World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 717
This Dongfang family Patriarch, only then the Dongfang family person knows that makes that to call one aggrievedly, the casualness was trampled Low-Rank by others, moreover said that any also nobody listens, but the bystander thought that this Patriarch is very fierce, is very honorable. If you come for that High Dragon Tower matter, that please return, wants me to accompany? No way! If for that Dongfang Yao, you were disappointed. His death and relationship do not have, but I offended that nonsense god child, he intentionally slanders me. However now that god child was butchered by me, dies not verifies, I know that is very difficult to prove words that I spoke.” Shen Xiang has not waited for opposite party start to talk, slowly said. This makes Dongfang Chaoqun think that good big bunch of words abort. Gu Dongchen and in the Wu Kaiming heart secretly is surprised, Shen Xiang had posted a reward by others, unexpectedly also dares to run others domain, has destroyed others value expensive tower, no matter this fellow in any world, can make this important matter. Words were spoken by you, right, we come for High Dragon Tower and Dongfang Yao matter, since you said that it seems like we have no way to investigate.” Dongfang Chaoqun stands up, earnestly said: I although now Dongfang Clan Patriarch, but my anything authority did not have, but now governs the Dongfang Clan person, will not pay attention to Suppressing Devil Temple, you put best into it.” After Dongfang Chaoqun brings the children are departing, the Shen Xiang's complexion also becomes serious, Dongfang Clan that Great Elder promoted must catch him, to find the excuse attacked Chenwu Mainland, because this was one of the Mortal Martial World strongest influences, moreover had Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art in this. Shen Xiang suddenly understands why Dongfang Clan must catch him, for that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, but Huang Jintian also in this, therefore they must find various excuses. Dongfang family exactly what happened?” After Gu Dongchen Dongfang Chaoqun sends off, returns to the living room. Shen Xiang said: Sister Dongfang Chaoqun is considered as a rebel, then these elders join up, kicks to leave office this Patriarch, making Dongfang Chaoqun grasp his elder sister, but this seems like impossible.” It seems like the Dongfang Clan army will arrive not long here, they come to Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art.” Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art before, raised reign of terror in Mortal Martial World, but afterward was melted by Shen Xiang, because he helped many influences seek for martial skill that their ancestors kept. Now was different, because this is the new world, hears to have this matchless divine art, who doesn't want to rob? Dongfang Chaoqun, has not thought that you are also a rebel, unexpectedly rush to here, do you have what mind?” suddenly, reverberates together angrily above Extreme Martial Sect, this makes Shen Xiang their complexion dignified.

Is Dongfang family Great Elder.” Shen Xiang hastily sets out, leaves the living room. Gu Dongchen and Shen Xiang move toward the front door together, Wu Kaiming go long to shout Extreme Martial Sect's. Dongfang family person unexpectedly comes is so quick, is a troop person, transmits using Teleportation Formation to the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance. An intense aura transmits, Shen Xiang hastily shouted: Some person of fight!” After arriving at the entrance, sees only the Dongfang Chaoqun complexion to be ugly, the corners of the mouth have the bloodstain, his covers the abdomen, coldly looks at that Great Elder. Dongfang Lingyun, you are really ruthless enough!” Dongfang Chaoqun unexpectedly had been hit a palm by that Great Elder, looks at the situation to injure very much heavily. Father, you how?” On the Dongfang Jing jade face worried completely that supports her father. You are the Dongfang family rebel, your sister and brother are, copes with the rebel to so.” On the shamelessness of Dongfang Lingyun full is mean, as Great Elder, he to consolidate in the Dongfang family power and influence, is certain except Dongfang Chaoqun and Dongfang Xinyue this to the strength powerful sister and brother. The Extreme Martial Sect's front door, by dozens powerful Nirvana Realm for the focus, was headed by Dongfang Lingyun, this has been Extreme Martial Sect for many years first time so is besieged by the enemy. Jing Jing (quietly), I am all right!” Dongfang Chaoqun said that also has spat a big blood. Rebel!” At this moment, that Dongfang Xuanlong quick sword punctures, pricks the chest of Dongfang Chaoqun, passes the body.

The son punctures the father! This made Shen Xiang they be shocked, moreover in a behind sword maliciously! unfilial son!” In the Dongfang Chaoqun heart a anger, is patting to an own son palm, but actually by that Great Elder Dongfang Lingyun keeping off. Including your son thinks that you is a rebel, Ha Ha......” Dongfang Lingyun is laughing. Dongfang Jing with tears, loudly shouted: You are not my big brother, you are big rascal, you start to the father!” Shen Xiang sees, this Dongfang Xuanlong already his father selling, otherwise his father just will not leave Extreme Martial Sect, had the person to hold by that Great Elder. During Dongfang Lingyun laughs, to a Dongfang Chaoqun palm, is hitting him maliciously flies upside down, hits on front door nearby wall. Dongfang Lingyun achieved wishes now, can justifiable removal Patriarch, Dongfang Xuanlong that then sells out the father , the mean smiling face, stands in that Great Elder wear a look. On Dongfang Jing face is falling tears, after she sees her father severe wound, cannot attend to her to the promise that Shen Xiang keeps, puts out grain of Life Returning Pill to put in the Dongfang Chaoqun mouth. This makes Dongfang Lingyun people be startled, this Life Returning Pill in their eyes is also the precious thing, this little girl unexpectedly has, moreover is two grains. Dongfang Lingyun covets incomparably, is full of envy shamelessly, when he wants to get rid to rob, Gu Dongchen spoke. Here is my Extreme Martial Sect's domain, you dare fight to give a try again!” The Gu Dongchen sound is full of the anger, he sympathizes with Dongfang Chaoqun at this time, especially by his son held a sword the time.

Snort, others fear your Extreme Martial Sect, our Dongfang family did not fear that this little girl steals our Dongfang family precious pills, I must bring back.” Dongfang Lingyun loudly said. Shen Xiang sees the person who many have not been concerned about face, person first seeing that but this type is not concerned about face. Why you said that Life Returning Pill is your Dongfang family?” Shen Xiang is sneering asking, but at this time Extreme Martial Sect's numerous expert also arrived at the entrance, that battle formation makes Dongfang Lingyun they be startled slightly. Snort, her young girl, except for stealing, but where can also from get so far as?” Dongfang Lingyun does not dare to act rashly at this time, otherwise fights with all might, them will also lose seriously, he has not thought that in Extreme Martial Sect unexpectedly is hiding these many expert. I give to her, this not?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. Ha Ha...... Depending on you? Are you willing to give up Life Returning Pill give to this girl? Although you possibly have the intrigue, but this lie who can believe?” Dongfang Lingyun said while loudly laughing, in his behind other expert also whole face ridicules. Is he gives to me, he has given me two grains.” Dongfang Jing saw her father to be better, has wiped tears, sweet and delicate voice shouted. Ha Ha......” Dongfang Lingyun laughs: This stupid girl unexpectedly also learned have lied, I looked that was you steals from our Dongfang family!” Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs: Isn't Life Returning Pill? I have a big pile, does not believe you to look!” Saying, Shen Xiang put out a jade box to come, he opened the jade box, that medicine fragrant was similar to the storm attacks generally, that glittering light glow grains of pill pellet, were almost puncturing the eyes of people blindly!