World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 714
Waited for a while, that humming a little tune young beautiful women have not taken off the clothes, this makes in the Shen Xiang heart grasp is being crazy. His mother, takes off clothes so to be also slow, is really a woman.” The Shen Xiang heart said. Escapes, escapes......” Long Xueyi this little pervy dragon unexpectedly also to urge. Under Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi these two little rascal hopes, the young beautiful woman has taken off a outside men's clothing finally, but inside unexpectedly also wears the clothes of some women, this makes them clench teeth secretly. This young beautiful woman really wants to take a bath in this puddle, she carries to Shen Xiang, the movement is filling to cancel the person to be charming gracefully, falls off on slowly her every large or small clothes. The snow jade tender body immediately presents in front of Shen Xiang, the slender jade leg, the beautiful buttocks earthen mound, the attractive barbarian waist wants to paste the kiss with that the powder back, releases the aura that is bewitching wildly all, making the Shen Xiang lower abdomen evil fire ascend. The young beautiful woman received the clothes storage ring, has the hair plate, is sideways to walk into the puddle, in that instantaneous, Shen Xiang saw to have the thing of intense visual impact, then to the perfectly round clear milk-white bosom on, embellished two to wipe tender and delicate flesh color, was winding around the aura of virgin. Has gotten down, what a pity!” Long Xueyi sighed. The young beautiful woman soaks in the water, on the jade face full is the cheerful smiling face, humming a little tune, while closes one's eyes to enjoy the immersion of that warm spring water. little rascal, what do you currently have to plan?” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted, the sound is having the light sour odor. Naturally got down to catch her exactly, then...... Then......” Shen Xiang hastily breaks the Long Xueyi's daydream: Your head, your this small bad dragon, was then incurable, it seems like only then I can subdue you!”

humph, humph!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Small does bad dragon, have the means to point on storage ring to steal away you?” After Long Xueyi hears, chuckle said: little rascal, you were much worse! This for me, minor matter!” Separates takes thing Divine Ability spatially, Long Xueyi also utilizes is more skillful than Shen Xiang, is only instantaneous, storage ring glanced toward him, but that young beautiful woman unexpectedly humming a little tune, had not discovered that storage ring was stolen away. Shen Xiang flutters gently, arrives at on a puddle tree, sits above overlook the young beautiful woman in puddle, by that limpid lake water, he can see that clear abundant chest closely to stand upright in the water, appears more attractive. This young beautiful woman is also a strength good female, she discovered on quickly the tree has the sound, after she one startled, looks up, sees only one to lead the man of mask to sit above, that eye stared visits her. Let Shen Xiang be what is surprised, this young beautiful woman unexpectedly not flurried, but is the earliest possible time looks for storage ring, but had not actually found, at this time she started anxiously, immediately covers the chest with both hands. „Who are you? Hurries to give back to me my storage ring.” On the jade face of young beautiful woman full is shames the anger, in the sound, although is bringing anxiously, but is actually passing a very natural gentleness. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am take your persons head, you are the value 10 billion!” Young beautiful woman tender body trembles, is nipping the cherry lips tightly, tenderly shouted: Since you know that my value 10 billion, you hurry to leave!” Hears this life Qi/angry, but the tender dī dī gentle sound, Shen Xiang has not actually thought that this young beautiful woman unexpectedly such does not have the brain, no wonder she will pretend to be him, moreover after pretending to be, but also dares to come to this place to take a bath.

That said goodbye!” Shen Xiang unexpectedly really walked. Thinks of own storage ring in the Shen Xiang hand, young beautiful woman hastily shouted: rascal, quick...... Comes back quickly, gives back to me the clothes.” Shen Xiang falls near the puddle gently, is staring at that clear beautiful beautiful facial features, this is one is passing the gentle young beautiful woman from top to bottom, but during is gentle actually does not lose charmingly, especially her life Qi/angry anxious appearance, is very likable. Your this young fool, you thinks that I will give back to you clothes?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I...... I have not offended you, why you must steal away my storage ring, you give back to me storage ring, I give you crystal stones.” The young beautiful woman was anxious, Shen Xiang so short distance visits her, lets her both legs fierce clamp, covers the chest, that jade face blushes completely. This young beautiful woman is really is much sillier, lets play tricks on her who Shen Xiang some do not endure. Why do you want to pretend to be Shen Xiang?” The Shen Xiang's vision is more fiery, looks at the young beautiful woman to dangle, he has not thought that this strength good fake goods, unexpectedly so will be stupid. Is my brother makes me do, he said that this can bring in Shen Xiang, moreover finally also really came, so long as I comply, he agreed that makes me come out to play, I came here soaking-bath in childhood frequently, I also read here very much.” Young beautiful woman whispered, that appearance is miserable, Shen Xiang wants to punish her very much maliciously, but faces such pure little girl, he stingy. Shen Xiang laughed: Then you do name? What person is Dongfang Yao your?” Dongfang Yao is my Second Brother, but he long ago sent in Devil Subduing School by the father, but my big brother said his game is as good as lost, sent off.” Why the young beautiful woman does not know, she thought that at present the person of this belt mask is well-meant, sweet smiles to Shen Xiang: I called Dongfang Jing, they called me Jing Jing (quietly), you?” Shen Xiang has not thought that this young beautiful woman is so pure, did not have the vigilance to the enemy all of a sudden, if deceived to sell her, she said that also will be helping the number money.

I called Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang takes the mask, has revealed a start to talk white tooth, he thought that this was he is in history simplest most and honest the honest smiling face, but frightened this Dongfang Jing has sent out a scream. Dongfang Jing hastily retreat in water comes, Shen Xiang probably is Evil Devil is in her eyes same, this makes Shen Xiang unreadable, although his appearance cannot in the Chenwu Mainland standing in line number, but was also good, did this young beautiful woman see him like damn? What do you fear?” Shen Xiang knows that this Dongfang Jing all questions will be answered. You are big rascal, big Evil Devil, big...... Big **......” Dongfang Jing knits the brows, a face looks at Shen Xiang vigilantly. Shen Xiang called Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, steaming murderous aura four welled up, his voice was full of the anger: Is who said? I go to chop completely squashed to feed the dog him broken, unexpectedly so slander me!” Was my big brother said that he said you have killed the Second Brother, although the Second Brother was also big rascal.” Dongfang Jing very honest reply Shen Xiang. Your big brother is also rascal, I must butcher him.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. You cannot hit my big brother, you ask him to court death.” Dongfang Jing hurriedly said, resembles the big brother in her mouth is unmatched in the world such. Young fool, your big brother deceives your, don't you know?” The words that like this young fool, the pig spoke she believes that let alone her big brother?