World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 712
Teleportation Formation are getting more and more, the news transmits quickly in this huge new world, the Shen Xiang's monetary reward such as he hopes, increased to ten billion crystal stone, suddenly rose ten times, this made many people move, went to Chenwu Mainland to seek for Shen Xiang, why this also will be the Tianmen City that lively reason. But the entire new world in the person of seeking, unexpectedly treasures hunt in Dongfang Clan Mysterious Realm, many big influences when were worried that Dongfang family invasion, Shen Xiang this was small has infiltrated the interior of this new world strongest influence. The patrol squad are many, suddenly was short of one team is also very normal, generally rested . Moreover the Dongfang family influence increased day by day , everyone dares to act unreasonably, the responsibility of patrol squad was responsible for catching some house slaves of running all over the place generally. Heavy where? This Dongfang Rong memory is not reasonable!” Shen Xiang's Nine Heavens Mental Exploration simply had not found, Long Xueyi is also so. Shen Xiang in that yard, his Nine Heavens Mental Exploration looked everywhere entire Xinyue's Mansion now. That pond is very deep!” Long Xueyi suddenly said that Shen Xiang arrives by the pond immediately. In the Dongfang Rong memory has said that Xinyue's Mansion is Dongfang Mysterious Realm one of the big heavy places, concrete he does not know that this below does have the thing?” Shen Xiang looks at that tranquil small lake. Long Xueyi's Nine Heavens Mental Exploration be fiercer than Shen Xiang, quick has submerged under the pond. Has large formation in probably 30 zhang (3.33 m) deep below, my Divine Sense is unable to go.” Long Xueyi said. dragon brat, lets in fresh air, I use Heaven's Crown Gate to give a try.” Shen Xiang has put out Heaven's Crown Gate. Although Xinyue's Mansion is not small, but in this only then a Shen Xiang person, Dongfang Xinyue usually likes the quiet life, but occasionally will ask a servant to come to ask about something, Dongfang Rong for many years had been called several times, therefore Dongfang Xinyue is also very familiar with him. After Long Xueyi told the Shen Xiang position, the Shen Xiang revolving Heaven's Crown Gate above ring, opened Space Gate, then walked.

After entering Space Gate, Shen Xiang suddenly appears in one fills to burn the heat breath the place, red light four dodges, in light glow including having scalding hot incomparable quantity of heat, if the average person arrived here, perhaps already turned into the ashes. Quite fierce, probably be hotter than earth core, where is this?” Shen Xiang in passage, red light glow shines now from the passage end, burns the heat wave the source is this passage end. earth core Shen Xiang has gone, then regarding him is a very terrifying place, but here heats up. Why his suddenly understood here chapter of matter one seriously, if the non- seal lived, this heat ran, the foot let the entire Mysterious Realm destruction. What Mysterious Realm is this? unexpectedly has a such fierce place! This is the doubts in Shen Xiang their heart. Has to plant very kind feeling.” Shen Xiang walks on that passage, although feels hotly, but is not uncomfortable, is very strange. When goes out of passage, after arriving fills the flame the space, he is shocked! What is this?” In boundless sea of fire, he sees a colossus to bend down indistinctly in the ground, the flame is this colossus sends out. Dead Vermilion Bird, this is her bone.” The Long Xueyi sound is full of the shock: Has not thought that Vermilion Bird unexpectedly dies in this place, her feather should by refined into Vermilion Bird Sentimental Silk, because possibly her bone is too difficult to refine, can preserve.” That colossus truly is a skeleton, unexpectedly has Dongfang Mysterious Realm deeply under! Has the means to make?” Shen Xiang is pleasantly surprised, almost jumped. He

Walks in sea of fire, has not felt ill, this type of flame cannot become the injury to other party. In this skeleton has Bone Spirit, so long as comforts this Bone Spirit, can make these flame vanish.” Long Xueyi said. This Dongfang Mysterious Realm is very big, but this Vermilion Bird bone unexpectedly has almost this Mysterious Realm to be equally big, if there is flesh and blood and feather again, that is huge. Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi have abandoned not the small vigor, found that skull part. This Bone Spirit cannot take away, after remaining, do not refine Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, this is the best material!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang nodded, places on the hand the skull, is inducing bone inside Bone Spirit, is inculcating some thought that making Bone Spirit tranquil. Um? This fellow, unexpectedly wants to attack me!” Shen Xiang fierce receives the hand, on the face is having an anger. Universe Fire Spirit, on!” The Shen Xiang whole body has burnt, the flame that he releases, unexpectedly blows all around flame, then a palm pats in that such as on the mountain general Vermilion Bird skull. A palm infiltrates, Universe Fire Spirit releases is filling might Universe Fire, that wants to attack his Bone Spirit, immediately was weak several points, the skull above was burning the raging flame also started to weaken. Compares the flame with me?” Shen Xiang suddenly felt that the Bone Spirit revolt, has put out two Primal Chaos Fire Token immediately, he stimulates to movement these two, releases that type of silver-white flame, this made all around flame return in the skeleton immediately completely. Shen Xiang has not thought that the Primal Chaos Fire Token deterrent effect is so formidable, is only in a minute, that is similar to the giant skeleton of red crystal appears before him, wonderful greatly incomparable, shocks very much.

My!” Shen Xiang laughs, drips into blood, blows inside Bone Spirit, then an intention revolution, in receiving Hidden Jade Ring, Hidden Jade Ring inside space is very luckily big, can hold this huge Vermilion Bird skeleton. Puts in such big thing storage ring, almost makes Shen Xiang's Divine Sense exhaust, after going well, Shen Xiang slightly makes the rest, puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, through Space Gate, arrived in Celestial Emperor City outside mountain forest. Dongfang Mysterious Realm did not have the Vermilion Bird skeleton to take the nutrition, perhaps soon after wanted Spirit Qi to dry up.” Long Xueyi chuckle said. Shortly after Shen Xiang leaves, in Dongfang Mysterious Realm all expert, suddenly vibrates, because Spirit Qi rich degree suddenly weakens, although weakened little, but this makes many expert feel serious of matter, because this is Dongfang Mysterious Realm for many years had not had the matter. After fishing one greatly, Shen Xiang has not walked, he continues to stay in Celestial Emperor City, he wants to have a look to seek for any good spirit herb here, this Celestial Emperor City as very lively city, Shen Xiang thought a very much he will have not the small harvest here. Just stepped into a very large-scale pills shop in him, actually suddenly hears some people to shout: Shen Xiang appeared!” Shen Xiang one startled, he turned into a middle-aged person of undistinguished appearance now, possibly to be discovered how. Shen Xiang appears in north High Dragon Tower top, with the eldest son fight of Patriarch Dongfang.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitch, he has not thought that unexpectedly will have this idiot to dare to pretend to be him to be everywhere free, goes bad his reputation, thinks of this, he is angry.