World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 727
This dragon unexpectedly has not attacked, but turns into a person to come, the emperor's countenance is angry, is pointing at Shen Xiang cursed. little rascal, your this time also has any trick! Was comes to walk each time a while, you played me to play!” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth are twitching slightly, this was his third time has come, moreover before every time had not made that dragon catch, has not thought that this dragon the unexpectedly having mind filled with resentment, is grumbling now. Big brother, here is not your family, moreover is a very important place, I come to hide you each time, I am also very helpless!” The Shen Xiang forced smile said. Sees in the Dongfang Xinyue hand that thing, that Dragon said: „Is this thing used to cope my?” Dongfang Xinyue and Liu Meng'er are also shocked, they have not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can with this gotten angry dragon calm speech, they want to smile, Shen Xiang this annoying little rascal, is unable to endure including a dragon. Right, if you do not attack us, I do not want to use.” Dongfang Xinyue said that although this dragon turns into a person, moreover does not have the meaning of attack, but she and Liu Meng'er on the alert. Shen Xiang to let this dragon fears him, deliberate release Dragon Force. Yo, Dragon Force!” This middle-aged person slightly one startled, but makes his surprised is not only Dragon Force, an unusual aura: Slaughtering Dragon Qi!” Slaughtering Dragon Qi? Shen Xiang is somewhat puzzled, Long Xueyi said: „After killing the dragon, again through absorbing Dragon Pearl of that dragon, condense will leave this type of aura.” You are what kind, are casual you, do not disturb me to practice that's alright.” That dragon shakes the head, jump arrives airborne, turns into the blue big dragon, flies into the forest. Shen Xiang spits the tongue: Has not thought that he was feared by me bothersomely.” Here is Mysterious Realm, moreover is very big.” Dongfang Xinyue hastily has put out that map, is seeking for the direction with Liu Meng'er carefully.

Shen Xiang wants to look for that dragon actually, chatted with that Dragon, looked that can receive him, but some were not realistic, his present strength is very weak, he thought that only if can win that dragon to be good. In this danger(ous), some place I do not dare to go very much casually.” In that forest, spread the voice of that dragon. Arrived here, we first had a look, if really had danger(ous) that could not deal with, we later again came that's it.” Dongfang Xinyue said that Liu Meng'er also nodded. You may probably look to select me, I may not have you to be so fierce!” Shen Xiang let go. Do not be immodest, without your words, we have not arrived here smoothly.” Liu Meng'er said with a smile tenderly, took the lead with Dongfang Xinyue. seductress, brat, have not been killed by these two women, you have boundless prospects!” That dragon sighed gently, although the sound was not loud, but Shen Xiang they can actually be able to hear. With their dead together also value, Hehe......” Shen Xiang said with a smile, was not worried. Leaves this stretch of ruins, Shen Xiang and two females knows that here actually in a top of great mountain, Liu Meng'er wants to put out that Jade Lotus flying disc to come, Jade Lotus flying disc that but sky actually strange strength, actually flying presses. Shen Xiang jumped gently, after jumping to airborne, feels that sudden pressure, then he like maliciously had been pounded a fist by a giant hammer, falling of heavily in the ground. Now he knows that dragon can fly round is the how great matter, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue they can also fly with ease. Honestly walks.” Shen Xiang also looked at that map, that place is very far, but this is very big Mysterious Realm, is located in the King Continent's center, once was Human King Clan Sacred Land, was truly mysterious. However his suddenly remembers with the Elder Dan's agreement, if cannot keep an appointment as scheduled, definitely will be despised dead by Elder Dan, his hastily puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, but has attempted, unexpectedly is unable to open Space Gate.

talent is not small!” Dongfang Xinyue looks at the sky. Right, many fierce large formation, have covered this Mysterious Realm!” Liu Meng'er praised, can this large formation, not be many powerful formations Grandmaster collaborates, is a strength very powerful person arrangement. A bit faster hurries along, I have the appointment, if cannot keep an appointment, I will die.” Shen Xiang hastily shouted. What appointment?” Liu Meng'er asked curiously, Shen Xiang will little have this worry expression. In brief has missed, I will be very miserable.” Shen Xiang knows the temperament of Dao Pill elder not to be good, even if he is her Martial Uncle. Liu Meng'er has thought of Huang Jintian, does not have asked again that old lunatic is truly dreadful. Three people quicken pace, dashes in the ground, but Shen Xiang was drawn by two women is running, because his speed was too slow. His fleshly body is very luckily strong, the pressure when can bear this type runs fast has. Crossed many mountains, has passed through a big forest, leapt has filled with the filthy aura the swale, had been pursued by several crowds of Demon Beast on the way, finally arrived at the destination, that was one has been dried up under the greatly giant lake. On map has demonstrated that here actually is the water!” Liu Meng'er is bringing Shen Xiang, arrived at the withered lake bottom, looks at the map, seeks for some tracers. Quick, they had found one box that in the lake bottom seems like the mud makes! Really has the treasure!” Shen Xiang excited shouted, here had many year of nobody to come, moreover this is in the thing that the antique time has, surely is not ordinary thing.

Dongfang Xinyue walks, stroked that to be made decent the soil was covering the box gently, saw only outside soil immediately split open, the box that seemed the sapphire makes appears, is sending out Youyou azure light. Dongfang Xinyue has hugged with both hands, looks like very light, she walks toward Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er. *** Opens has a look, inside has any thing!” On the Dongfang Xinyue face covers entirely excited smiling face, making her jade face ruddy, looks like very charming. Liu Meng'er just put out a hand, was held by Shen Xiang hastily: allows me to come!” Shen Xiang Hundred Poisons Immunity, if inside has acute poison, these two beautiful women definitely cannot withstand, but he actually did not fear that the poisonous blood of Poisonous Dragon, is strange poison Devil Decaying Death Qi, does not have any effect to him. Liu Meng'er sees in Shen Xiang eyes full is the color of worry, in the heart warm, then nodded. Shen Xiang uncaps, sees only inside has a thick book, does not have no poisonous Qi, but actually threatening very cold air suddenly, this withered lake suddenly turned into Land of Ice and Snow, all around is exceedingly high giant icebergs, they as if were transmitted another place, is full of the cold snow and ice world! „Is this Illusion Formation?” Liu Meng'er looks at all around, is feeling that incomparably real biting blast, she is hard to confirm.