World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 730
Shen Xiang does not know that must make anything, has to lie down in the ice above, looks at that two stature graceful beautiful woman recollections in close succession. little rascal, your hunger and thirst, does if wanted this dragon help your?” Long Xueyi suddenly chuckle said. Good!” Shen Xiang should say immediately that this young girl appearance, the beautiful woman dragon of devil stature, he has flown in circles to keep thinking. in your dreams.” The Long Xueyi accent said with a smile: And other day dragon are happy, could, giggle......” This Little Dragon Girl laughter fills infinite charming, making in the Shen Xiang heart swing however. „If no this formation blueprint, perhaps we are unable to seek for a base, but currently has the blueprint, to find that weak point to come to break the formation is very difficult.” Liu Meng'er said. Two females continue to analyze that day to confuse divine formation coldly, but Shen Xiang has condense Soul Creation Fluid, this type of thing to be many some does not have a fault. Several days passed by, two females through that complex formation blueprint, seek for the to break the formation place finally, that weak point is very small is very small, only then the needle is so big, but was looked by them. I must attack that eye, you prepare.” Liu Meng'er said that with her formidable True Qi, condense leaves a pintle, waves to release, pricked the weak point of that needle eye size. light glow dodges, all around illusion vanished, they appear under that withered lake, but at this time Dongfang Xinyue actually whole face pain, complexion snow white, that cherry lips become the deep purple, understood at a glance that was poisoned. cold poison...... in that Heavenly Cold Soulcharming Formation inside ice cold strength breeds cold poison, after large formation breaks, entered my body.” The Dongfang Xinyue sound said weakly that looked such was not soon good. Bai Youyou anxiously said: Is Devil World inside Ice Soul Devil Poison, this type of toxin only under Devil Decaying Death Qi, this type poisonous intelligential, in person who body seeps these not to have Fire Spirit specially, once kills by poison the person, can devour this person of body inside strength, then little expand.”

What to do? Can be saved?” The Shen Xiang hastily inquiry said. Perhaps if my elder sister, has the means......” Bai Youyou suddenly shouted: Has, making her fuse Fire Spirit!” Su Meiyao sighed one lightly: Gives her from purple Fire Spirit of Tie Ming there extraction you, I temporarily cannot use now, let alone I was not worried, does not have Fire Spirit!” Liu Meng'er grasps Dongfang Xinyue that only to be understood braves the cold air the hand, pours into massive heat, but also can only alleviate. Shen Xiang put out that to put the purple Fire Spirit bead, this purple Fire Spirit was very expensive, he was planned to leave Su Meiyao's, but must be used to save others now, he also can only take. This is purple Fire Spirit, Sister Meng'er you helps her fuse.” Shen Xiang sent out the purple light bead to hand over that. Liu Meng'er was shocked, Shen Xiang unexpectedly carries this thing along, this is purple Fire Spirit, can snatch the broken head in Heaven World! The Dongfang Xinyue original manuscript thinks one died, but she saw Shen Xiang to put out purple Fire Spirit to save her, touching her, she was very certainly clear this purple Fire Spirit the value, but Shen Xiang now actually very straightforward brought to save her. Not can only go on living, but can also obtain her long-awaited Fire Spirit, this made Dongfang Xinyue suddenly pleasantly surprised tarries. Liu Meng'er pulverizes that bead, is controlling your tyrannical Fire Spirit with Divine Sense, making it enter in the body of Dongfang Xinyue. When Dongfang Xinyue knows fuses Fire Spirit will be painful, if had before chooses, she rather to obtain Fire Spirit bears ten times of pain.

Fusing Fire Spirit may not only be bears the pain, Sister Meng'er you have the experience, you guide her to fuse Fire Spirit, this tried to find out compared with her quickly.” Shen Xiang arrives at the Dongfang Xinyue side, somewhat crudely presses firmly between the fingers the small mouth that her shuts tightly, then squeezes in together Earth Core Divine Fruit. When fuses Fire Spirit, will eat up the Earth Core Divine Fruit pain to slow down, previous time when Sacred Dan World, Yun Zhu fusion will be this, he wants to confirm again. Regarding fusing the experience of Fire Spirit, Shen Xiang may enrich a lot in the beautiful woman of Mortal World shook wind and cloud compared with these two. After eating up that Earth Core Divine Fruit, Dongfang Xinyue was not really painful, but the pain has. Fuses Fire Spirit time, but must avoid in innate Martial Spirit with your body having the conflict, Fire Spirit must fuse with you completely is good, including soul!” Shen Xiang said. But Liu Meng'er also starts to narrate when she fuses the Fire Spirit experience, thing that as well as lets the attention. Dongfang Xinyue fuses the Fire Spirit speed to be quick, this stems from Shen Xiang's to anticipate, but quite a while completed. At this time the Dongfang Xinyue complexion is very good, ruddy ruddy, is very attractive, letting the person wants to nip one. Thank you, little rascal!” Dongfang Xinyue said with a smile gently, in the look full was grateful: This Fire Spirit is very precious, I do not know really should be used to repay you.” Makes my female slave.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, this made Liu Meng'er stamp his foot maliciously. Honest!” Liu Meng'er beautiful eyes is staring Shen Xiang.

Dongfang Xinyue smiles, that charming smiling face very intoxicant: I make your female slave, Meng'er will definitely be jealous.” Xinyue, do not listen to this brat to talk nonsense, we hurry along.” Liu Meng'er really somewhat was also worried that Dongfang Xinyue will comply, after all has Hua Xiangyue this precedent, moreover Shen Xiang this little rascal is also mystical , the thing that takes casually is precious incomparable. But I must repay him, I cannot take something for free his Fire Spirit!” Dongfang Xinyue unexpectedly was earnest, this made in the Shen Xiang heart jump secretly, he truly was cracked a joke, if this Dongfang Xinyue complied, he gained in a big way, Fire Spirit receiving in exchange such beautiful moving, powerful female slave, gained together overturns the heavens. Must know his Fire Spirit must come time is very relaxed, later he can also make again. cough cough, I crack a joke, Sister Xinyue do not take seriously.” Although Shen Xiang said that but in his heart actually likes Dongfang Xinyue taking seriously, thinks after one , the side can bring Hua Xiangyue and Dongfang Xinyue these two outstandingly beautiful female slave serves, that type felt that exploded crisply. Dongfang Xinyue in the dying edge, by suffering of cold poison, she was despaired, but Shen Xiang actually suddenly rescues, not only undying, instead also obtains Purple Fire Spirit. Disaster undying must have the happiness in old age, Dongfang Xinyue deeply feels these words at this time the true meaning, she starts to understand why Liu Meng'er will be captured the body and mind by Shen Xiang this little rascal, because Shen Xiang really very much has the skill. master and servant contract, moreover life and death contract!” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, saw only a Dongfang Xinyue forehead white light to project, entered in the Shen Xiang's soul. This made Shen Xiang tarry, Liu Meng'er also shocked, the contract was also formation one form, moreover was very marvelous, but the master and servant contract was truly simplest, but actually very fierce one contract, especially this life and death contract! My life is you give, later protects you on allows me to come!” Dongfang Xinyue beautiful smile, tender dī dī shouted: Master!”