World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 715
Dongfang Jing truly is a very purely very good female, although she is not a young girl, however her brains probably are several years old of little girl such. My big brother will not deceive my, my big brother is a good person, my Second Brother is rascal, therefore I do not believe my Second Brother, I do not believe your this big rascal.” Dongfang Jing closely covers that abundant chest, shrinks in the water, on the hidden bitterness jade face fills to be charming and angry, she has not cried to make Shen Xiang think that was very surprised. Since you said that I am big rascal, then you think that what I should make to you now?” On the Shen Xiang face is full of the evil looking wicked smiling face, looks at the Dongfang Jing heart to jump madly, is full of the fear, although she is pure, but actually also knows the matters between some men and women, sees the Shen Xiang so facial expression, her both legs clamped tightly. Takes away, if I big rascal, you were already eaten including bone not to remain by me.” Shen Xiang has thrown the ring of young beautiful woman. This makes Dongfang Jing very accidental but actually, after she received the ring, very naive shouted: Has turned around, I must wear the clothes.” Shen Xiang knows that now why Dongfang family did not make this young fool run all over the place, like the fool, a child can deceive her runs around in circles. He sighed reluctantly, then has turned around, must leave this puddle. Yeah...... Wait / Etc., gives back to me storage ring thank you.” Dongfang Jing this young fool tender dī dī said that this makes Shen Xiang almost fall, this ring is her, to her is natural, unexpectedly also expressed gratitude to others. Shen Xiang turns head to go excessively, just wants saying that does not use politely, actually sees this young beautiful woman actually to clean water with a cloth, that cloth just touches and goes that her abundant chest, went against that to wipe to blush the snowy peak to push, almost looked at the Shen Xiang nosebleed to spurt crazily. „” A scream, puts on the clouds! You...... You...... wū wū...... was seen by you...... Your big rascal...... wū wū......” This fool beautiful woman suddenly cries, that pear colored belt rain, the miserable appearance looks makes the person love dearly, time that but she cries, both hands are rubbing the eye, lets chest that to big snow rabbit that the spring glow four shoot empty exposed in front of Shen Xiang, sobs along with her, the snow white beautiful rabbit also fiercely trembles, arouses an intermittent ambiguous spring wave, looks makes the favour confuse intent to be chaotic.

Shen Xiang does not have the action at this time, what to do does not know should, he wants to say actually very much that actually I already saw he knows, if said that this fool will cry sadly. Wears the clothes quickly, otherwise was looked up by me!” At this moment, the Long Xueyi model Shen Xiang's sound said that after Dongfang Jing hears, one that the face brushes red, flurried covers the body with the clothes. Shen Xiang is really speechless, if the normal woman, definitely will wear the clothes with the quickest speed a moment ago, but this young fool, unexpectedly also in the sluggish wipe tender body above water drop. Takes away, is I compensates your.” Shen Xiang has put out several sets of pretty women's clothing also several shoes, this is he in Sacred Dan World, is selective to buy, is pure hand-planted, the material of manufacture is the rare thing, and is attractive. Really, this young fool quickly by these pretty clothes attracting, hastily receives, was weeping, while was turning these clothes and shoes, if were not Shen Xiang here, perhaps she will immediately trade to give a try. Sorry, I am not intentionally, when today's matter has not occurred, do this clothes also satisfy?” A Shen Xiang face is sincere apologizes. On young beautiful woman that pair of beautiful eyes is also with Wang Leishui, after she scratches is clean, with that gently tenderly sweetly sound said: You cannot tell others, otherwise my fame and integrity does not guarantee,...... Thank you give my clothes.” Shen Xiang smiled: Then I am also big rascal?” Dongfang Jing face earnest thinking, shakes the head saying: You are not big rascal, but you is a little bad, you are little rascal!” This lets Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao pū chī smiles. Later must pay attention, a person do not run around, you have also run into me, if runs into others, you already were cheated now, I return to the city.” Shen Xiang wants to walk away, but some do not endure.

Dongfang Jing nodded, is reorganizing clothes, such simple-hearted young beautiful woman, went out of mountain forest with this little rascal, vigilant heart does not have. This fool is ten thousand years rare meets, but is actually met by Shen Xiang today. Jing Jing (quietly), do not tell your big brother me to look for you, has about my matter, your what let alone, even if by your big brother were seen what selects to come, you also want the silent not to answer, knew?” Shen Xiang very earnestly said. Young beautiful woman also very earnest nod said: I did not certainly say that I comply with others' matter, I certainly can achieve.” Does not think really clearly, why can you practice this situation?” Shen Xiang said with a sigh, such head, can become Tempering Realm martial artist, but also made the person be puzzling. Many people have said me, but I, so long as cultivates according to cultivation technique on, my True Qi can increase, moreover contends in martial arts time, I can also make the judgment according to opposite party martial skill, then counterattacks, others are not stupid, the brothers is not my match, why always these many people said that I am a fool?” The young beautiful woman said very suffering from injustice, in the hand is holding appreciatively Shen Xiang to her attractive small decorations. This makes Shen Xiang unbelievable, Young Master Dongfang unexpectedly is not the match of this stupid girl! Went out of mountain forest shortly, must arrive at Celestial Emperor City. I do not enter a city, this you are taking, others asked you, you said that picked. This is I gives to you, can only eat to you, maintains life to you with.” Shen Xiang gives this fool beautiful woman small jade box. Dongfang Jing opens the jade box to open, the rich medicine fragrant spout, sees only two grains of pill pellet to send out the brilliance, closely lies down in the jade box. This is...... This is Life Returning Pill!” Young beautiful woman that beautiful eyes stare perfectly round.

Covers quickly, receives!” Shen Xiang urged. This thing is very expensive, I cannot want!” Dongfang Jing honk the mouth was saying that must give back to Shen Xiang this Life Returning Pill actually. Takes away, this is I gives your compensation, in my heart has the shame to you, you receive, otherwise I will be very uncomfortable.” A Shen Xiang face said properly. You are really a good person.” Dongfang Jing shows the sweet smiling face to Shen Xiang. I am a good person, next time do not pretend me again, this is the danger(ous) matter.” The Shen Xiang urging said. Dongfang Jing nodded, then walked vivaciously. Like this young fool, did not cheat to be a pity.” Some Shen Xiang regrets said that two grains of Life Returning Pill are also Su Meiyao makes Shen Xiang give, such pure girl are not many, making the person love tenderly. After Dongfang Jing walks away, Shen Xiang turned into an ordinary middle age, walks into Celestial Emperor City, after he wants to have a look that High Dragon Tower was ruined, Celestial Emperor City will have anything to respond.