of elder, can definitely rush out a day to come in the new world.” Shen Xiang said his words to come, if were beforehand Dongfang Rong, killed him also to dare, therefore this let Dongfang Xinyue was surprised. Shen Xiang such does, to let this Dongfang Xinyue leaves Xinyue's Mansion, but also makes him have a look at this inside is hiding that heavily, he comes here reason, is looks for the treasure. Dongfang Xinyue lowers the head to ponder, Shen Xiang does not know why she hides in Mysterious Realm all day does do, her such woman has the strength to have the status to have the appearance, after exiting, will definitely have hundred responses to a single call outside, what has to be good to fear? Like him, did not post a reward the high quota in all directions. Was right, killed Dongfang Yao that person to catch? This person of courage is really very big, does unexpectedly dare to spend the Devil Subduing School's god child, Devil Subduing School has not managed? Has been related in the detail of this person?” Dongfang Xinyue asked curiously. The Shen Xiang's heart fierce contraction, asked his matter unexpectedly: Has not caught, the backstage of this person is extremely strong, cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, Extreme Martial Sect's Three Great Big Shots is his Martial Nephew, on the same day he is directly and honestly discards that god child, is he kills as for Dongfang Yao, did not have the evidence to indicate to the present.” On the Dongfang Xinyue jade face full is surprised: Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art! Has not thought that exists, no wonder he can discard the god child, he is young, has this grade of luck, Dongfang Yao may not compare by far.” Was praised by the beautiful woman, in the Shen Xiang heart was certainly happy that but Dongfang Xinyue actually does not know that Shen Xiang stands before her now.

Elder Xinyue, this person has killed Young Master, why does not increase posts a reward, is only the one billion crystal stones words, is very difficult to move, after all behind this person also some fierce expert asylums, are not only Extreme Martial Sect's Three Great Big Shots, for example that Mortal Martial World famous Divine Weapon country Empress, Danxiang Taoyuan's pills Empress, is his backer.” Shen Xiang really thought that this monetary reward was too poor, making in his heart somewhat uncomfortable. Hears in the Shen Xiang mouth to mention the fierce woman, Dongfang Xinyue suddenly is interested very much, but she first time hears to have the character of this positive result, her hastily pursues asks: Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress and Danxiang Taoyuan's pills Empress? What background are they?” Background greatly, but this is also only their world, I dare to say person, so long as is the brain does not have the problem, will not offend these two women for one billion crystal stones.” Shen Xiang saw this Dongfang Xinyue interest. He guessed that this Dongfang Xinyue thought one are the master is lonely, cannot run into some strength and her woman side by side, therefore all day stays in Mysterious Realm. Dongfang Yao is unworthy by far one billion crystal stones, but these old fellow take to make the pretence, to grasp with that called the Shen Xiang's artificial excuse, captured that Chenwu Mainland.” The Dongfang Xinyue words make in the Shen Xiang heart criticize. This made him rejoice without reason, although posted a reward is not a good matter, but can attract this new world first influence the vision, said that was also a very honorable matter, but now unexpectedly is only a pretence. Dongfang Rong, do you know that Divine Weapons Empress and Danxiang Empress background? If you help me inquire clearly, I give you this reward.” Dongfang Xinyue has pulled out a palm of the hand wide big sword, from above spirit pattern and emission gloss, this is grade very high treasure tool. Although in the Shen Xiang eye is only the trash goods, but he actually must be in pretend surprised. Sees on the Shen Xiang face full is hope expression, Dongfang Xinyue smiles: I want to ask some strength suitable women to compare notes to exchange.” so that's how it is, can Elder Xinyue look for their duel then?”

In Shen Xiang heart one startled, he does not want to bring the disaster to his two women, although this Dongfang Xinyue looks like the human and animals is harmless, but the ghost knows that she is the viper beautiful woman, especially that jealousy very heavy woman, is most terrorist. „It is not, you hurry to investigate their detail, if some people the matter that accountability you to neglect duty, I help you shoulder.” Dongfang Xinyue urged. Now Shen Xiang could see that Dongfang Xinyue unexpectedly so cared to the woman, he said with a smile: Elder Xinyue, did not need to investigate, I inquired before, truly speaking I also want to obtain one billion crystal stones that posted a reward, therefore inquired to this brat many matters very carefully.” Said quickly.” A Dongfang Xinyue impatient appearance. First said this Divine Weapons Empress, what she cultivates was Icewind Divine Art......” Shen Xiang just said here, on the Dongfang Xinyue face on full was the color of shock, on the jade face also brings to wipe the difference the excitement. She is mainly primarily refiner set up formation, this is the same with Elder Xinyue, the level is very good, many Chenwu Mainland's expert want the high price to ask her to refine some spiritual tool anything.” Shen Xiang continues saying that simultaneously is observing the complexion change of Dongfang Xinyue quietly. It seems like I must go to be able this woman, does not know that her level and I compare what kind.” Dongfang Xinyue looks at Lan Tian, song light nan. Shen Xiang continues saying: Reason that Shen Xiang obtains her asylum , because her apprentice Xue Xianxian is the Shen Xiang's wife, therefore......” „Is the level of her apprentice what kind of?” Dongfang Xinyue has broken Shen Xiang, asked. Probably also good, although little gets rid, but can become the Divine Weapons Empress apprentice, can see her talent.” Shen Xiang most cannot know about these matters that seeing this Dongfang Xinyue to leave here desire, in the Shen Xiang heart happy.

That Danxiang Empress?” Dongfang Xinyue also asked. Is alchemy, few female Dan King, I think that this are not many in the entire new world!” Shen Xiang said. Are not truly many, these travel old fellow of many world not to see several including Dan King, let alone female Dan King.” Dongfang Xinyue that beautiful jade face suddenly tranquil, she has thrown to Shen Xiang treasure sword, then asked: Told me that Chenwu Mainland's method.” First transmits King Continent, then transmits Chenwu Mainland from King Continent, goes to ask to there casually individual can know Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Danxiang Taoyuan's site.” Shen Xiang said that gust with passing the will of the people spleen fragrant blows, beautiful woman already vanish from sight. Really is the chest does not have brain greatly!” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, then displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, gets a panoramic view this Xinyue's Mansion.