World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 716
High Dragon Tower, this was one sells some ancient times handicrafts specially the place, was some antiques, gave some aristocrats to collect specially, brings to show off anything, was a big industry of Dongfang family, but actually turned into ice sludge everywhere now. High Dragon Tower was hit by Ice Dragon, congeals the ice, by greatly the strength impact, was turned into the fragment again, this makes Dongfang family lose seriously. However, in Dongfang Mysterious Realm randomly has become pot gruel, because inside Spirit Qi is dropping slowly, this is because Shen Xiang takes deeply hides in the underground Vermilion Bird remains, causes the Spirit Qi source to vanish. Shen Xiang estimated that shortly afterward, that Dongfang Mysterious Realm did not have the support of formidable energy again, will vanish, they must migrate that Mysterious Realm. Ambitious Dongfang family, has to restrain at this time, solves family inside important matter, although they were requested to stop the expansion strength by Suppressing Devil Temple, but they still in all directions wrest away mineral lode anything, the plunder resources, making many influences annoyed, actually does not dare to declare. Has blocked the entire city, has not thought that this Shen Xiang unexpectedly such big courage, posted a reward 10 billion also to dare to run Celestial Emperor City to cause trouble, but also ruins High Dragon Tower, no wonder he dares to massacre Dongfang Yao.” Evidently Young Master Dongfang is not his match, no matter what Shen Xiang was also a character, he ruined High Dragon Tower, this clearly maliciously hit the face of Dongfang Clan.” Does not know that the Dongfang family present mood is what kind of?” Shen Xiang in a teahouse, drinks tea, while looks at the entrance of distant place that giant palace, he can see through Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, many strength very strong people, in batches of entry Dongfang Mysterious Realm . Moreover the complexion of everyone is very serious, understood at a glance that had the important matter. Must want to know that in what happened, this is very simple to Shen Xiang, he changes, changed that Dongfang Rong, then entered that palace, entered Dongfang Mysterious Realm from the palace again. Inside this time built up many people, on plaza, Shen Xiang arrives, was interrogated to loud voice by a guy: Dongfang Rong, where did you go? Has that big matter, your fellows must be condemned.”

This guy is the chief of patrol leader, a Nirvana Realm fellow, at this time the teams leader of all patrol squads here, many Dongfang family high levels, as well as these big shots who leads troops to go on an expedition in all directions. Is Elder Xinyue makes me go out to inquire something.” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, that Dongfang Xinyue had said that will guarantee him to be all right. The chief hears is Elder Xinyue calls to handle matters, had not asked again, although Elder Xinyue little goes out, usually looks like is also very gentle, but initiates the wind, feared including these old fellow. Shen Xiang saw Dongfang Jing this young fool, she follows to have the beard in one very cleverly long, looks like the maturity steady man behind, this man and that Dongfang Yao are somewhat similar, this is the big brother in Dongfang Jing mouth, Dongfang Xuanlong, High Dragon Tower is he establishes. The one who steps onto the plaza stage is old man, this is Dongfang family Great Elder, the Boss who the elder rolls, has been striving for the power with Patriarch Dongfang. Before assembled time, speech was Patriarch, now unexpectedly is Great Elder, Shen Xiang is secretly surprised, this explained that Patriarch lost power. Made a long story short, I only said two matters. First, captures Shen Xiang this Dongfang family archenemy fully, unexpectedly destroys our important industry. Second, our Dongfang family presented the rebel, Dongfang Xinyue unexpectedly has won our Dongfang Mysterious Realm following Spirit Qi lifeline, making Dongfang Mysterious Realm Spirit Qi let in weakening every day, this was our Dongfang family big rebel.” These two matters are our Dongfang family shame, Patriarch are the younger brother of Dongfang Xinyue this rebel, discussed after our elders that temporarily cancels his Patriarch position, seizes Dongfang Xinyue until him. Finally, everybody goes back to tidy up, we prepare to transfer out Dongfang Mysterious Realm.” In the Shen Xiang heart in great surprise, the people also exude an intermittent surprised discussion sound, they know that Dongfang Xinyue left time Dongfang Mysterious Realm rarely, actually runs away. Dongfang Xinyue is the refiner set up formation expert, wins that Spirit Qi lifeline is also very normal matter, these people generally are the lunatics, in order to reach the goal, anything could not have done, this makes the people sob.

But Shen Xiang has not thought that his unexpectedly harmed miserably this beautiful woman, making others degenerate into the family criminal, carried on the back the given name of rebel. Then, making Second Elder say the item of migration time attention, as well as responsible person......” Also is an old man gets on stage, starts to be wordy, Shen Xiang hears not to be impatient, then departure quietly, turned into butterflies, is flying in all directions, simultaneously lays down fire seed in many constructions, fire seed that Universe Fire condense comes out, if the ordinary stone, will be burnt. Moves anything to move, my fire helped you burn, you left here that's alright directly.” In the Shen Xiang heart said with a smile, set on fire anything's matter, he most liked doing, moreover burnt down this new world first influence the den. Although this cannot weaken the Dongfang family strength, but can actually let their angry period of time. After Second Elder ends wordy, the Shen Xiang intention moves, these are started to burn by fire seed that he lays down in all directions, is only in a minute, entire Dongfang Mysterious Realm inside house, is spreading the billowing raging fire, a piece calls out in alarm in all directions. But Shen Xiang already left Dongfang Mysterious Realm. Celestial Emperor City strolled several days later, Shen Xiang discovered that here pills shop was the same with past Mortal Martial World, was good rare and precious left itself, some brought the sell frequently, moreover was specially expensive, this disappointed him, has to return to Extreme Martial Sect, this line obtained that Vermilion Bird remains in any case, this was very huge harvest. -------- In Extreme Martial Sect, coming several guests, Shen Xiang to return to Extreme Martial Sect, was received in the living room, walked to look that he then saw several very familiar faces.

One is Dongfang Jing this young fool, is Dongfang Xuanlong, finally is a manner is uncommon, a handsome middle age of Hua Lihong garment, is Dongfang family Patriarch, Dongfang Chaoqun! After Dongfang Jing sees Shen Xiang, hastily lowered the head, does not dare to look straight ahead Shen Xiang, will be worried to be seen by other people she and Shen Xiang knew, her suddenly will be so intelligent, will also make Shen Xiang somewhat surprised. Yo, this does not post a reward my these fellows, unexpectedly runs to come to here, wants to bring on oneself my persons head to be inadequate?” Shen Xiang walks, then said with the tune of ridicule, then swaggering arrives on a chair to sit down, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming here, after seeing Shen Xiang, they must set out to give Shen Xiang to salute. Young Martial Uncle!” Does not need to be overly courteous.” Shen Xiang raises hand, the sound is light. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming strength, won't Dongfang Chaoqun be able to look? He as Dongfang family Patriarch, own strength is very strong, but he has not thought that this Extreme Martial Sect's two big, unexpectedly is so respectful to this little rascal, now he understands that posts a reward 10 billion, will not have many people able to take the Shen Xiang's life successfully.