World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 736
This is fierce of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, in Legend is very strong, personally sees is stronger, the people decided that later sees Shen Xiang unable to reveal the hostility absolutely, otherwise they like that Tai Chi Dragon inside person. Instantaneous, Shen Xiang used 30% True Qi, regarding True Qi vigorous him, this was very big consumption, but can actually who he solved these to be in the way fast. The Dongfang family 20 skilled people, such were solved, moreover skeleton almost breaks completely broken, although has not died, but actually received very serious wound. Dongfang Xuanlong wants to run, but after he sees oneself these bodyguards were tidied up completely, knows one did not have the opportunity to run. Shen Xiang will attack Dongfang Xuanlong is also the most normal matter, who makes Dongfang family 10 billion post a reward Shen Xiang, currently Shen Xiang also has such good opportunity to cope with Dongfang Xuanlong, will not be definitely lenient. In the Dongfang Xuanlong heart somewhat fears, but he actually cannot by his reputation defeat here, he put out a sharp sword, looked at that rank is also good treasure tool, Shen Xiang guessed that this was the Dongfang Xinyue refinement. You have not escaped, but also really stems from my anticipation!” Shen Xiang was sneering the past, now these many people look that he must make this Dongfang Xuanlong honest spit the matter of his pit father child. Our Dongfang family has issued posting a reward, has not thought wants fight, in order to avoid others said that our Dongfang family did not keep a promise, but the present is you compels me to get rid, today we make to mediate!” On the Dongfang Xuanlong face displays self-confidently, resembles his sword to be able the Shen Xiang's throat to pierce is very same. Words said really of pleasant to hear, but I am not your father, I am not thinking holds the knife behind me.” Shen Xiang laughs: Naturally, you are recognize me to be the father, I do not receive your, so as to avoid being entrapped by you.”

Dongfang Xuanlong suddenly laughs: Shen Xiang, you are really arrogant, my Dongfang family can stand erect on this new world, becomes the first family, the first formidable influence, this is not the accidental matter, do not think that you study fierce divine art, has thought oneself infallible, you not must underestimate the person!” My Dongfang Xuanlong takes Dongfang family first young expert, for the glory of family, makes contact with my assigns me unable to defeat, dies I not to fear that the glory of family is more important than my life, my father betrays the family, I am also enduring the deep sorrow under the cruel methods to him, Shen Xiang you insulted my family repeatedly, today I must wash clean all these with your blood!” This saying is full of the arrogance, admires silently, but Shen Xiang knows he said is the bullshits. Shen Xiang suddenly dodges, the speed is extremely fast, Dongfang Xuanlong only sees person's shadow suddenly to shake, afterward cheeks on burning ache. The people also somewhat admired to Dongfang Xuanlong, how is planning to look at Dongfang Xuanlong is the Shen Xiang fierce combat, who knows that self-confident Dongfang Xuanlong, unexpectedly had been hit a palm of the hand by Shen Xiang maliciously, even/including Yadai the blood was patted. Glorious image suddenly of Dongfang Xuanlong in people heart suffers a disastrous decline! Is this Young Master Dongfang? How possible? Was patted the tooth by others palm of the hand, this was also too weak. Shen Xiang you...... Shameless, unexpectedly plots against me......” Dongfang Xuanlong to look that in the tread that lies down in the pool of blood above tooth, in the heart angry incomparable, he also some enriched the image the words to say, but Shen Xiang has not made him rubbish, a palm of the hand has struck back the primary form him.

Shen Xiang has to acknowledge that the mouth of this Dongfang Xuanlong is truly fierce, the flickering ability and acting in a play ability that is first-class, if were not he personally sees Dongfang Xuanlong in the back cloudy a father sword, he definitely also will be flickered. Who lets your many idle talk!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: You do not know, when facing enemy, can't have slightly laxly?” My Dongfang Xuanlong always with the martial arts contest of others directly and honestly, only then with your this despicable shameless person can so.” Dongfang Xuanlong unexpectedly very calm wipes off the blood of corners of the mouth, then exhibits the elegant bearing the appearance, a face stern said. Shen Xiang suddenly thought now that Dongfang Jing this young fool, may be flickered by this big brother very much silly. Shen Xiang, looks at the sword!” Dongfang Xuanlong very principle of righteousness shouted one, when contends in martial arts with others, making others look to incur, truly is a very honest behavior. Naturally, Dongfang Xuanlong is not such idiot, he punctures the sword to shout first again, moreover his sword compared with his mouth, puncture the past time quickly, his sound passes to the people ear, but looks like is really he is also reminding Shen Xiang. On Shen Xiang True Qi winds around, two fingers at a very inconceivable speed, gripped that Dongfang Xuanlong sword tip, when he wants to display Profound Aura Finger sword tip pinches-off, his suddenly felt that a resistance, must know he is bringing the White Tiger glove now, has God Slaughtering Hand strength, even if not use Dragon Force, uses the Profound Aura Finger words, can pinch-off these fierce treasure tool with ease. But this does not have the sword, he discovered that this must be rubbed a ball Golden Heroic Sword to be fiercer than former that by him the quality of sword by far.

Dongfang Xuanlong forehead suddenly sweats, he has not thought that Shen Xiang that two finger unexpectedly are so fierce, after gripping that sword tip, keeping him from pulling out. Snort!” Shen Xiang suddenly holds sword blade, then slides, slips into the sword hilt directly, releases formidable strength, has a huge impact, grabs that directly the sword, poked Dongfang Xuanlong with the sword hilt maliciously, then seized the sword that. This is the Dongfang Xinyue refinement, the quality is good, be fiercer than that anything nonsense Golden Heroic Sword.” Shen Xiang looks at this sword, Dongfang Xinyue was Dongfang family has really paid, has used energy to weapon that the family member refined the painstaking care, but has carried finally actually on the back an infamy of rebel. After he sword receives, Dongfang Xuanlong suddenly has fiercely attacked, that pair of fist is very powerful, time that the True Qi steaming spout, the crazy fist strokes, lion that as if roared, hitting of heavily on the Shen Xiang's cheeks. In the Dongfang Xuanlong heart secretly rejoices, on the face just revealed the happy expression, but actually immediately vanished, because Shen Xiang not only has not lost teeth to spit blood, has not cast aside, this fist is similar to hits on diamond. I like you, casually will not be plotted!” Shen Xiang grins to sneer, on the fist is welling up True Qi crazily, turns into one fully is the murderous aura white tiger head skull, sends out a frightening tiger's roar, has pounded toward the face of Dongfang Xuanlong fiercely. „......” Dongfang Xuanlong has sent out a pitiful yell, Shen Xiang that is quick and fierce White Tiger Divine Fist, attacks on the nose of Dongfang Xuanlong, pounded to collapse that tall Ting nose, nosebleed crossflow.