World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 732
North Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue others said that the face was redder, but a Shen Xiang matter does not have, instead also indignant. „, Your these dragons, are not the natural dispositions **? Some of your also qualifications said us!” A Shen Xiang face refuses to accept, yelled. Because the dragon likes acting unreasonably in all directions, therefore has dragon blood Demon Beast, but Long Xueyi this small bad dragon, has given the Shen Xiang very bad impression. Don't compares with me and these aristocrat dragons, our status base and low dragons are very clean.” That dragon also very much refuses to accept: But I am little evolve from snake, although now already completely Dragon Transformation, but I and these aristocrat dragons are different.” Long Xueyi very angry, their solemn Imperial Dragon Clan, unexpectedly is despised by this inferior dragon now. The world of dragon is the same with the world of person, has the division of various grades and ranks, and despises mutually. little rascal, scolded him, irritated this miss!” Long Xueyi grasps in Hidden Jade Jade Palace is roaring crazily: „It is not the luck good, can turn into the blue dragon? Has anything to be quite rampant, when this miss has grown up, a claw can pat him!” Shen Xiang has hit, the ring on revolving Heaven's Crown Gate, opened Space Gate: Old Dragon, I called Shen Xiang, later I will ask often you to play.” Shen Xiang was saying, drew two females to walk into Space Gate, when they disappeared, the Shen Xiang ear broadcast the voice of that dragon: I called Lan Cang, next time will come not to lead the woman.” After leaving Immemorial Sacred Land, they appear in that piece fully are in the forests of giant trees, but here Illusion Formation unexpectedly also again, in other words Dongfang family these people also here.

A bit faster leaves this damned place, it seems like here treasure light brings in the person breaknecks.” Shen Xiang revolves once more that Heaven's Crown Gate, when Space Gate just opened, together strange transparent air wave suddenly. Space Gate vanished, but all around fills various tyrannical space strength! This is Space Devil Beast!” Long Xueyi suddenly anxious shouted, in the sound is having the fear: This thing adolescence in these tyrannical space tunnels, the strength is very strong, moreover can make the space very chaotic.” Now all Mortal World fuse together, the space tunnel vanished, Space Devil Beast survival place getting smaller, will therefore appear here, starts along with three realms great war, all spaces become more and more unstable talent, makes these things have the opportunity to arrive at the society.” Shen Xiang hastily holds on two females, that understands the utilization space strength monster, when he just held on Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue, their suddenly vanish from sight! Sister Meng'er, Sister Xinyue!” Shen Xiang hastily loudly exclaimed, but all around was actually reverberating his voice. „Does dragon brat, where have to discover them?” The Shen Xiang hastily inquiry said. No, but you could rest assured that they also here, but was screened by that Space Devil Beast, in other words this Space Devil Beast must eat food, he through grasping this space, in sensation this strength strong person, then separates these expert and weak ones.” Long Xueyi said. Then?” The feed, this made Shen Xiang worry.

Then waits for that Space Devil Beast to be destroyed completely, this Space Devil Beast strength is not strong, will otherwise not shrink hides, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue strength is very strong, you do not need to be worried their, you best are worried about you.” Just started Shen Xiang not to understand why Long Xueyi made him be worried about itself, but was quick he to get the answer, because his suddenly felt the space that oneself were was moving, after stopping, he saw all around to have many people, was a face fears and vacant. Your these weak ones were gathered to come here, if Space Devil Beast can eat these expert successfully, you become that Space Devil Beast between-meal snack!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: No wonder that stupid dragon does not dare to come out, actually he knows that outside has Space Devil Beast.” Possibly is because Space Devil Beast appears, therefore touches Immemorial Sacred Land formation, causing this Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea middle to be covered by large formation, such one, Space Devil Beast is hard to leave this Illusion Formation.” Bai Youyou said: Here is the space weak point, in the past set up formation that person considered very completely.” „Isn't this Shen Xiang?” One fills greedy eye suddenly to fix the eyes on Shen Xiang in pairs, this is ten billion crystal stone, on living appearance before them, if collaborates to kill Shen Xiang, they divide equally, will obtain much. Before a leg of Dongfang Xuanlong, was given the interruption by Shen Xiang with Demanding Life Devil Bow, but actually restored now, if he can massacre Shen Xiang, he has the prestige in Dongfang Clan, is helpful to him in Dongfang family inside promotion status. The person here, is under Nirvana Realm, but above Nirvana Realm by that Space Devil Beast using the way that the space transferred making. You come, is on together!” Shen Xiang displays no fear, the double fist grasps, Dragon Force appears externally, the earth shivers slightly, person who all around great tree immediately split open, making in these hearts have the idea immediately is panic-stricken, hastily has cancelled the thought.

The people not only have not come up, instead retreat comes, the place that Shen Xiang is at also turned into an empty region, but all around person also more than 3000, regarding the new world, this person calculated little, but majority were the strength is good. Looks at the wear of these people, majority are some influences, together accompanies to come, Devil Subduing School and Fire God Palace's are in the majority, is Dongfang family. Sees Shen Xiang these terrors Dragon Force, the people in a low voice to whisper, Shen Xiang cultivated the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art matter to be already well-known, can spread that big positive result to come in Mortal Martial World, the strength was not definitely weak, few minute of skill words, to defeat Shen Xiang really is very difficult. Many people do not dare to get rid, but the people of some parts are ready to make trouble, but these people are also to their strength very self-confident person, majority are some famous families greatly sends inside talent. Really disappointing, is allows me to come! Although this gate ranks second in the new world, but our strengths not only absolutely second.” Wears the golden magnificently dressed man to grasp very dazzling treasure sword, steps one type is looking like very noble step, slowly from crowd. This male Zichang handsome, on the face is having the light smiling face , the manner scholarly, as soon as he appears, some females throw the look that admires to him. sect that Golden Heroic Sword Sect, in the new world is listed second, with sword, moreover Dean is very great Refining Master, it is said be stronger than Dongfang Xinyue.” A person in crowd exclaims.