World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 731
Sees this outstandingly beautiful female slave to be so clever, Shen Xiang thought one are having a dream. Then the joke opened in a big way!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, is hard to believe that master and servant contract real, the woman is always sometimes coy, but straightforward gets up time, makes surprising, for example present Dongfang Xinyue. Liu Meng'er is only light lightly snorted, she must prevent already late, now said that anything is also useless. Master, I, although is your female slave, but this does not mean that you can act unreasonably to me.” Dongfang Xinyue smiles gently, smiles ambiguous very: Master, you do not bully slave servant!” Shen Xiang wants to bully actually, but he must have the strength to be good, this outstandingly beautiful female slave strength compared with him. Hua Xiangyue is charming, the Dongfang Xinyue gentle person, Shen Xiang can have these two outstandingly beautiful female slave, definitely will make the person envy dead, but to the present also only then the small number of people knows. Meng'er, were you jealous?” Dongfang Xinyue spits the tongue, happily said with a smile. Does not have...... Is a little, but you are not his first female slave, Little Fairy is fiercer than you.” Liu Meng'er tenderly snorted and said, Hua Xiangyue is not bad compared with this Dongfang Xinyue. This makes Dongfang Xinyue surprised, when she wants to understand when are many sisters who” some that elements have not sought a meeting, this withered lake suddenly shakes, giant tide sound suddenly transmits, the massive water do not know where runs out from suddenly, is rushing the middle from the two sides. Quickly walks!” Liu Meng'er calls out in alarm, is drawing Shen Xiang with Dongfang Xinyue, leaves the lake bottom with the quickest speed. Just ran off in them, place suddenly that they stand left giant black hole, these crazily emerge in this hole from two sides always water, forms the vortex, revolves crazily, stands looked on the level of the lake that looks like a giant beast carries on crazy devour to be ordinary in the lake bottom. Luckily Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue speed is quick, can leave the lake bottom, when they just relaxed, in the sky suddenly falls to burn the stone of raging fire, each giant stone likes the hill to be like that giant. The giant stone burns the raging fire, pounding of heavily is falling on the ground, erupts a scalding hot air wave, as well as shivers intermittently, bang the sound is unceasing, as if the earth was roaring.

That Dragon said right, in this really very danger(ous), everywhere is powerful formations!” Dongfang Xinyue knit the brows saying that then waved to crush together the giant meteorite that pounded to fall from their top of the head rapidly. Looks that these fragments are similar to the innumerable meteors descend, Shen Xiang thought that this is not Illusion Formation, but day beyond truly meteorite. Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue draw Shen Xiang to run swiftly , to continue to stay here again, perhaps will only be killed by these not well-known formation. These formation should be in that divine book, I want definitely some people here to stay long time, and study arranges above formation, will therefore cause here to have many strangely and powerful formations.” Dongfang Xinyue looks that the following that is similar to has the places of innumerable disaster, has a lingering fear, if they are slow, perhaps was buried there. Here is a formation world! When they see the ruins, loose a big tone, although here has a dragon, but by far was much safer than the place of former that terror. Dongfang Xinyue has put out two stand-able style wooden cabinets, she places the uppermost that matter that divine book, this is the photocopying appliance that she refines, can carry on fast reprinting. Meng'er, gave you!” Dongfang Xinyue wants the transcription, inside many formation enough she studied for a long time. Shen Xiang also wants to study, but he thinks of these innumerable spirit pattern on the headache, moreover young he, is hard to sink the heart to study these complex things, moreover his present strength is very weak, must control these large formation not to be very easy. Sister Xinyue, you know that what female slave does want the master person to make generally?” Shen Xiang is smiling asking. What can make?” Dongfang Xinyue thinks that on beautiful face is completely vacant, shook the head. I sleep, you must help me warm the bed, must coax me to sleep, I take a bath you must help me rub the back, best was I washes...... Shen Xiang just to say here together, he felt Liu Meng'er to release an icy cold aura, making him hit quickly grasping the meaning of something.

This female slave strength is too strong, you could not control, temporarily turned over to me to manage, I will help you ** good!” A Liu Meng'er face stern said that making in the Shen Xiang heart despise her secretly. Dongfang Xinyue pū chī smiles: Yes, Madame!” In the Shen Xiang heart sighed, he thought that if wants actually to obtain that two outstandingly beautiful female slave, first made Liu Meng'er to him docile. Xinyue, Xiangyue! Hehe, it seems like you inborn are few female slave, you certainly will when the time comes feel sorry not to have met sooner.” Shen Xiang badly bad low smiling. What? Hua Xiangyue is your female slave!” Dongfang Xinyue startled sound track. Yes, she is the same with you, has the master and servant contract with me, but temporarily does not turn over to me to manage now.” A Shen Xiang face is not feeling well looks at Liu Meng'er. I did not worry that you do play produce fire to come? Your this strength, definitely is said to......” Liu Meng'er that tossing about dead by Hua Xiangyue this Little Fairy, face cannot help but red, the sound was weaker: Practices True Qi martial artist, the male and female union unknowingly will enter a marvelous condition, regardless of their True Qi clash, union time can perfect accommodating together, but if differs the big time, will bring very big harm to the weak side.” Shen Xiang looks at Dongfang Xinyue, the jade face of Dongfang Xinyue is also red, she nodded: This is real, don't you know?” Shen Xiang shook the head: Nobody has told me!” Now you knew that's alright, this called double cultivation.” Liu Meng'er whispered. Shen Xiang understands that now why Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue always find the excuse not to make him eat, actually is this. Then why I and Xianxian do, hasn't discovered?” Shen Xiang also asked that let two female face is one red, they lived were so long, has not enjoyed that taste, but Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian have actually tried.

„Do you and Xianxian...... do frequently?” Jade neck that Liu Meng'er's blushes spread, Master inquired that apprentice matter, truly is very very bashful. No, a evening, oh......” Shen Xiang sighed. This was in unknowingly occurred, you could not certainly feel, moreover an evening......” a Liu Meng'er face was charming, the sound became very small. cough cough, should exit!” Shen Xiang thought that the atmosphere is very awkward, hastily shift topic, to that forest yelled: „The Old Dragon friend, your does if wanted exit to ventilate?” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that blue dragon is good, if can turn in the friend with him, then, will be many a fiercer backer. Does not leave, outside must be finished, I hide compare the security here.” That dragon unexpectedly replied. Balls little rascal.” Shen Xiang low snort|hum said. Snort, must always live for a long time compared with the idiot who your this types do not fear death.” That dragon disdainfully said: Hurries get lost, was noisy, was the old people, unexpectedly said that some such ashamed matter, did not know the sense of honor!”