World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 726
Sees Liu Meng'er to release the so intense cold air, these elder hastily release strength, resists this type of cold air to attack their here these strength faint people. Dares Xinyue to have a look!” The Liu Meng'er sound fills the incomparable dignity and angry, more intense cold air was released by her, making Dongfang Lingyun somewhat frightened. Icewind Divine Art, you are Chenwu Mainland, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Liu Meng'er!” Dongfang Lingyun to Chenwu Mainland above expert, has done very detailed investigation. Snort!” Liu Meng'er coldly has swept that three old man one, has not feared. Felt that cold air, Shen Xiang also hits one to tremble, his crossbow arrow aimed at the elder who suddenly stopped, poured into he strongest strength, Dragon Force adds on Suppressing Devil Holy Power, two strength fused together, on unusual spirit pattern through Demanding Life Devil Bow, the transformation was the crossbow arrow that black Qi congealed. Should crossed the elders of Nirvana eight tribulations, what damage to him I have a look at this Demanding Life Devil Bow to cause!” Shen Xiang emits the crossbow arrow, black crossbow arrow flies to shoot silently, but that elder actually induces to strength from out of the blue, hastily releases a True Qi guard shield. The crossbow arrow hits on that True Qi guard shield, then melted, mighty waves have not aroused. This is the disparity!” Shen Xiang said with a sigh, if that arrow shot a moment ago in crossing a person of Nirvana Realm tribulation, perhaps a little effect, but on crossing the elders of Nirvana eight tribulations, was similar to fights a hopeless battle general. Where the petty people, dare to stab somebody in the back!” An elder anger, exclaimed. Shen Xiang gets a sudden inspiration, hastily imitates his Master Huang Jintian's sound, then acts like a madman to laugh: Your this group of fellows, do not dare to cope with Extreme Martial Sect, specially bullies the woman is right, do your this type of things, what have to distinguish with Devil World these Evil Devil?” Person who hears the Huang Jintian's sound, Dongfang Lingyun and that three elders, the complexion big change, hastily is bringing their flees in all directions.

Dongfang Xuanlong, gives you an arrow to taste first!” Shen Xiang aims at the thigh of Dongfang Xuanlong, projects an arrow, the strong crossbow arrow, pricked the thigh of Dongfang Xuanlong instantaneously, sticks out suddenly a blood splash, Dongfang Xuanlong calls out pitifully immediately. Dongfang Lingyun sees this, works on Dongfang Xuanlong to dash, suddenly, the Dongfang family person all went far away. All around incorruptible also starts to melt, Shen Xiang with a smile walks. These fellows previous time were almost killed by my Master, now hears my Master sound, ran does not have the shade.” A Shen Xiang face is grinning. In this place, whom was killed to know? Dongfang Lingyun they do not want dead that vexed. Your very repugnant Dongfang Xuanlong?” Dongfang Xinyue asked. Naturally, who makes him always deceive that young fool.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. Dongfang Xinyue knows certainly that who that young fool is, is her niece Dongfang Jing, truly is a very likable stupid girl. Was right, why this does Dongfang Lingyun such care about the Dongfang Xuanlong life and death?” Shen Xiang is very puzzled, Dongfang Xuanlong betrayed his father, later might also betray that Dongfang Lingyun. Dongfang Xuanlong has Patriarch bloodline, Patriarch can only inherit by our [lineage/vein], otherwise Dongfang family will encounter the misfortune, this is the ancestor teaches.” Dongfang Xinyue sighed: But who knows that my younger brother's two sons both are this fellow, Dongfang Yao steal the inherited treasure, after killing his Teacher runs away, Dongfang Xuanlong, oh...... I also very much want to butcher them.”

Liu Meng'er said: „Had your how varying arrow killed Dongfang Xuanlong a moment ago?” Shen Xiang shook the head: I worried that Sister Xinyue will be uncomfortable, therefore I think or consider as finished.” The Dongfang family person has looked for the outlet in this inside, it seems like that the person were stranded in this, but Dongfang Xinyue is Formation Grandmaster, wants to break the formation naturally is not the issue, Dongfang Lingyun at this time also thinks very reluctantly, but he now Dongfang family authority biggest person, but was actually stranded in this damned place, if by Dongfang Chaoqun this name brand Patriarch make a comeback, he fell short. Shen Xiang, why do you give Jing Jing (quietly) this young fool Life Returning Pill? You knew that she was very long?” Dongfang Xinyue asked that she knew from the Liu Meng'er mouth that Shen Xiang was womanizer, she knows that what hurrying Shen Xiang to Dongfang Jing was. I thought that she was much sillier, gives to her! Previous time she pretends to be me in Celestial Emperor City, then I with her, have fought with her, discovered that she is very easily swindled, then became the friend with her.” A Shen Xiang face said properly, but in the mind is actually recalling that stupid beautiful woman front big rabbit. In the Liu Meng'er heart spat one tenderly, she does not believe that Shen Xiang has not occupied others convenient, she was worried that continues again, must strike a vicious blow by this little rascal including Dongfang Xinyue. After going to the center, Shen Xiang has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, serious asked: Prepared? But inside very angry dragons, were detained for many years, words that as soon as we go, he will definitely attack our.” Prepared, my formation plate momentarily can use.” Dongfang Xinyue said that on pretty face full is the excited color, what she also wants to have a look at that dragon is, the dragon in Mortal World are not many, the person who can see were less. Liu Meng'er also similarly anticipated, but they do not know that Shen Xiang has killed very fierce python dragon. What thing is this?” Dongfang Xinyue sees in the Shen Xiang hand that Heaven's Crown Gate to have marvelous spirit pattern, curious she has collected that beautiful face immediately, Shen Xiang felt that an intoxicant delicate fragrance covers, cannot help but has turned the head, lip unexpectedly on Dongfang Xinyue beautiful jade face.

Ah! Dongfang Xinyue shouted tenderly, covers face, the whole face is looking at Shen Xiang charmingly, face is glowing red, the heart in splash is also jumping. Shen Xiang can kiss face of beautiful woman, in the heart is also likes, but he actually appears extremely calm, for does not make Dongfang Xinyue investigate in this that his hastily coughs two: cough cough, this is Senior gives my fierce magic treasure, has prepared, I must open sliding door, entered that Immemorial Sacred Land!” Space Gate opens, Dongfang Xinyue was attracted quickly, magic treasure of this space class, is rare, moreover the refinement process is complex, refines the craft to be lost. Goes in together, because will close in flash.” Shen Xiang does not wait for two females to respond that is drawing their white hands, entered in that Space Gate. Won't Liu Meng'er be able to see Shen Xiang to occupy others' convenient? Sees the Shen Xiang afraid appearance, she is jealous secretly, but now is actually not the speech time. Enters that Space Gate, they appear in stretch of ruins, an intense dragon breath transmits, Dongfang Xinyue hastily puts out that formation plate. At this time, a whole body was sending out the blue light glow big dragon, was flying from the woods in distant place, when Dongfang Xinyue wants to emit that Subduing Dragon large formation, that blue big dragon whole body lightened light glow to come, unexpectedly turned into a middle-aged person of wear blue color clothes. How is you, your brat has not to end!” That handsome middle-aged person, is pointing at Shen Xiang loudly said.