World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 722
Shen Xiang has put out two beads, inside full is the flame, this was Shen Xiang over the two days condense Universe Fire, was compressed by him in this, moreover had been comforted by him, can use at will. Melting time uses my flame, cutting time wraps this type of flame on the pointed weapons, can achieve with ease, should suffice you to use to be very long!” Shen Xiang has thrown these two beads. Two female hastily catch carefully, Shen Xiang that type of flame is not strong, may actually be able to melt that to let they hands tied helpless bone. But this flame looks like is not very normal the unusual place, inquired the Shen Xiang's time, he also mystical agree did not say that making two female curious. Refiners Scroll has the discovery to look for me, I in Extreme Martial Sect, I will try this thing.” Shen Xiang shook Demanding Life Devil Bow in hand. After Shen Xiang walked, Dongfang Xinyue has mind filled with the doubts: Meng'er, the husband of your disciple is really fierce, isn't the broadsword in his hand the ordinary thing? Do you have taking advantage of coming to see?” Dongfang Xinyue is holding appreciatively Shen Xiang to her poly hot bead, although inside that flame is not very strong, but can actually melt these bones, this makes her unreadable. Xinyue, this brat secret are many, although I know, but does not undergo his agreement, I cannot speak irresponsibly, but also please forgive.” Liu Meng'er said. Dongfang Xinyue smiles: No problem, hurries to solve Refiners Scroll inside secret.” This little rascal unexpectedly is thinking wants you, when her female slave, was too bad, you must be careful.” Liu Meng'er charmingly angry [say / way]. Dongfang Xinyue jade face one red, is smiling nod of: Truly is little rascal, that eye did not have honestly.” -------

The Shen Xiang's whereabouts is very secret, moreover now also grasped very fierce Transformation Art, if he must hide, no one could find him, therefore he did not worry that anything 10 billion post a reward, moreover he also very bold runs the Dongfang family domain. Now he returned to Celestial Emperor City, but also turns into that Dongfang Rong appearance, in swaggering is strolling, nobody will suspect him slightly. Dongfang Mysterious Realm has sealed up, these elders comes back after Extreme Martial Sect, completely closes up, moreover stops expanding, because they know that this new world, they are not strongest, they words that is worried about to make again, after Huang Jintian this old lunatic stirs up, they end. Shen Xiang comes back to look for that Dongfang Xuanlong, he thought that this fellow is a best test object, but he had not found. Team leader, you how also here?” After a patrol soldier sees Shen Xiang, said very much with amazement. „Can't my what here?” Shen Xiang complexion sank, frightens that Little Bing whole body to tremble intentionally. King Continent presents treasure light, heard that was born the treasure, the strange flowers different grass and treasure, or are the day fall Immortal Beast, this has the possibility, in brief Young Master Dongfang led a group of people.” That Little Bing hurriedly said. King Continent in this new world, is biggest continent, in addition above has Devil Subduing School, Fire God Palace and bloodlines martial artist these three big influences, therefore becomes very famous. Shen Xiang with that two beautiful woman dull together, naturally does not know that over the two days outside matter, knew after this news, his hastily through Teleportation Formation, arrived at King Continent. Fire God Palace Devil Subduing School, was very famous in other world, moreover has many minute of palaces, after all world fuse, here Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace were headquarters, but the frequency of Teleportation Formation use was also highest.

Can see Fire God Palace and Devil Subduing School's person everywhere, especially Devil Subduing School's person, even if because itself has joined other sect, can enter Devil Subduing School to study these Suppressing Devil martial arts, therefore the population is most, in addition three realms great war must approach, some Nirvana Realm are also thick the facial skin, stays with one crowd of little rascal in the school hear of Teacher teaches, studies Suppressing Devil martial arts. But Fire God Palace has restrained at this time, they must plunder Fire Spirit not to be very easy, person who has Fire Spirit is not very low-key is some expert, alchemy master Refining Master is in the majority, if they dare to act unreasonably now, was joined up the resistance by others, is very troublesome. After one inquired, the place that treasure light presents makes Shen Xiang somewhat surprised, unexpectedly in Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, that is a King Continent's big dangerous situation, initially he and Hua Xiangyue went, has met very big danger(ous). In that but Immemorial Sacred Land, Immemorial Sacred Land inside has a dragon! However that dragon comes out not to have what to be good to fear that expert these many of new world, this dragon hides in is safest.” Shen Xiang smiled: Really person many strength are big.” In Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea most frightening is not these fills acute poison Blood Lightning Beastman and Blood Lightning Beast, but is that everywhere, does not have blood lightning of rule, fearing of Nirvana Realm. If before, Shen Xiang may be worried, but he does not have what to be good to fear that now, his fleshly body is so formidable, he also wants to give blood lightning to divide two to have a look at the fleshly body intensity to be what kind. Because Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea presents treasure light, therefore in King City also has established Teleportation Formation to Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea now, even if no Teleportation Formation, Shen Xiang can also go with that Heaven's Crown Gate to the Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea center directly. But his trip, but experiments that Demanding Life Devil Bow, in also wants to have a look also to have any fierce fellow. After transmitting to Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea outside, Shen Xiang has been shocked immediately, the Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea sky, full is dense and numerous lightning, is similar to the sudden downpour chops to hit generally crazily, is covering entire Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, many people set up the tent outside Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, waited for that this thunderstorms ended, in goes in one to find out again. In the crowd, Shen Xiang suddenly glimpses bald that has glistened very much, along with the far spatial on blood-colored lightning, but glittering, is very conspicuous.

Shen Xiang squeezes through the crowd, arrived at this bald side, looks is really Xiao Chou. Many people are gazing in sky that innumerable red lightning, hopes a bit faster to vanish, moreover that scene is also very magnificent, when the people look, Shen Xiang suddenly put out a hand to pat Xiao Chou Little Bald maliciously. A Xiao Chou anger, turns the head to exclaim suddenly: Who hits me!” The people look at each other in blank diamay, Shen Xiang gets rid quickly, nobody noticed that is hand that who moves, moreover distant place billowing thunderclap, has not heard the sound that whips. Shen Xiang turned into that Dongfang Rong, including the aura model very clearly, Xiao Chou naturally does not recognize, seeing the youngster bald face to be angry, appearance that but vented nowhere, Shen Xiang bore has not smiled. Xiao Chou is gripping tightly the double fist, is staring everyone, after he Shen Xiang has taught, becomes very honest, if before is, this all around person was already punched everywhere looks for the tooth, black and blue. Xiao Chou had just turned around, Shen Xiang does not pay attention while him, hand like lightning, pats bald that a palm of the hand that has glistened maliciously. Whose his mother hits my head, has planting to stand, leaves covertly!” Xiao Chou roars once more, making Shen Xiang almost smile, but Long Xueyi actually already smiled mindless. The people feel Xiao Chou that terrifying imposing manner, who in the heart are secretly angry to damage, unexpectedly plays tricks on this bald youngster with this weak method.