World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 728
Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er coldly were given the attack by this sudden ice, the whole body shiver, they have Fire Spirit luckily, fire Qi that Fire Spirit releases can drive out severely cold. Xinyue!” Liu Meng'er sees Dongfang Xinyue suddenly to drop down, cannot help but in great surprise, can be struck down by this ice cold strength including Dongfang Xinyue this expert, obviously this Land of Ice and Snow is not simple. Liu Meng'er hastily releases heat, inputs to the body of Dongfang Xinyue, makes Dongfang Xinyue gradually good, but on her face does not have blood-colored, the body trembles. Dongfang Xinyue is Refiner Grandmaster, although does not have Fire Spirit, however her flame is not weak, now still severely cold is actually given to rout by this type, this lets Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er is very surprised. Quite cold, fire True Qi of my within the body frozen was lived completely!” Trembling that the Dongfang Xinyue tender body keeps, letting Liu Meng'er has to instill into many heat in the past. I...... I now am same as the average person, True Qi is unuseful.” Dongfang Xinyue suddenly fears, suddenly loses the formidable strength, this is each expert nightmare, Liu Meng'er has this experience, she throws the look that seeks help to Shen Xiang, although the Shen Xiang's strength is weaker than them, but Shen Xiang in the Liu Meng'er eye is a liberator. My previous time gives your bone? With sat above is all right!” Shen Xiang also knows that here ice cold strength is very fierce, if he does not have Universe Fire Spirit, perhaps his formidable fleshly body is hard to support. Dongfang Xinyue hastily takes storage ring inside Vermilion Bird bone, then under Liu Meng'er's supports by the arm, crawls to getting up the facial cast sits, the Vermilion Bird bone is really the bone of flame Divine Bird, making Dongfang Xinyue quickly good, on the jade face restored the vitality. Almost froze to death me, this bone was really the good thing!” Dongfang Xinyue is touching that Vermilion Bird bone gently, praised. Dongfang Xinyue determined now that Shen Xiang also has Fire Spirit, moreover is very fierce Fire Spirit, otherwise is unable a matter in this strange Land of Ice and Snow not to have, she crossed martial artist of Nirvana eight tribulations, because did not have Martial Spirit, almost froze to death, this made her feel that had Fire Spirit and does not have the Fire Spirit huge disparity.

It seems like in this box has mechanism, opened had such matter, was a test?” Shen Xiang takes that box inside book. This was we came from far away, the secret that sought.” Shen Xiang gives Liu Meng'er the book, after Liu Meng'er received, looks with Dongfang Xinyue. Two females look that cannot help but stares greatly the eye, on two beautiful facial casts full is excited, Shen Xiang shouted several, they should not, be involved, Shen Xiang looked that knows in that book should be the thing in formation spirit pattern, otherwise is unable to let these two woman so captivated. Place that we are at now, truly is Illusion Formation, named Heavenly Cold Soulcharming Formation, that terrifying ice cold strength is not the illusion, but is large formation releases, these pictures that only then we see are illusion, if solve is unable to exit.” Dongfang Xinyue knits the brows to say. „The solve large formation method in this book, in this book has many fierce large formation layout methods, refines the immortal tool massive knowledge and experiences, even also has...... divine tool!” The Liu Meng'er chest is fluctuating, appears very excited. This unexpectedly is a such fierce book! Shen Xiang shocks, he guessed that Refiners Scroll is only the small part of this book! How long wants to break the formation? I have the appointment!” Shen Xiang hastily shouted, if were stranded here one year or so, goes back the pit bottom to be scolded by Elder Dan. We now in looking for the to break the formation method, here has this large formation arrangement technique, but also has other does not have the formation doping of name in inside, said according to above that these do not have formation of name also in this book, but in this book every large or small formation were too many, is very difficult to look!” Liu Meng'er feels at this time very strenuously. First goes to Kina to have a look!” Dongfang Xinyue said.

The base, was the formation center, Shen Xiang at this time also collected generally, what he wants to have a look at that Heavenly Cold Soulcharming Formation is, but he actually did not look clearly, because on that book was drawing a circle, suddenly in some dense and numerous, in chaos tiny spirit pattern, but if carefully looked, these spirit pattern have certain rule, must understand, took the trouble very much. Shen Xiang also has certain formation foundation, but he actually looks is confused, no wonder these two beautiful woman congealing eyebrows with hardship have been pondering. Dongfang Xinyue cannot leave that Vermilion Bird bone, Shen Xiang now only then drags that beast bone to walk, he cannot make Liu Meng'er drag, will perhaps have danger(ous) in this, Liu Meng'er, but only goon. Dongfang Xinyue like Sir, this made that at this time she is very embarrassed, very gentle inquiry is Shen Xiang all the way laborious. Should be here!” Liu Meng'er is comparing this book, looks at all around, although is white ice place, but she and Dongfang Xinyue can actually judge. suddenly, all around scenery changes, this time ice was coldly more intense, but they can resist. They touched formation mechanism a moment ago probably, lets them now top a very high iceberg, here only then a space of room size, stood in nearby overlook gets down, was a piece of continuous ten thousand li (0.5km) iceberg, although this was illusion, but was very lifelike. This fierce illusion, is unable to look through including Long Xueyi this Divine Soul very strong dragon, this Illusion Formation is really formidable. Shen Xiang turns the head to look that all around picture suddenly changes, making him appear in a fine spring day, in the scenery beautiful mountain valley.

Sister Meng'er, Sister Xinyue?” Shen Xiang only sees Liu Meng'er to sit on the lawn, combs that pitch-black long hair gracefully, Dongfang Xinyue has been disappearing. She went to to break the formation, making me remain to protect you.” Liu Meng'er is smiling to Shen Xiang charmingly, double cheek red cherry, looks at Shen Xiang to be deluded, if because of Dongfang Xinyue, him already were not intimate with Liu Meng'er, now good matter. Sees the appearance of Liu Meng'er so gentle check person, in the Shen Xiang heart to fluctuate the fluttering flags, hastily is walking, has held in the arms Liu Meng'er, lets hold her delicate fragrance honey lip gently, makes him miss the long time fragrant tongue to twine with that sucking in...... little rascal, I quite think you!” Liu Meng'er and Shen Xiang is kissing, while sweet and delicate voice song low mumble, she and Shen Xiang hugged tightly. They absorbed are kissing in this beautiful mountain valley violently, but on summit that Dongfang Xinyue actually also deep place that cold wind howls at this time, she looks at Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er before her tangled up, cannot help but has been shocked, is hard to believe that this is real, her face cannot help but slightly is also blushing. confused emotion large formation! They already want with the sweetheart, in deep place confused emotion large formation, heart to think to achieve wishes like this at this time! Therefore they should now in the place that they fantasize.” The face of Dongfang Xinyue was redder, she does not have to think one have come to hinder this to pile up the lover to be intimate. Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er truly are in their heart during at this time the fantasy of deep place, therefore around them will turn into beautiful small valley, Dongfang Xinyue this being in the way here, cannot make them intimate. Oh, they must do...... Does not want, I also here!” The Dongfang Xinyue heart jumps madly, breath becomes rapid, face blushes, because Shen Xiang has torn the Liu Meng'er's front piece, that is only bad the hand to rub Liu Meng'er that snow white big rabbit......