World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 719
His mother, such makes do, when the time comes can defend? unexpectedly also has a troop ambition dog.” The Huang Jintian complexion is serious: You may probably speed up promoting strength, at least must cross Nirvana Tribulation, enters into Nirvana Realm, otherwise you when the time comes hide here.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: I do not hide, I have practiced Completion Devil Subduing Energy now.” Snort, truly a little skill, I, although has reorganized these sutra, but actually has no way refined into, it seems like with that Suppressing Devil divine art damned type, is difficult to build up!” Huang Jintian somewhat is annoying, martial arts that his apprentice can learn, his unexpectedly cannot learn, this makes him not be feeling well very much. Because of the Devil Subduing Energy matter, Huang Jintian's mood suddenly is not very good, sends off Shen Xiang after very crude way, then starts to exercise martial arts. After Shen Xiang comes up, distance that matter passed for day, but Dongfang Lingyun does not dare to have the Extreme Martial Sect's idea now, if not Huang Jintian leaves Extreme Martial Sect's younger generation their lives, perhaps their hundred people completely must die in the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance. That strength, has a reason to explain that is the Immortal strength! Moreover is not Immortal of general strength! Young Martial Uncle, the facial expression is good!” Gu Dongchen said with a smile. Is good your head, I almost insanely fell below. Right, that Eastern father and daughter?” Shen Xiang asked. Walked, that little girl has given back to your letter.” Gu Dongchen gives Shen Xiang that letter. Shen Xiang sighed, opens opens, above writes the beautiful attractive character. Thank you Shen Xiang, gives me such precious pills, but also helps me and father is out of danger, I and father will hide the promotion strength, a day we will always return to Dongfang family to revenge, you is a good person, bye!” This young fool, takes care!” Shen Xiang smiled, receives the letter.

Young Martial Uncle, your hand is really long, unexpectedly such quickly extended Dongfang family, this pure little girl heart capturing.” Gu Dongchen said with a smile, he was by admiring Shen Xiang of heart, Dongfang family just promoted to post a reward, but Shen Xiang went to there, with the Patriarch Dongfang daughter on good. Shen Xiang has squinted his eyes: „, Believes Martial Uncle I to use Life Returning Pill to be battered to death at the same time you!” Mentioned that Life Returning Pill, Gu Dongchen was enthusiastic immediately: Young Martial Uncle, where do you make?” Initially Shen Xiang in Sacred Dan World, very much had foreknowledge, made big pile of high level pill medicines to come back, now had very obvious advantage. Do not ask, when my mood good you to ask me to discuss that again this matter, I just came back from old lunatic there, the mood was rotten to the core.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, went out of Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. The Dongfang Chaoqun strength is not weak, but contrasts that Dongfang Lingyun numerous expert, weak, he does not have to arrive to look for Dongfang Lingyun to go all out stupid, but also calculates very wise, but hides the development strength, waits for the opportunity to approach, strikes to Dongfang Lingyun maliciously. The elder sister rebels and flees, loses the authority, the son Zikeng father, can cheer up get up finally, was not very easy, Shen Xiang is also waiting for Dongfang Chaoqun male that day, in his heart wants to see that silly young beautiful woman actually again. Shen Xiang arrived at Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire quietly, he must look for Liu Meng'er, must look for that missing Dongfang Xinyue. Hehe, you do not need to rebuke oneself are because you have harmed them, if not you, that Dongfang Chaoqun cannot see clearly the countenance of his personal maidservant, how cloudy when the time comes dead does not know.” Su Meiyao said with a smile. Also right, does not know that this Dongfang Xinyue does have to look for Sister Meng'er.” Shen Xiang has put out a token, smoothly entered guarded in stern Imperial Palace. Opens that simple and elegant lonesome and quiet dwelling, Shen Xiang only sees two to wear the beauty of white simple and elegant women's clothing, is sitting on the lawn, the congealing eyebrow looks at a blueprint of picture completely mysterious chart mark, their wholly absorbed appearances, have a beautiful flavor.

One is Liu Meng'er, another naturally is Dongfang Xinyue, these two females feel like old friends at the first meeting, tell one another everything, quick on good, then studies that abstruse complex Refiners Scroll together. Shen Xiang suddenly discovered that these two people grow very much look like, have an emperor general imposing manner, is the same peerless grace and talent, the maturity graceful bearing, moreover is quite infatuated to Formation Dao and refiner. But Liu Meng'er treats the bystander time, is one elegantly beautiful noble, is full of the ruler imposing manner the stance. But Dongfang Xinyue, no matter to anyone, reveals very natural gentleness, although looks like gentle and amiable. But in the makings, is actually passing light aloofing, is bringing an arrogance slightly. cough cough!” Shen Xiang has coughed two, awakened these beauties of two concentrating on. Sees Dongfang Xinyue currently also to have the mood to study these spirit pattern, knows that she has not known in the Dongfang Clan giant accident. Dongfang Xinyue changes by Shen Xiang becomes Dongfang Rong coax, but Dongfang Xinyue does not recognize Shen Xiang now is that Dongfang Rong, but she actually knows that this big handsome, the maturity steady man is that person that their Dongfang family posts a reward. Who is she? Sister Meng'er, is she your older sister or the younger sister? You grow resemble!” Shen Xiang said affectedly that pair of shifty eyes, are sweeping Dongfang Xinyue that graceful tender body unscrupulously, looks at Liu Meng'er tenderly to scold secretly. I am Dongfang Xinyue, Dongfang Yao that you kill, is my nephew!” Dongfang Xinyue indifferently said, the sound is passing an intoxicant gentleness, that pair of beautiful eyes, passes gentle light glow to look at Shen Xiang, she winked slightly, as if releases the innumerable electric currents. The Shen Xiang mind ripples, is criticizing this outstanding person, but on the face expression is motionless, said with a sneer: „Is actually the Dongfang family rebel? Your younger brother and you now have expelled Dongfang family!” What did you say? Also!” The Dongfang Xinyue jade face full is the scowl, her life Qi/angry appearance, is not scary, instead some...... Lovable. Xinyue, making him explain well!” Liu Meng'er knows that Shen Xiang will not say these words to come for no reason, stops Dongfang Xinyue hastily.

Shen Xiang sighed one, tranquil tells Dongfang Xinyue the accident that Dongfang family has, but leaves out him to bestow Life Returning Pill to give the Dongfang Jing matter. In order to confirm this matter, Liu Meng'er also called an effective elder, the elder said was the same with Shen Xiang, this made Dongfang Xinyue very angry. I know that this crowd of old fellow carelessly will always ask the reason expelling Dongfang family our sister and brother, Dongfang Xuanlong this brat, wastes me so to be good to him, unexpectedly such betrayed outstandingly!” Dongfang Xinyue gets angry tenderly was saying. „Was Life Returning Pill, three grains, little brat you so is when rich?” The Liu Meng'er hidden bitterness white Shen Xiang, the sound the jealousy, Dongfang Xinyue in anger had not been looking. Shen Xiang had left out this matter, that elder but who Liu Meng'er called said that at that time annoyed the Liu Meng'er's intermittent supercilious look. Meng'er, we continue to study this blueprint, my stronger is big, must make these old fellow regret!” Dongfang Xinyue suddenly is full of the fighting spirit. This blueprint is not my Refiners Scroll?” Shen Xiang said intentionally that Dongfang Xinyue had not given him the good complexion to look a moment ago, making him not be feeling well very much. He does not know why Liu Meng'er can become integrated with this Dongfang Xinyue all of a sudden, relationship is so good, but also sharing this precious spirit pattern. „Is this your?” Dongfang Xinyue does not know that this matter, but at this time she becomes to the Shen Xiang's manner very well, because she knows that Shen Xiang has given Dongfang Jing three grains of Life Returning Pill, at that time heard, she is also very shocked, she loves this silly niece very much, therefore she feels grateful Shen Xiang.