World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 733
Before Shen Xiang expelled Heavenly Lightning Sect that has been listed third, has not thought that will meet to arrange second sect. Lu Xianqing, others Young Master Dongfang and can the first sect's people, how you snatch others' crest of wave?” Person of shouted. Lu Xianqing is that Golden Heroic Sword Sect person, Shen Xiang naturally has not listened, but he knows that this name should be very resounding in the new world, but is actually well below him. Really, in the crowd hears this name, sends out calls out in alarm intermittently. Is that obtains the Golden Heroic Sword Sect first treasure sword person, it is said when Golden Heroic Sword in his hand, was the Golden Heroic Sword Sect founder in the past transcend remained, by Nirvana Ninth Tribulation has quenchinged treasure sword, close immortal tool general existence!” Takes away the auction words, at least also value ** one billion crystal stones, wants on to 10 billion is not the difficult matter.” This should be the first sword of new world!” Sees people much discussion that [gold/metal] treasure sword, on the Lu Xianqing face full is the proud color, he looked at Dongfang family Dongfang Xuanlong, lightly smiled: Brother Dongfang, if you also want to obtain this 10 billion to post a reward, waits for you to defeat me, I cup one hand in the other across the chest to deliver surely!” This Lu Xianqing said serene so, probably was he can win Shen Xiang to be the same, his self-confident facial expression, not tedious. Has killed Shen Xiang, not only can obtain ten billion crystal stone, but can also become world-famous, this is the dreams of many youngster people. Lu Xianqing draws a sword slowly, sword blade is releasing the dazzling cold glow, swift and fierce murderous aura spout with shivering of sword blade, making the people feel more shocking the new world first sword to this, this inherits many years of treasure sword, had drunk the blood of many expert, dies the person under sword surely are also many.

I am Golden Heroic Sword Sect Lu Xian......” Was really wordy, who cares about your name?” Shen Xiang was saying, separates the spatial fist, fist energy wells up crazily from the fist, toward that Lu Xianqing sprint in the past, but the ground passed over gently and swiftly along with fist energy, in exploding of pā lā opens, seemed been same by an land dragon shuttle in the past. Lu Xianqing is angry, welcomes Qi Energy that is flying to shoot, a sword punctures, sword tip above Sword Qi four well up, strong ferocious golden True Qi pours into that Golden Heroic Sword, sees only sword blade that cold glow four shoot, suddenly flashes before to shake golden light, True Qi releases the sword from this, becomes fiercer. Buzz resounds, that Golden Heroic Sword deafening sound, the sound is slightly clear, making the person be enchanted by, making people think that this Golden Heroic Sword is more precious. But after Shen Xiang fights with the fists, on the quick steps on, on that pair of meat fist binds to use the body refinement of Slaughter God, God Slaughtering Hand, any treasure sword Immortal Sword in front of this White Tiger Divine Weapon, is the floating clouds. True Qi emerges in that God Slaughtering Hand, making the Shen Xiang's claw more powerful, as if can grasp broken in society all, sees on Shen Xiang that both hands suddenly full is the air/Qi of evil spirit, the people cannot help but back sends coolly, that cold and gloomy Slaughter Qi, making people as if think that places the Hell battlefield to be ordinary, but Shen Xiang is this battlefield Slaughter God! Although in Lu Xianqing heart surprised, but responded actually quickly, to a Shen Xiang sword detachment, was leaving behind gorgeous golden light in void of hurried swift and fierce murderous aura, on sword blade is sprinting compared with that murderous aura fiercer aura, as if can cut void. This is a Lu Xianqing very strong sword, but this sword does not have fierce that such people imagine, the long sword that because that golden splendor sparkles fell into the Shen Xiang's hand, was grasped by Shen Xiang stubbornly there. That inconceivable grasps, making the people unreadable, as if Shen Xiang that hand inborn has the attraction, attracts to be the same the Lu Xianqing sword, the time and strength grasp very accurate, what is most shocking, this new world first treasure sword unexpectedly with hand holding. Shame! This is the new world first treasure sword shame, the Golden Heroic Sword Sect shame, the sharp knife blade is held with the hand, this is the shame that many people are unable to tolerate!

Lu Xianqing is angry immediately, on the white face of that scholarly full is murderous aura, the blue vein bulge, appears very fierce, because he knows that he has destroyed the reputation of this sword! In people heart shocks incomparably, Shen Xiang that is binding on the big hand of white glove, the suddenly white light dodges, that wild Dragon Force wells up crazily, the people as if can hear to have a dragon to roar. Biting a resounding, the people are dumbfounded immediately, as if the time stopped generally, that Golden Heroic Sword unexpectedly broke! The new world first sword such by Shen Xiang with the hand breaking off, that Lu Xianqing has tarried thoroughly, this is Golden Heroic Sword Sect town mountain supreme treasure, he is because the talent is excellent, will be rewarded to use for hundred years, bringing unexpectedly to ruin now! Afterward „” crack, a Shen Xiang palm of the hand fan maliciously on the handsome face of that Lu Xianqing, although is only Devil Subduing Energy one, but that is hits with Dragon Force, Lu Xianqing that might all day, that been in a daze hits does not know the east , south , west and north, bangs into the soil. The sword destroys the person to defeat, loses miserably, but Shen Xiang has also revealed several, the people thought Lu Xianqing takes treasure sword to bully the person, but now...... Actually Shen Xiang bullies the person, takes divine tool to break off others that is similar to the family jewels same thing, afterward he thinks to think very cruelly, but he is likes maliciously copes with these to take his persons head person. My persons head here, who wants to take comes!” Shen Xiang Golden Heroic Sword that breaks off in the hand, releases wild Dragon Force, uses that God Slaughtering Hand, rubs a ball the sword that then pounding maliciously in the ground, pounded a big hole it. The people look at Shen Xiang that pair of light, but is having the faint trace murderous aura look, cannot help but has had a shiver. Takes others heads? Let alone can the head, come across others hair or a matter! The Lu Xianqing strength sufficed, but also has fierce treasure sword, but was actually hit to go fall flat on one's face by a Shen Xiang palm of the hand, now who dares to come up.

Dongfang Xuanlong at this time has not come up, he is watching changes quietly, he thought how must come up to say must wait for Shen Xiang to be consumed most strength on again, otherwise the fate will be the same with that Lu Xianqing. duel nobody dares, but if many people collaborates, can perhaps win. At this moment, two wear take care the man similarly, grasped the great axe to walk, two dozens one, this will be will make the person despise, but actually nobody despises that two people now, because Shen Xiang was too strong, went to duel he definitely not to hit, but if were two people, perhaps. I also think that the new world will have the good match, has not thought that is the waste materials!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, in Tempering Realm, his really few matches, has, but had not been met by him. Great strength pair of Xiong, Great Force Sect!” Some quick people have recognized that two men. Great Force Sect, in the new world ranks fifth.” That rank is not quite reasonable, Extreme Martial Sect that Shen Xiang is at has not placed, but easily was actually defeated has arranged the second sect disciple.” In two same places Shen Xiang did not fear that he currently has the time in any case, happen to can also practice acquiring a skill.