World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 723
In order to avoid the anger combustion of Xiao Chou to own body, disperses in all around person completely. Xiao Chou feels the head, turns head to look at all around person, that pair spout the angry ray eye, is staring at the face of everyone stubbornly, he wants to discover the suspicious person from these people, such played a trick by others, in his opinion is an insult. Looks here baldly!” Shen Xiang suddenly arrives at behind him, then a fierce palm of the hand, hits maliciously on that luminous skull. Bastard, I must kill you!” Who Xiao Chou saw is, bellowed, fought with the fists to Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually very appeared avoids, afterward fast passed over gently and swiftly from the Xiao Chou side, fast had patted in this period also palm of the hand that bald. Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: Dies the head, you are how fierce!” Xiao Chou has gotten angry thoroughly, stamps the feet fiercely, the earth in a flash, the people are all startled, hastily draws back, they could see that a fierce battle must break out. The Shen Xiang under foot slides, has not fired into Xiao Chou, instead toward runs at the same time. Coward, do not run!” Xiao Chou bellows, pursued tightly, the people have not thought that this youngster bald unexpectedly is so fierce, looks like young, but the roar is very big, the strength is also very strong. Shen Xiang dashes, while changes the actually appearance, he entered in a mountain scene forest to stop, he had just turned around, Xiao Chou that crazy fierce powerful fist, shook the air bang to hit. Shen Xiang holds that fist, that powerful strength explodes, but was actually melted with the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art art by Shen Xiang. Master!” Xiao Chou sees is Shen Xiang, curled the lip: I early should think, only then you so are bored.” Little Bald, your bald was really too conspicuous, could not bear want to hit!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Runs to come to here to join in the fun?”

Xiao Chou turned under the supercilious look: I am come informed and experienced, Master didn't you come?” I am go hunting.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. What hits to hunt for?” Xiao Chou knows with Shen Xiang, can always handle some exciting matter. Now enters Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, did you fear?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled. Walks walks!” Xiao Chou did not certainly fear that let alone also has Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang brought Xiao Chou to walk into everywhere red lightning Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, this inside has the great mountains of innumerable soaring to the heavens, but these great mountains were also shelled by lightning at this time, but these great mountains can the strength absorption of lightning, then induct in the earth, making this piece of Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea be born unusual Spirit Qi, therefore inside Demon Beast was very strong, cultivated this blood lightning strength. The people have not thought that shouted a moment ago hits Little Bald that shouted " kill ", now unexpectedly walked into that to flood terror blood lightning Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea with others, now very danger(ous) time, the brain normal people will not walk. After entering inside, Shen Xiang through the keen feeling, can avoid blood lightning to divide to hit, if hits, he is Shocking Heaven Palm, formidable strength blood lightning shaking to disperse that condense, other lightning strength drill into his body, only will become his energy. Xiao Chou, how long did you come to here?” Shen Xiang asked that he came in this to seek for Dongfang Xuanlong. Comes to calculate very early, but I go in the waiting opportunity, because after presenting such crowded blood lightning, will have many lightning beast, I go in am look for lightning beast to be informed and experienced, I must the strength, I prepare to enter into Nirvana Realm, when the time comes must face Nirvana Tribulation!” Xiao Chou seriously said. Fierce, I at least Tempering Realm middle stage, you want Nirvana Realm now, when the time comes can surpass me?” Shen Xiang has exclaimed in surprise one.

This is natural, I am the Herculean Clan rare talent, although before Master, compared with me, but, perhaps!” Xiao Chou naturally said. Shen Xiang has patted his bald: Old problem has violated, just wait, will definitely not be inferior by you for the master, do not forget for the master is the alchemy master!” What I said is the speech, the smooth words, most over a half year, I will not be Nirvana Realm Herculean Clan martial artist!” Xiao Chou said very spiritedly. Xiao Chou enters into the Nirvana Realm words, Shen Xiang must win him not to have is so simple, Nirvana Realm is Half Immortal Realm, after crossing nine tribulations, can become Immortal, every time crossed a tribulation, the advantage that gains is huge! Was right, do you have to see the Dongfang family person to come in?” Shen Xiang knows person journey of Dongfang family the unusual high-sounding talk, can look from the attire. Saw, Dongfang family, Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace's many fellows have gone, moreover is the earliest that batch.” Xiao Chou said. blood lightning in sky started to tail off, more than double-hour passed by, this Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea turned into the actually appearance, but occasionally will divide together blood lightning. „......” A beast roar transmits, reverberates in the mountain ridge. Came!” Xiao Chou suddenly is excited, but Shen Xiang ran swiftly, rushes in the direction that sound conveys. Shen Xiang releases Nine Heavens Mental Exploration first, at the maximum speed hurries to the direction that roar transmits, is quick he to see there to have one group of people through Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to besiege a whole body to brave the blood red lightning glow double headed lion. The blood lightning double headed lion, is very famous in this Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, is variety quite many one lightning beast, is strongest Profound Beast, and quantity are many.

However this blood lightning double headed lion only then a head, is hit to lie now by people, but that group of people from two influences, are quarrelling now, what making Shen Xiang accidental is, one side has the person is Beast Martial Sect's, he also saw one to caress flatters the beautiful figure, Yan Yanran! According to content that they quarrelled, Shen Xiang knew, because they simultaneously discovered this blood lightning double headed lion, moreover pursued was very long, finally this blood lightning double headed lion was Beast Martial Sect kills, but seperately one side actually did not recognize. little rascal, is not lightning beast that waits to probably hit, is the person, is ready!” Shen Xiang laughed. What hits is who?” Xiao Chou is excited immediately. Probably is a disciple from Heavenly Lightning Sect!” Shen Xiang has not listened to this Heavenly Lightning, does not know that the strengths of these disciples are what kind. Heavenly Lightning Sect! I know that is one of the ten strong sect in the new world just commenting, arranges third!” Xiao Chou said. Then our Extreme Martial Sect does arrange several?” Shen Xiang is curious. Has not placed, this rank probably is the Dongfang family platoon, ten powerful family, his Dongfang family is first. However this Heavenly Lightning Sect should a little strength, otherwise he was already scolded with this rank.” Then we have a look now, sect that this new world is listed third, strong.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. The Beast Martial Sect's person has four, but that Heavenly Lightning Sect more than ten individuals, both sides quarrelled talk endlessly, but Heavenly Lightning Sect started to want fight.