World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 720
Refiners Scroll is that Dan King Li Tianjun remains, this Li Tianjun is also an outstandingly able person, is not only skilled in Pill Dao, but can also travel around many world, but also leaves behind this very abstruse Refiners Scroll. Is Senior leaves my.” Shen Xiang said without thinking: How did you study? Can refine some fierce things according to inside content?” „The thing that in Refiners Scroll is full are many, manufacture talisman, set up formation and refiner these three types have, if must learn, must first understand these spirit pattern, must achieve mastery through a comprehensive study these spirit pattern, can carry on the use of deeper level.” On the Dongfang Xinyue face full is excited. Was right, what fierce thing have you stolen away in Dongfang Mysterious Realm? unexpectedly makes entire Dongfang Mysterious Realm Spirit Qi drop.” Shen Xiang asked intentionally, actually Dongfang Xinyue anything has not stolen. Really, Shen Xiang asked this matter, she was very life Qi/angry: My anything has not stolen, under Dongfang Mysterious Realm has Spirit Qi lifeline, what I concrete does not know that has ten entrances to lead to under Dongfang Mysterious Realm that I the place has an entrance.” I walk, had such matter, definitely was these old fellow intentionally makes Spirit Qi lifeline, then framed by planting stolen goods on to me, irritated me!” This beauty life Qi/angry appearance is so lovable, making Shen Xiang want to be mad her very much again, when appreciates her life Qi/angry well adorable appearance. Dongfang Xinyue unexpectedly does not know that deeply under is having that Vermilion Bird remains, after this lets Shen Xiang, use that very feels relieved. Under Dongfang Mysterious Realm has terrifying flame, even if will be Immortal goes in can die hotly, he guessed that Dongfang family should nobody know the Vermilion Bird remains the matter. Sister Meng'er, how my did Demanding Life Devil Bow transform?” This is also he now looks for one of the Liu Meng'er's reasons. My where has the time transformation, the plan had actually, but you know, had many matters, I make without enough time.” Liu Meng'er took Demanding Life Devil Bow, beautiful eyes flash, said with a smile: Or I and Xinyue help you transform together, making this thing fiercer.”

Dongfang Xinyue received Demanding Life Devil Bow to look, tenderly snorted and said: This thing damages , but actually is also good weapon, but rank is too low, condense strength is too weak, is hard to cause the damage to the formidable person, truly needs dramatically to improve.” These two beauties are the refiner experts, thing that they collaborate to refine, will be very definitely fierce, Shen Xiang often listened to Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao has said that Heaven World had fierce immortal tool is the gang collaborates to refine. This Dongfang Xinyue not only the beautiful woman is outstandingly beautiful, but also good gentle, strength outstanding, places the dangerous situation now, if I try harder slightly, gives her an advantage anything, must keep side Sister Meng'er her is not the difficult matter, such woman cannot certainly bleed off easily.” In the Shen Xiang heart is calculating, he takes advantage of the resources in hand, let alone is Nirvana Realm Refining Master, even if the Immortal rank is also a cinch. Sister Xinyue is really an expert, looks such thoroughly!” Shen Xiang praised immediately: If you and Sister Meng'er collaborate to refine, this Demanding Life Devil Bow will be very definitely strong!” Sees Shen Xiang to shout that Sister Xinyue, Liu Meng'er knows this little rascal's had impure motives, secretly white his eyes. Dongfang Xinyue smiles gently: I have not collaborated to refine with others, but I have wanted to try, but must ask a good partner to be very difficult, I found now!” We collaborate to refine, must refine well, but was restricted in the material to be too difficult to look, the little brother, you must know that this weapon needs to pour into formidable strength, if the material were not good, could not withstand enough strong strength, that was a waste.” Can Shen Xiang not know? The good material he naturally, that Vermilion Bird skeleton, is the Divine Level material, that giant skeleton, if must refine immortal tool anything, does not know that can refine many!

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou have turned out a smallest bone from that Vermilion Bird skeleton, does not know that is which spot, in brief the bed is so big, but this bone regarding that Vermilion Bird skeleton, is equal to root hair. „Is this material what kind of?” Shen Xiang suddenly has put out a bone of bulk fiery red, above is good to send out weak, but very strong heat, making these two beautiful women to flame understanding be surprised. „The bone of what thing is this? dragon bone? But like, does not have the dragon unique aura.” Dongfang Xinyue knits the brows to look at that bone, the white hands is stroking gently, this bone smooth like jade, touches the feel to be very good, a little tepid warming up. Can help me transform fiercely that Demanding Life Devil Bow? Remaining materials to the reward of two elder sisters.” Shen Xiang said sweetly. Liu Meng'er regarding the thing that Shen Xiang has, has been unalarmed by strange sights, divine tool his three, this top rank refiner material that three divine tool compare very much, is nothing radically. Has the good material is very to us simple, we start now.” Liu Meng'er looks at Dongfang Xinyue, lightly smiled. Said that starts to start, moreover Shen Xiang can also watch in side, two beautiful women have exchanged one set of convenience work skintight clothes, outlines that has to concave-convex stature, making the Shen Xiang's eye always spin above. Demanding Life Devil Bow was opened quickly scattered about, two females want above spirit pattern, as well as profits from structure, then starts to design the contour...... Although they are the first cooperation, but is very tacit, Shen Xiang suddenly had discovered is worth the happy matter very much, is Dongfang Xinyue does not have Fire Spirit, moreover she sees Liu Meng'er that purple cold Fire Spirit time, envies seriously.

Must know purple cold Fire Spirit, but different Fire Spirit, was Shen Xiang helped the Liu Meng'er fusion in the past, the quality be slightly better than purple Fire Spirit, alchemy master and Refining Master same, relied on to the flame very in a big way, Fire Spirit was better, refinement time was more pleasant. So long as the Fire God Palace's person still, Shen Xiang can have many Fire Spirit, person who to his knowledge, Heaven World above Fire God Palace, has Fire Spirit are many, overwhelming majorities come through plundering, takes now Mortal World Fire God Palace, inside has many people to have Fire Spirit. Gives her together Fire Spirit, can she rest one with you in the evening?” Long Xueyi is smiling asking. Urges to go faster, do not indulge in flights of fancy, I am not this person, she is not that person.” Shen Xiang low snort|hum said. Cannot cut!” Dongfang Xinyue whole body fragrant perspiration is dripping, Liu Meng'er is also so, that bone was too hard, although two females are Nirvana Realm top martial artist, but was busy at work was very long, can only leave the little trace above. Sees Shen Xiang to the look that they throw to despise, the beautiful women of these two maturity graceful bearing, face burningly cannot help but red, unexpectedly has lost face in front of little rascal, this makes them a little shameful.