World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 713
Posts a reward the ten billion crystal stone person, unexpectedly dares to run the Dongfang Clan domain, is not this person of brain is sick, is this person has the round trip free ability. Shen Xiang arrived at Celestial Emperor City, but that with the Eastern big Young Master fight is not he, is fake goods. Wait / Etc., do these fellows stir up me to come out with this way intentionally? Cannot be swindled!” Shen Xiang with the people, walks toward that High Dragon Tower. High Dragon Tower has twenty layers to be high, moreover is the square shape, has a platform in top, at this time above has one to wear the black magnificently dressed man, grasps a cold light glittering long sword, is grasping the pretty male fight of azure broadsword with one. How my Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can this damned type, be too shameless, must pretend to be must pretend to be well! His paternal grandmother, how is the father possibly the handsome boy who this owing inserts?” In the Shen Xiang heart was roaring, his glorious image thoroughly by this fake goods ruining. „To swell the face fan of this fellow really!” giggle...... this is not a handsome boy, radically is a young woman, pretends to be your is an as pretty as a flower young woman, giggle......” Long Xueyi keeps smiles tenderly. Has not thought that this posted a reward 10 billion characters, unexpectedly is mother artillery, you look at his such, but also orchid fingers...... He has practiced any martial arts, causing him to become man but not male, woman but not female.” This effeminate unexpectedly has such big skill, making Dongfang family post a reward 10 billion, really has unearned reputation!” Is, but also thinks that he is a pure man!” „......” Hears all around person's this fake goods to the appraisal that make, Su Meiyao and Long Xueyi giggle smiles to keep tenderly, but Shen Xiang actually filled with fury.

Has destroyed, destroyed thoroughly!” In Shen Xiang heart drop blood, although he knows that this may is a snare, but he actually does not allow others to slander his reputation. This disguises as my young woman, I want......” „Do you want her to be what kind of? First anything...... Then massacres?” Long Xueyi said with a smile. I must also spank her swell compared with her chest.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted , to continue to wait and see. In the Shen Xiang mind suddenly dodges, he has thought a good strategy, then hastily to leave the crowd, spending the high price to move in a hotel, this room opens the window, to that High Dragon Tower, can let the Shen Xiang clearer seeing above fight. Their strengths are good, but has not actually exhausted fully, moreover starting insufficient very ruthless, leaves move of not any murderous aura, his mother egg, is really acting in a play, screws up my reputation intentionally!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. Hit was so long, did not have Dongfang family expert to get rid, it seems like it was is acting in a play really!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang looks at that High Dragon Tower, in the mouth recites the incantation, he must display Heavenly Dragon Seal! The long-distance range, the might is big, now is to use the Heavenly Dragon Seal best opportunity, moreover this is also Shen Xiang's advertisement martial arts, is many people knows that since some people pretend to be, Shen Xiang wants this play more lifelike. Dongfang family big Young Master, does father want to take a look at you but actually strongly compared with Dongfang Yao?” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, but sky suddenly is blustery, all around Spirit Qi suddenly from sweeping across of distant place surging forward comes, condense in that High Dragon Tower sky. Shen Xiang's that formidable magic power releases, is bringing his formidable True Qi, fills the air in Spirit Qi in upper air, controls Spirit Qi that massive is used for crazily, turns into an vortex it, has the terror the suction, devour all around Spirit Qi.

Fake goods, what making you have a look at the genuine article are, is studying!” Shen Xiang sneered, in that vortex of sky, transmits shakes roars. That vortex presents time, people are shocked, so long as has investigated the Shen Xiang's people know that this is Shen Xiang's kills the technique certainly, now suddenly appears, making the people shock incomparably, moreover they do not dare to look down on that effeminate. High Dragon Tower shaking crazily to tremble by might that the vortex releases, inside person already rapidly fled. Ice Dragon's Fury!” In the Shen Xiang heart angry roar, a whole body is the ice, releases ice-cold cold air suddenly to drill from the airborne that vortex, seeing this ice crystal Ice Dragon, the whole body to fill threatening might all over the body, the people startles greatly, in abundance flees. After top High Dragon Tower two people see, has a big shock, leaps vigorously, in that instantaneous, fled from the crown that Ice Dragon hits. Ice Dragon that High Dragon Tower so is also thick, hits, that High Dragon Tower looked like lantern suddenly is patted flatly such, punishing of this Ice Dragon was not crude, after High Dragon Tower ruined, explodes gushes out cold air, around High Dragon Tower many constructions immediately the congealment ice crystal, the cold air continues to all directions takes away as many things as possible, everywhere one visit, will turn into Land of Ice and Snow. Observes closely that fake goods, I rest!” The room that Shen Xiang is at also full is incorruptible, he sits in meditation to rest, his move has consumed many magic power and True Qi. More than half double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang restored. That Young Master Dongfang returned to Dongfang Mysterious Realm to go, that fake goods outside city.” Long Xueyi said. Pretends to be the father also to dare to run all over the place in all directions, this idiot!” Although Shen Xiang said that but has actually put out Heaven's Crown Gate: What fake goods and do Young Master Dongfang have to exchange?” No, but they definitely are know.” Long Xueyi said.

Opens Space Gate, Shen Xiang arrives at outside the city, a that fake goods unexpectedly person leisurely walks toward a mountain scene forest. How does this woman have mood to enjoy the beauties of nature?” Shen Xiang thought fight, but actually plans with her, he thought after this fake goods have acted in a play, runs this place, definitely has any secretive secret. Shen Xiang pretends to be his woman with this, arrived at a lonesome and quiet mountain valley, here unexpectedly has a heat steaming puddle , some attractive flowers around puddle. Sees this puddle, he knows that fake goods must do. little rascal, has an eyeful!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. That fake goods are really brother woman, she uses that interesting to listen to persuasive throat, snort|hum the melody wonderful song, is squatting by the puddle, holds the hot water to come with pair of white hands to wash the face on makeup to accommodate clear. After washing the clean face, handsome gorgeous facial features appear, this unexpectedly is a very beautiful female, what awfully is, she started to take off the clothes. little rascal, how not fight?” Su Meiyao is smiling asking: Sees this is a beauty, was excited?” This at most is only a young beautiful woman, the Hidden Jade Ring two elder sisters is a beauty, has you , will I move how possibly to this little girl?” Although Shen Xiang said that but actually steadily looks at that limpid puddle nearby beautiful figure.