World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 718
Which world refines Life Returning Pill herbs in equally to be scarce, even if there is a material, can the refined into merit very be difficult to say. But in Shen Xiang that jade box, at least more than 100 grains, these many Life Returning Pill, Dongfang family these crowd of old fellow eyes erupt the greedy vision, wishes one could to get rid to rob. „Haven't you seen Life Returning Pill?” Shen Xiang has ridiculed one, then receives the box. Life Returning Pill has seen, but these many Life Returning Pill, but also is really this crowd of old fellow first time sees, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming are also so, luckily have these many Life Returning Pill people are their Martial Uncle, later they did not fear that could not find this Life Returning Pill. Naturally, must purchase Life Returning Pill from Shen Xiang, massive hemorrhage that is wants. Snort, you really have intrigue, Dongfang Jing, has not thought that your this stupid girl also makes to betray the Dongfang Clan matter to come, your father and daughter two starting today, no longer are our Dongfang Clan people.” Dongfang Lingyun coldly said, in the heart is actually keeping thinking about Shen Xiang that box Life Returning Pill. Dongfang Chaoqun ate up Life Returning Pill well, quick. The Life Returning Pill drug efficacy is really fierce, such expert maliciously had been hit two palms, after the severe wound falls to the ground, eats up a grain in same place full condition to stand! But this thing Shen Xiang has a big box! Dongfang Chaoqun knew about own daughter very much that he looks in the Shen Xiang's look from Dongfang Jing, can discover anything, he has not thought Shen Xiang unexpectedly quietly and his daughter has toward, moreover relationship is very good, will otherwise not bestow two grains of Life Returning Pill, thinks to envy, making their suddenly have to make the idea of woman! From numerous expert looks, Shen Xiang can understand to a great strength of alchemy master, in his eyes is similar to bean general pills, can actually make these expert snatch broken. Shen Xiang puts out grain of Life Returning Pill, throws in the hand is making, does not pay attention to this precious incomparable Life Returning Pill. I said that you do come to here for what? Patriarch Dongfang is looks for my calculate, person who we have the status, therefore he also dares open and aboveboard walks to discuss this matter with me. But has not come to an arrangement finally, was actually slandered the rebel by you, I thought that you are early morning think him, except that.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, waves gently, throws toward Dongfang Jing Life Returning Pill, on the white hands of accurate young fool beautiful woman.

Dongfang Jing wants the word to stop, puts in Life Returning Pill that box, this makes many old fellow look wants to curse at people, Life Returning Pill also so is when humble, unexpectedly was thrown the lane at will, sees somebody off at will, back then they crossed Nirvana Tribulation time, it can be said that asked pill like the dog in all directions. Dongfang Lingyun, I had scruples you before am worried that my children were plotted against by you, but now...... Snort, I and your irreconcilable, went all out I to report today's enmity!” The Dongfang Chaoqun sound is full of the grief and indignation, he sees his son, this is makes him angriest, his unexpectedly was held the knife in the back by own son. The Dongfang family person are really many, came one batch quickly, moreover is Nirvana Realm, the strength is very strong, this makes the Dongfang Lingyun energy fuller. These people other continent's expert, have belonged to Dongfang family, is these by continent's expert that Dongfang family seizes. „Do you want to do?” Gu Dongchen takes one step, the sound like the thunder, is full of the anger, that many people encircle in the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, what can also do? This Dongfang Lingyun, unexpectedly wants such forcefully to give to take Extreme Martial Sect. Snort, Extreme Martial Sect colludes with our Dongfang family rebel, wants to plot to murder our Dongfang family, we are only who strikes the first blow has the advantage, kills to me, captures alive Shen Xiang.” Dongfang Lingyun bellows. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming have not thought that Dongfang Lingyun unexpectedly on such fight. Actually Dongfang Lingyun also by Shen Xiang that box of Life Returning Pill attracting, him thought that Life Returning Pill in the Shen Xiang hand, wastes radically.

Snort, bastard who which comes? Do not think that the person many was fierce!” Sound suddenly that is furious together resounds, is similar to the thunderclap is ordinary, that powerful pressure, making all people cannot help but slightly bow. The pressure that Dongfang Lingyun and other more than Nirvana Realm martial artist, bear is huger, some people have spouted a blood crazily, knees down, but Dongfang Lingyun also lies in the ground, must call out by that incomparably wild pressure forcing. So long as my Huang Jintian is also living for day, do not want to move Extreme Martial Sect, today for the time being has forgiven your dog's life, your dog's lives will take by my Extreme Martial Sect's younger generation, gets the hell out to me quickly.” But Huang Jintian that crazy sound, shakes this crowd to think that angrily the unmatched in the world expert spits blood crazily, in their hearts arrives at the extreme panic-stricken, Extreme Martial Sect unexpectedly has this strength so formidable fellow to exist. Shen Xiang, hurries to give me get lost, such for a long time does not come to see for the master!” Huang Jintian also shouted, Shen Xiang also wants to draw a sword Dongfang family that crowd of old fellow has all chopped, has not thought that Huang Jintian strength receives, that group of people immediately run do not have the shade. Young Martial Uncle, takes care!” Gu Dongchen has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, the Wu Kaiming also whole face sympathy looks at Shen Xiang. Huang Jintian this old lunatic in the fit of temper, Shen Xiang is visiting him now, is equal to looks oppressively. A Shen Xiang face is bitter and astringent, is stepping the serious step, rushes toward Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. ------ In Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm forbidden land heavenly pit, reverberates is killing the pig pitiful yell, this naturally is Shen Xiang's.

He gets down, Huang Jintian not saying anything further, grabs him to open builds up. Shen Xiang is person who does not concede, has fought several moves with Huang Jintian, exhausted strength to occupy the little winning side to be pleased with oneself, has not thought that Huang Jintian actually violated the principle, strengthened strength, with various formidable the attacks of Dragon Force as well as very ruthless, punched Shen Xiang quack to yell. After Huang Jintian tests the Shen Xiang's strength, although in the surface has not said anything, but in the heart is very surprised, because Shen Xiang gets down each time, always makes him feel pleasantly surprised, the promotion strength is quick, but has not actually left behind any secret disease, is very stable. Smelly brat, outside exactly what happened? Did you annoy to be troublesome to Extreme Martial Sect? With your Eldest Senior Brother morality moral character, knows all day stirs up trouble randomly.” Huang Jintian blamed was saying. Shen Xiang low mumble said: You are young time is also not damned type.” I am I, the trouble that I make I can solve, your Senior Brother always wants me to help him wipe the buttocks.” Huang Jintian has knocked the Shen Xiang's head maliciously: Said quickly that has annoyed any matter, can such troop to run up to the entrance to shout that hits to shout " kill ".” Shen Xiang is very suffering from injustice, this troublesome is not he annoys, he immediately said the new world and Dongfang Lingyun ambition. After saying, Huang Jintian maliciously has knocked the Shen Xiang's head: Two years ago had this important matter, your his mother now tells me.” This......” Shen Xiang has to tell Huang Jintian that Demon and Devil heavenly pit matter, so as to avoid this old lunatic initiates the wind, he little said that must be tossed about a one year or so.