World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 721
Sees these two big beautiful women to toss about the whole body to soak, Shen Xiang smiles not to speak in the one side, annoys the beautiful woman to throw an intermittent hidden bitterness to have the charming look. What smiles to smile, what thing is this?” Liu Meng'er coldly snorted, puts out silk handkerchief to clean the fragrant perspiration charmingly. Dongfang Xinyue is also doubts, her whispered: This beast bone is very firm, it is estimated that is Immortal Beast anything, our these mortals cannot open.” „Is little brother, you intentionally making things hard for somebody we?” Dongfang Xinyue asked gentle, that little brother, making the Shen Xiang's bone numb. brat, you play intentionally our!” Liu Meng'er does intentionally life Qi/angry, digs the small mouth to ask. The Shen Xiang booth lets go saying: Undeserved, you could not open early say! Why didn't ask me to help?” „Can you?” Dongfang Xinyue some do not believe. I, if achieves?” Shen Xiang laughed, seeing this smiling face, Liu Meng'er to know that Shen Xiang has certainly the means. Dongfang Xinyue just wants to speak, Liu Meng'er on running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouted: That also not a bit faster fight!” If not prevent Dongfang Xinyue, Dongfang Xinyue must by Shen Xiang this little rascal occupying convenient, Liu Meng'er once deeply by its evil. How many can cut?” Shen Xiang walked, shook the head: I said that your women showed off power to do, make for a long time could not open, did not say with me.” Snort, we cannot open, can you open?” In the Dongfang Xinyue heart refuses to accept, she knows that Shen Xiang is not ordinary little rascal, but is what kind , the strength is also limited.

If you make that I......” Liu Meng'er sees that hastily interrupts the Dongfang Xinyue words, whispered: Xinyue, my Fire Spirit is this little rascal helps me get so far as, do not despise him! Once had underestimates him compared with he many people, now died, died does not remain the dregs!” Dongfang Xinyue one startled, Shen Xiang unexpectedly can help others get so far as Fire Spirit, this skill is not truly small, her hastily shut up, she knows that Liu Meng'er will not say this matter casually. „Are you what kind of?” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: Makes my female slave to be what kind of?” Dies!” Liu Meng'er tenderly shouted, the white hands wield, has knocked in Shen Xiang's top of the head heavily. Opens...... Cracks a joke!” Shen Xiang feels that to be hit the pain head, said with a smile. Thanks to you could say, making Xinyue make your......” Liu Meng'er beautiful eyes to stare: Your this brat, is more and more dishonest.” Dongfang Xinyue wants to say anything, but actually wants the word to stop, she wants to ask Shen Xiang actually, can help her make together Fire Spirit, but she knows this need very big repayment. Shen Xiang secretly said in heart: What does this have? Hua Xiangyue is my female slave! Hurry up, we discover in that Refiners Scroll is hiding a very big secret, after solve, we should be able to obtain a map.” Liu Meng'er urged. Map? In Refiners Scroll has the map? This makes Shen Xiang secretly surprised, this Refiners Scroll is Li Tianjun, thing that this fellow keeps, isn't such good thing?

Dongfang Xinyue nodded: In this Refiners Scroll abstruse spirit pattern not entire, but actually some people intentionally leave behind some clues in inside, this can make us seek entire.” Shen Xiang also wants to know that inside secret, he has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, pours into Universe Fire, then like cutting bean curd, on the trace according to that bone, cut a scrap. This looks at Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue is dumbfounded, they have used that big effort, but causes some traces to come, but Shen Xiang 2-3 with ease cut open. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade divine tool, coordinates Shen Xiang that fierce Universe Fire, can cut open this Vermilion Bird skeleton easily, let alone this Vermilion Bird skeleton by Shen Xiang subduing, defensive power senior general. Smelts that Vermilion Bird skeleton is very difficult, Vermilion Bird is in itself fire attribute Divine Bird, the bone naturally is very difficult to melt, finally during Shen Xiang has to participate, actually melts with his Universe Fire, this lets Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue is deeply disappointed, especially Dongfang Xinyue, the Shen Xiang's ability thoroughly has subverted her to Shen Xiang cognition originally. After melting, completely gives two female to refine, the process is very complex, Shen Xiang also looks is confused, most has a headache these very complex spirit pattern quarter above, then molds the forming with Divine Sense the material of melting, increases other materials again, some carve spirit pattern, covers one material, then carves one type...... On Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, some innumerable tiny spirit pattern, for example in a very slightly very dot, are one spirit pattern chart, these spirit pattern Refining Master did not reduce did not have the several fold, carved into a point, forged the divine tool project to be huge, Shen Xiang thought that if he cut open Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, saw should be some complex spirit pattern. But Demanding Life Devil Bow spirit pattern regarding these two beautiful women is not anything, especially in the situation that they collaborate, quick can complete. Used for two days, all components of Demanding Life Devil Bow fully to complete, then assembled that's alright. New Demanding Life Devil Bow beforehand was bigger, moreover looks like very aggressive, although the material is fiery red, but for does not make this thing so dazzling, then some increase things, the turning black, after all this will be used in secret thing of cloudy person. In Shen Xiang takes, thought that very called the hand, the appearance was also very attractive, was very difficult to imagine this is a beautiful woman design of tender dī dī.

Gives a try, should be able to make you use Nirvana Realm, because of the reason of material, can the condense very strong energy.” Dongfang Xinyue wiped away sweat, then looks at that also remaining bulk Vermilion Bird bones. This can make them refine the fierce thing, but has Shen Xiang to melt can cut, this is also they quite depressed place. After dropping blood owner recognition, Shen Xiang is grasping Demanding Life Devil Bow, secret revolution strength, sees only the ground to shiver slightly, but quick was tranquil. What Shen Xiang release is Dragon Force, a Dragon Force appearance, the formidable energy will form the huge pressure, but quick by Demanding Life Devil Bow absorbing, Dragon Force condense becomes a black air/Qi arrow, although looks like does not have what aura, but that might Shen Xiang can feel. „Is this Dragon Force?” Dongfang Xinyue beautiful eyes glittering surprised ray, Shen Xiang is practicing Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art in Legend, can use to come with dragon same strength, the person of first seeing, is very surprised. The crossbow arrow has not launched, can Shen Xiang is only test condense his Dragon Force, after seeing to be able, he smiled satisfied: Thanks two elder sisters, this bone gives to you to treat as the reward, was laborious you!” He puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, cutting in half. We cannot cut , the melting, you said that we can come to be useful? Brings to look?” Liu Meng'er was whispering. Saw Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Dongfang Xinyue to see once more a point anything came, this was fierce the blade, especially above glittering these tiny spirit pattern.