World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 734
Great Force Sect, hears the name to know that this sect's person is cultivates one type to make them have formidable strength martial arts, this great strength double male fleshly body looks like be more intrepid than most Tempering Realm martial artist, that build also likes a crane among chickens, like former that Lu Xianqing, did not have that Golden Heroic Sword, the strength greatly has sold at a discount. „Can you on together?” Shen Xiang asked that these two guys gave his feeling, very had the male spirit, was not that type is willing to occupy others convenient person likely. Naturally is not!” And a slightly high man said that moreover he also receives the great axe in skilled person to receive. I do not want to destroy among us the fair contest, I will make my Junior Brother favor, does not make others plot!” Male loudly said, he looks at Shen Xiang: How do we only compete physical strength?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, competes fleshly body, he thought that in this Mortal World, the unusual person can compete with him. I am Great Force Sect Bao Li!” Bao Li has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Shen Xiang. This Bao Li wants to compare notes with Shen Xiang evidently, has not received that monetary reward the meaning, when he watched the fight of Shen Xiang and Lu Xianqing a moment ago, discovery fleshly body is very strong, therefore in heart has ignited soaring fighting intent. Compared with on ratio!” Shen Xiang received that White Tiger glove, the opposite party person is good, he does not want to occupy others convenient. Meets to incur!” Bao Li bellows, that such as the lightning-like roar acoustic shock results in forest inside bird to fly to leap up in abundance. Looks that this Bao Li likely gotten angry crazy cow runs, in the Shen Xiang heart acclaimed one, can practice this situation fleshly body, was not easy. physical strength so is powerful, lets focusing on cultivating True Qi young martial artist exclaims, if only uses physical strength, the scene except for Shen Xiang, perhaps does not have many people to dare with this Bao Li to compare.

When Bao Li with True Qi strength, has not run on speed nature slow many, but has the imposing manner, time that his iron fights with the fists, when has made a hit air sound, is very scary. The fist hits to the Shen Xiang's chest, Shen Xiang has not avoided and resisted slightly, he has counter-attacked a fist similarly, his speed of fist be faster than Bao Li, when the fist of Bao Li just moved the Shen Xiang's clothes, was hit the chest by the Shen Xiang's fist. The dull thumping sound of bang, the Shen Xiang's fist is having a very strong strength, violent collision in Bao Li that is similar to the gigantic body of steel and iron, Bao Li has exuded one lowly, retreat several steps, the corners of the mouth cannot help but overflowed the blood. A fist, has not used True Qi, gives to injure this fleshly body powerful Bao Li, this makes the people dumbfounded, Shen Xiang's fleshly body unexpectedly is also very formidable. I...... I lost!” Bao Li speech time, but also is spitting a big blood, he could see that Shen Xiang has shown mercy, otherwise he cannot stand now. Bao Li was held by his Junior Brother is falling back on the crowd, strength that Shen Xiang shows now, is getting more and more impressive, no wonder he has the skill to massacre Dongfang Yao. ten billion crystal stone, some unexpectedly also these many stupid pigs give up for that anything nonsense morality and justice.” The cynical sound floats together, shuā shuā shuā, more than ten wear the black clothed, leading the thin man of silver mask, suddenly to fall from the sky, has encircled Shen Xiang. Ghost Killer Sect, this is one trains sect of callous killer specially, ranks ninth in the sect ranking of new world, it is said their names are the serial numbers, status background that nobody knows Ghost Killer Sect any disciple.” Silver surface ghost killer, is in the Ghost Killer Sect medium skilled person, it is said Ghost Killer Sect silver surface ghost killer only then hundred people, ten people can kill one just to enter into Nirvana Realm martial artist, Ghost Killer Sect strongest is broad face ghost killer, weakest is wooden flooring ghost killer!” In the crowd transmits surprised discussion in abundance.

This Ghost Killer Sect Shen Xiang has listened, before he when Celestial Emperor City strolled randomly heard many people to discuss, this was very outstanding killer organization, the wooden mask was weakest, was the iron mask, the copper mask, the silver mask and [gold/metal] mask is strongest, was least. Shen Xiang surrounded is ten silver surface ghost killer, these killers want having crystal stones, no matter the whole families women and children, can under the pain the cruel methods, almost does not have what morality and justice. The killer who many killers organize, has the bottom line, but Ghost Killer Sect does not have, so long as there is crystal stones, everyone kills! Let alone is ten billion crystal stone Shen Xiang? Sees Shen Xiang to be surrounded by these ten sudden silver surface ghost killer, the people back sends to be cool secretly, because before them, has not noted here to have ghost killer to appear, these many person unexpectedly have not discovered their existences. ghost killer mysteriously appeared and disappeared, concealment ability greatly strengthened killer, if were discovered that they do not match to make silver surface ghost killer. Few people have seen ghost killer fight, because has seen the person basically died, but now do they want to work as front fight of that many people? This makes many people somewhat be afraid, was worried that after ghost killer Shen Xiang does, to them will start, although here has several thousand people to look. Silver surface ghost killer suddenly has made a hand signal, saw only suddenly to have four to vanish, left at an extremely quick speed, but remaining six from all around toward Shen Xiang surrounding in the past, in the hand were taking a very thin very long very sharp long needle, punctured toward Shen Xiang. Six places that punctures, very awfully, if were punctured to one, undying can the severe wound, makes people feel what fear is, on that six long needle is smudging acute poison. Shen Xiang or the first time meet speed such quick besieging, even if his speed is fast, is hard to escape, True Qi of his within the body even without enough time erupts, that six long needle punctured. Saw that Shen Xiang must be penetrated by this type of long needle the body dies, the people worried, but that six long needle was disappointing, because penetrated the Shen Xiang's clothes, again has not punctured! Cracks a joke, Shen Xiang has the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor this divine tool person, if by these six ordinary tool piercing, had refined the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor person to kill in the past.

Therefore Shen Xiang knows that cannot shunt will not have the matter, very calm where he stands. Silver surface ghost killer is truly strong, well-trained, acts in harmony, making the person look fearful and apprehensive. The people believe that if their were besieged like this, will die surely! Although six long needles are defeated, four silver surface ghost killer that but vanished a moment ago appear immediately , to continue to attack the Shen Xiang's forehead with the long needle, a speed ten points of rapidness, only lets slip in that six silver surface ghost killer the later instance. Shen Xiang already guarded against that four silver surface ghost killer that vanished a moment ago, when that four long acupuncture to his forehead, speed rapidness of four water vine, from flying to leap up, when that four long needle just moved the Shen Xiang's hair, gives to tie down that four silver surface ghost killer, then water vine fierce pulls, making pounding of that four silver surface ghost killer heavily fall on the ground. That six silver surface ghost killer hastily has drawn back the Shen Xiang's attack range, although four companions were entrained by Shen Xiang, the meaning that but they have not actually rescued, both hands dance gets up, throws the water bag that many diathermanous films make. water ball has not moved Shen Xiang to explode, intermittent water splash flies violently, sprinkles in the big piece place, splashes Shen Xiang from top to bottom is. Has acute poison!” A person was startled to shout one, retreat several steps.