World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 735
water ball is truly virulent, moreover acute poison, these limpid water splash down silver surface ghost killer body that after that four tied down by water vine, four silver surface ghost killer suddenly make an intermittent rending sound, afterward turns into a beach the bloody water! After all around great tree stains, immediately withers dead, the falling leaf is the black! The people see this, is far away from the place that water ball explodes in abundance, was worried that acute poison will disseminate from the air, many people stop air, release energy shield to protect the body, they worried that these silver surface ghost killer will eliminate a potential informant. Good, understood that the use such fierce toxin comes!” Shen Xiang wiped the face these poisonous water that drops, his appearance probably is just sprinkled a drenched chicken of water, where was sprinkled likely brought the acute poison poisonous water? The people looked to stay, they personally saw ground that four silver surface ghost killer to turn into bloody water by that acute poison, only remaining silver masks, but Shen Xiang the trifling thing does not have now. That six original manuscript very calm silver surface ghost killer shock incomparably, their poisonous unexpectedly are useless to Shen Xiang, but this is also the thing that they most depend on, their True Qi perhaps are not too strong, but they study the speed and acute poison, their Ghost Killer Sect has most splendid counteracting poison Grandmaster, therefore makes their Ghost Killer Sect very formidable, but their toxin unexpectedly lost the function now. When they want to run away, they only think that whole body one cool, water vine twine on them, keeping them from moving. Shen Xiang this move is very useful, especially copes with these True Qi is not very overbearing martial artist, is fatal, so long as tied down basically is hard to withdraw. These six silver surface ghost killer were hidden by water vine in one, then dragging slowly pulls, sees only Shen Xiang to wave, fell into poisonous water condense together of ground a moment ago, gathers in the Shen Xiang's palm.

You are ruthless enough, in order to reach the goal, does not want the companions!” On the Shen Xiang palm that group poisonous water mysterious float, making these silver surface ghost killer look at the whole body to tremble, the toxicity of this type of poisonous water they are very naturally clear. The people could see that Shen Xiang must give to massacre these six silver surface ghost killer with that poisonous water, when that six silver surface ghost killer just exuded the begging for mercy sound, that group poisonous water has exploded on their top of the head. These six silver surface ghost killer under the Shen Xiang's water vine bundle, sends out pitiful calling out, the body slowly by acute poison is putrefied, turns into beach black bloody water. Let silver surface ghost killer that the person is panic at the news, simultaneously besieges Shen Xiang, but made Shen Xiang turn into a drenched chicken, finally actually ended up to turn out the fate of skeleton non- saving, Shen Xiang, although did not have that terror silver mask, but his was bringing the face of light smiling face, made people more frightened. Young Master Dongfang, we met, your previous time holds that sword behind your father, but also really makes people be hard to forget! Looked at your then appearance, very held crisply!” Shen Xiang walked toward Dongfang Xuanlong with a smile. The Dongfang Xuanlong pit his father's matter, already became the topic of new world discussion, many people can look that Dongfang Chaoqun taking the opportunity was given by Dongfang Lingyun falls cloudy, but for this Dongfang Xuanlong was not cleaned by Dongfang Lingyun, in order to sits that Patriarch position in later, does not hesitate to betray his father, naturally also has other secrets. Previous Shen Xiang in secret shooting to have exploded the thigh of this Dongfang Xuanlong with Demanding Life Devil Bow, but Shen Xiang thought that has not created any trauma to this Dongfang Xuanlong, because his model Huang Jintian this old lunatic came at that time scary, looks like in Dongfang Xuanlong, was plotted by a powerful person is also a quite honored matter. But Shen Xiang wants to make this Dongfang Xuanlong have a shadow now at heart, meanwhile must make Dongfang family waste to be many some pills to rescue this Dongfang Xuanlong, because of Dongfang family Patriarch, only then bloodlines can inherit.

Shen Xiang thought that if the luck is good, perhaps Dongfang family also will enhance some to his posting a reward, but now that many people are surrounding, if east the East were short is devastated, Dongfang Lingyun squeek, definitely will not be despised. Shen Xiang, you have killed my younger blood brother, do you also want to start to me?” On the Dongfang Xuanlong face full is ice-cold, a scared look does not have. „The person like you, you will care younger brother who you died? Your fathers dare to hold, what kinship do you also care about?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, this Young Master Dongfang guard are really many, moreover is talented, altogether has more than 20. Snort, copes with the rebel, must be cruel and merciless, even if he is my father, I as the Patriarch Dongfang successor, I cannot be in cahoots with him, betrays my Dongfang family for the one's own selfish interests.” Dongfang Xuanlong these words said awe-inspiring, imposing manner is sufficient, looks like also is really that matter. But Shen Xiang actually does not believe that so long as understood that slightly the Dongfang Chaoqun person, knows Dongfang Chaoqun will not sell Dongfang family, actually Dongfang Lingyun and Dongfang Xuanlong have the possibility. Mouth is hard enough, Hehe!” Shen Xiang suddenly gloomy and cold smiles, his Grasping Soul Devil Curse can make person start to talk say the truth, but the issue is he must first taking down now is good the Young Master Dongfang bodyguard. Catches him!” Dongfang Xuanlong sees Shen Xiang to compel step by step, hastily yelled, sees only that 20 bodyguards to run swiftly immediately toward Shen Xiang, wields the sword, revolution True Qi, comes up exhausts the full attack. The people have to admire the strength of Dongfang family this group of people, that vigorous wild True Qi makes many people panic-stricken.

Tai Chi Dragon!” Shen Xiang complexion sank, both hands dance gets up, sees only his suddenly to explode gushes out an intermittent terror Dragon Force, turns into many tall and slender White Dragon and Black Dragon, is surrounding his sole, hovers fast by two opposite directions, forms one zhang (3.33 m) wide Yin-Yang Tai Chi Diagram, fast revolves under his foot. 20 person speed suddenly that besieges changed quick were more, but they were uncontrolled, oneself flew toward Shen Xiang there, but the pointed weapons in their hand let go to fly from first, after entering Shen Xiang under foot that Tai Chi Dragon inside, unexpectedly completely is twisted damages, some ruptured. Must know that Tai Chi Dragon inside strength, is massive Dragon Force after the compression, through that mysterious formation enhancement, becomes very terrifying, so long as by the goal of Shen Xiang Divine Sense locking, will be attracted. In this nature Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art one technique, but consumes True Qi, needs massive Dragon Force to support. After Young Master Dongfang that 20 bodyguards see their weapon fates, in heart with amazement, but actually without enough time, True Qi of their within the body came under that intense suction influence, causes chaotic tyrannical, making him beyond control. After these 20 people Shen Xiang inhales Tai Chi Dragon, the body immediately sends out one giggle skeleton disruption sound, their statures are the same with these swords, broke off, curving, seeing the hands and feet of these person of bodies to be rebated by various according to angles curvingly, the people watch, own bone is also paining.