World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 724
This is we hits to lie obviously, is our spoils of war, why can apportion your half?” Yan Yanran that ice-cold angrily sound is very clear, reverberates in the mountain. We pursued were so long, if this domestic animal did not fear us, will not go all out to escape, we consumed this domestic animal many physical strengths, you can project on with ease.” A Heavenly Lightning Sect pretty man said. Do not quibble, we discovered long time ago this blood lightning double headed lion, we have battled with this domestic animal at that time, cannot win our it to run, in chasing down his process, runs into you, closes your trifling thing.” Although Yan Yanran their people are few, but is actually not willing to suffer a loss. That Heavenly Lightning Sect male sneered, has made a hand signal, sees only their ten people they to surround immediately Yan Yanran. Shen Xiang sees after the distant place, puts out Demanding Life Devil Bow, to a Heavenly Lightning Sect person projects a sword. The black crossbow arrow, flying of being quietly shoots, such as the light is equally quick, but above condense strength is not too strong. The crossbow arrow penetrates a thigh of Heavenly Lightning Sect man, making that man exude one to call out. Who stabs somebody in the back?” Immediately that Heavenly Lightning Sect man in great surprise, can be quietly pierces the thigh of that man, similarly can also the head puncture of person. Although the casual arrow, can have such effect, Shen Xiang is very satisfied! Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou walk leisurely, Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Heavenly Lightning Sect, you depend the person to be many, wants to snatch others' thing?” Sees Shen Xiang to arrive, Yan Yanran is pleasantly surprised, anxiously said: Right, they are this, sect that but also any new world is listed third, it seems like is also dogshit.” Shen Xiang!” That Heavenly Lightning Sect man is startled to shout one, Shen Xiang posted a reward 10 billion times, was known by many people, his portrait almost every person has.

Heavenly Lightning Sect some people hastily pull out that to post a reward to make from storage equipment to compare, is really exactly the same. Right, I am Shen Xiang, ten billion crystal stone here, you have to plant to take!” Shen Xiang said with a smile lightly, did not fear. ten billion crystal stone, does not arrive at Nirvana Realm martial artist regarding these cultivation base, that is a very huge wealth, even if Nirvana Realm also will be excited. Shen Xiang may compare that to lie down in the blood lightning double headed lion of ground by far is precious, that Heavenly Lightning Sect disciple looks at Shen Xiang with the greedy mean look immediately. By person who Dongfang family 10 billion post a reward, should be an unpardonably wicked disciple, gives on me!” Male yelled that leads. Your this group of hypocrites, must kill to come, find the excuse!” Shen Xiang disdainfully said, then looked at Xiao Chou. On the Xiao Chou double fist full is golden light glow, seeing Shen Xiang to nod assent, his fierce stamping the feet, earth unexpectedly split open. A Shen Xiang appearance, the attention of all people centralized on Shen Xiang, has neglected Xiao Chou this bald directly, but they feel to the Xiao Chou strength now shocking. When the people are shocked, Xiao Chou dodged in the encirclement ring of that group of Heavenly Lightning Sect disciples, unexpectedly walks into a trap, but Shen Xiang was not worried. „To kill my Master, first passes my this pass/test!” Xiao Chou roars, flies to jump, crashes from the upper air, palm above suddenly emits is bringing unusual Divine Power of great pressure, making people think that is similar the mountain to press. A Xiao Chou palm gets down, holds the range that vigor covers to be very broad, time that formidable pressure lid presses, two person unexpectedly hard deeply were patted flatly, covered with blood, mixes together with the ground that crushes, is very bloody.

Bah, this strength, but also wants to take my Master persons head?” The Xiao Chou book thinks that the opposite party will get rid to resist, who knows that actually like bean curd, one was patted flatly. Shen Xiang has a Herculean Clan apprentice, this is the matter that many people know, but Xiao Chou gives the impression of person to be a kid . Moreover the strength should not be so strong. After Xiao Chou has killed two Heavenly Lightning Sect disciples, is similar to a leopard of going crazy, flies rush over toward another person, a fist pounds, the direct bang breaks that person of defense energy shield, the bone of chest will crush completely, incomparably wild strength, the opportunity ruins that person of upper part. This youngster baldly so wild, is shocking those present, Yan Yanran also stares greatly beautiful eyes. Your this crowd of dregs!” It is not Xiao Chou is too strong, but is these people are too weak, Xiao Chou attack time is to exhaust fully, in the same rank, few people can resist this terrifying strength. The apprentices so are strong, didn't that have fight Master? In person heart of Heavenly Lightning Sect panic-stricken incomparable, where also dares to take others Master persons head, hastily escapes. Sees some people to run away, Shen Xiang frowned, lightning suddenly chops to hit together from the sky, he has been able to achieve with magic power controls lightning attribute True Qi of his within the body, chops together lightning in void. magic power formidable time, controls the forces of nature, summoned lightning is also the easy matter. „To take my persons head , the strength is a little good!” Shen Xiang is sneering, lightning chops to hit crazily, everyone could see that these purple lightning are he makes, but actually nobody can feel the aura that he releases. After Purple Lightning hits, only meets whole body short paralysis, then gives Xiao Chou to solve. Keeps two living witness, making them get lost to tell Heavenly Lightning Sect Dean, this bullies our Chenwu Mainland any sect's fate, the words that refuses to accept come Extreme Martial Sect to look for our calculate.” Shen Xiang urged one.

Xiao Chou complies, leaves behind two to run, then has patted clapping: Any third sect, the young generation to the words of war, our Extreme Martial Sect will definitely not lose.” Yan Yanran they expressed gratitude to Shen Xiang hastily, Xiao Chou on road, knew Subduing Dragon Sect that Shen Xiang said that knows that this Yan Yanran was also his same side, therefore was very polite. We were just came out from inside, the person who just started were many, but to were afterward getting fewer and fewer, the person who penetrated disappeared completely, we do not dare to continue, you hurried to leave this damned place.” The Yan Yanran persuasion said. Shen Xiang knows certainly that this has the strangeness, that middle Immemorial Sacred Land is stranded a dragon. Xiao Chou, you and they seek for lightning beast to hit outside, similar time goes back, I go to have a look.” Shen Xiang said solemnly. Xiao Chou is came to try to practice, he nods saying: Knew Master, all careful!” Shen Xiang has not opened the space to go in Heaven's Crown Gate, if among Immemorial Sacred Land had the great change, his suddenly appears there is not the wise action. He makes Long Xueyi display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, enters the deep place to have a look. Well? Isn't this Shen Xiang this little rascal? He here!” Liu Meng'er grazes from a mountain, in her behind also with Dongfang Xinyue.