World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 729
On the Liu Meng'er chest that jumped to big white rabbit completely, was back and forth rubbed to pinch by a Shen Xiang big hand, but their lips actually mutually suck, tangled up, sends out sound that intermittent honey fluid slurps. Liu Meng'er's jade mouth, an intermittent delicate fragrance along with slight **, spurts comes out thinly, is similar to urges to send the Shen Xiang's evil fire, making him rub Liu Meng'er that clear snowy peak crazily, is pinching flesh color lotus seed. Dongfang Xinyue already saw Liu Meng'er Shen Xiang walks very nearly, but she will not think Shen Xiang her wife's Master...... She truly has not thought that Liu Meng'er unexpectedly can with Shen Xiang on good, if not she personally sees their so fervor intimate together, she definitely does not believe Shen Xiang this brat, the Empress heart that Liu Meng'er this will keep aloof capturing, moreover quietly will come. Words that continues again, they want certainly......” Dongfang Xinyue to be utterly confused at this time, she cannot leave that Vermilion Bird bone, will otherwise be iced the cold strength frozen to live, but at present is performing the romantic spring play. Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er's lip separates finally, when Dongfang Xinyue starts to relax, she sees the Liu Meng'er look to be blurred, is being full of the thick spring wave, she knows that had the terrible matter to occur, Shen Xiang started to kiss the Liu Meng'er's jade neck, then continued downward, lotus seed that stopped by calling that red cherry to stand upright. In confused emotion large formation, Liu Meng'er is also the passion surges upward at this time, that milk-white bosom is standing upright slightly, felt that Shen Xiang sucks, she cannot help but tenderly recited one. Looks at this confused one, Dongfang Xinyue is red in the face, took a deep breath, hastily is glancing through that thick Refiners Scroll, seeks is having the method about solve confused emotion large formation, otherwise Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er will also make some to let her embarrassed matter. At this time to Dongfang Xinyue is a test, Liu Meng'er that is also overwhelmed with emotion intoxicant ** flutters, every time is hitting her mind, luckily she is a woman, but will feel that shy also has that little marvelous feeling, if the man, definitely will be hard to calm down. Found!” The moment passes by, a Dongfang Xinyue face is joyful, she looked at a that to be full of the ambiguous spring scenery the place.

At this time Shen Xiang is loving tenderly is very holding appreciatively Liu Meng'er that beautiful snowy peak, but Liu Meng'er is the whole face charmingly looks that their passions were being enlarged in that confused emotion large formation crazily, matter that before causing they make, does not dare to do. Meng'er real big...... How she can make the man play with casually, but also...... Gives back to him to nip...... I am thinking that anything......” the Dongfang Xinyue mind is very chaotic, she once more sees the Shen Xiang's skill now, can obtain the Liu Meng'er's body and mind. master and apprentice by him...... This brat was really rotten to the core, before Meng'er, has said. actually is such a meaning, then had been finished, Dongfang Jing this young fool definitely was also given to charm by him.” A Dongfang Xinyue upheaval thinks that at the same time looks at all around, is quick she to induce to the distant place is having very weak strength. This is confused emotion large formation source strength, destroyed should that's alright!” Let Dongfang Xinyue see Shen Xiang to move the clothes of Liu Meng'er upper body, in the mouth has been holding the cherry on that snowy peak, her white hands wield, strong raging fire True Qi that condense leaves, hits on that source strength. Bang a bang! Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er suddenly felt that somewhat cold, that beautiful mountain valley vanished, Liu Meng'er suddenly was more sober, turns the head to look that sees only Dongfang Xinyue to redden all over the face visits them, this makes the Liu Meng'er's jade face immediately the ghost red, flurried she does not dare to shove open Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang is also sucking in her big white rabbit at this time...... When Shen Xiang thought very satisfying, Liu Meng'er has pinched his soft waist vigorously, making Shen Xiang shout, his suddenly saw all around scenery, seeing Dongfang Xinyue to sit on that Vermilion Bird bone, he realized quickly had anything! Liu Meng'er can hastily wear clothes at this time, hides her very arrogant attractive twin peaks. Xinyue you...... Didn't you go to to break the formation?” Liu Meng'er blushes, lowers the head, asked in a low voice. Dongfang Xinyue has turned the head, because Shen Xiang is staring at her, making her have an inexplicable fear: You get sucked into confused emotion large formation...... I had broken a moment ago, otherwise...... Otherwise......”

Shen Xiang is not but actually shy, after all he satisfied a craving, but some regrets have not continued again. Then you did see?” Shen Xiang pretends somewhat embarrassed. Um!” Dongfang Xinyue nodded gently: Although does not know that you are how on good, but I will not speak irresponsibly.” Shen Xiang has coughed several: Two elder sisters, you hurry to break the formation, otherwise then does not know that also what happened.” Any matter has the possibility, Dongfang Xinyue was also worried that can fall into some large formation awfully, when the time comes perhaps also like Liu Meng'er and Shen Xiang...... little rascal, how we shouted a moment ago you are useless, you suffice to invest.” The Su Meiyao sound is having the jealousy, although she knows that Shen Xiang already with Liu Meng'er on good, she did not oppose, just looks, unavoidably some will be uncomfortable. Conversion with you, I also same invests.” Shen Xiang said with a smile silly. humph, humph.” Dongfang Xinyue said: Here was a base, so long as we induced to this large formation energy source, will destroy to be able to break the formation, a moment ago that confused emotion large formation was also so, but that confused emotion large formation was somewhat crude, therefore I was very easy to discover.”

Shen Xiang looked at Dongfang Xinyue one with a strange look, probably somewhat meaning of blame. Snort, little rascal do not indulge in flights of fancy.” Liu Meng'er has pinched Shen Xiang gently, lightly snorted and said. She knows certainly that Shen Xiang blamed Dongfang Xinyue to go bad his good deed. Sister Meng'er, Xianxian already knows that I and your matter, she is not stupid, already looked.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. What? She...... Her unexpectedly early knew!” Liu Meng'er stares the eye, the jade face is reappearing Hong Xia to come greatly, Xue Xianxian has treated as had not discovered that said that has approved, she does not know how must face Xue Xianxian, therefore in the heart has had a stone, but she actually completely has not needed to be worried now. This sudden joy, wells up with many complex emotions. Have not thought that first to break the formation.” Shen Xiang touches her cheek, cracks into a smile, smiles some evil looking, making Liu Meng'er spit one lowly. „The formation energy source in the, will have a very weak place, once induces, will destroy, can break.” Dongfang Xinyue said that is flipping through that book , to continue saying: Meng'er, you have a look, this Heavenly Cold Soulcharming Formation arrangement time, which fatal problems meets exposed to have?”