World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 737
Now Shen Xiang understands why Dongfang Jing this young fool said on the same day can win her elder brother, at that time Shen Xiang also thinks that Dongfang Jing is very fierce, now after he sees the Dongfang Xuanlong strength, knows why Dongfang Jing this young fool can win Dongfang Xuanlong, because Dongfang Xuanlong is only the mouth is fierce. Although Dongfang Xuanlong cultivation base is good, True Qi is also very vigorous, but the actual combat experience were too few, is disappointing compared with his younger brother Dongfang Yao. The Dongfang Xuanlong family background is honored, has not had any pain since childhood, cultivates anything's majority is to depend upon pills promotes, by such crime, he had not had to think own that attractive nose unexpectedly will be broken by others. You...... You......” the Dongfang Xuanlong anger must unable to speak, actually gave him the opportunity saying that he does not want to say that because he, as soon as the speech nose hurt . Moreover the tooth, his image completely had also been ruined. Young Master Dongfang, didn't you mediate my irreconcilable? You did not say that for family glory, can not want the life? You now have destroyed your Dongfang family glory, how don't you die?” Shen Xiang looks at that to cover Dongfang Xuanlong of nose, approaches step by step. Shen Xiang, the gentleman revenges for ten years not to be late, so long as my Dongfang Xuanlong undying, I certainly will look before one day for your snow the shame, the Dongfang family glory will not destroy in my hand!” Dongfang Xuanlong is covering the nose, said fervent words. The people also saw that now this Dongfang Xuanlong is only the glib lips time is fierce, other really are not strong, now they when looked that the joke same comes to see at present this. Glory?” A Shen Xiang palm lays out, the intense shake shakes ground split open, this Shocking Heaven Palm the strength of shake covers toward Dongfang Xuanlong, holds the strength is the cheeks of hit Dongfang Xuanlong, making the vitality of Dongfang Xuanlong within the body seethe turbulently, spurts from the mouth, at this time the tooth of Dongfang Xuanlong was broken completely, flies with that blood young tiger.

Depends on the fellow who your this selling father seeks personal glory also to match to discuss the glory? You not only do not help your father resist to oppress Dongfang Lingyun of your Patriarch bloodlines, instead in the back unites to be cloudy your father? You know weapon that Dongfang Xinyue refines fierce? That anything nonsense Golden Heroic Sword, she can build up a big pile casually, but was actually compelled her and Dongfang family by Dongfang Lingyun quarrels to become enemies, they may be the Dongfang family glory!” Shen Xiang said may be truth, the refiner standard of Dongfang Xinyue, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou commended, this talented person in Dongfang family, will affect the rule of Dongfang Lingyun, must be made absolutely. You are not look forward to your father dead a bit faster, then let you when earlier Patriarch? Your father and Dongfang Lingyun will sooner or later ascend to heaven, when the time comes Dongfang family was your, you loved how what kind , were you so how stupid?” A Shen Xiang palm hits in the Dongfang Xuanlong top of the head, revolution Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches his memory. After the people hear the Shen Xiang's words, most people believe that Shen Xiang said that after all Dongfang Chaoqun and Dongfang Xinyue have the Patriarch bloodlines of Dongfang Clan, Dongfang family is their, they out of reason betray the family that oneself govern, does not need to betray, the discerning person understood at a glance that is the Dongfang Lingyun scheme. so that's how it is!” In Shen Xiang heart slightly one startled, Dongfang Xuanlong is cloudy his father not only to a bit faster to obtain that Patriarch position, unexpectedly also has other reasons. To be honest, you why that to your father!” Shen Xiang asked that to the person displayed Grasping Soul Devil Curse time, all questions will be answered, moreover said was the truth. Because I want a bit faster to obtain the position and Patriarch Blood Spirit Patriarch, such I can be fast formidable.” Dongfang Xuanlong said that people one startled, Dongfang Xuanlong unexpectedly acknowledged. But the people are very curious, that Patriarch Blood Spirit is anything!

Shen Xiang also satisfies everybody's curiosity, immediately asked: What Patriarch is Blood Spirit?” In Legend that is the soul of god blood, can, when crosses Nirvana Tribulation undying, places in the family treasure trove, Patriarch crosses Nirvana Tribulation time will use.” Hears the Dongfang Xuanlong words, in people heart jumps crazily, but Nirvana Tribulation the innumerable martial artist nightmares, had this thing, can that the safe and sound practice transcend? Then you did obtain Patriarch Blood Spirit? Patriarch Blood Spirit now where?” Shen Xiang also asked. No, Patriarch Blood Spirit was being taken care of by Dongfang Lingyun, he wants to use Patriarch Blood Spirit to cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation transcend Heaven World, so long as because Dongfang family Patriarch transcend or died, that Blood Spirit will follow Patriarch, new Patriarch Blood Spirit will arrive again at that time on new Patriarch, but Patriarch can take and has the member of Patriarch bloodlines to share the use.” This Patriarch bloodlines truly is a mysterious thing, no wonder Dongfang Lingyun resourcefully Patriarch making. You, since has the Patriarch bloodlines, later definitely can also use Patriarch Blood Spirit to cross Nirvana Tribulation, why also betrays your father!” Shen Xiang asked. Actually Patriarch Blood Spirit, only then the person of our Patriarch bloodlines can use, but my Patriarch bloodlines actually accidental thin, I only then fuses the blood of my father whole body, can use Patriarch Blood Spirit, Dongfang Jing and Dongfang Xinyue are female's blood, does not suit me to use, their Patriarch bloodlines also are not very perhaps pure, otherwise I do not use such troublesome, but has not held my father, by Extreme Martial Sect that old lunatic evil.”

Now has almost revealed the truth, Dongfang Lingyun and Dongfang Xuanlong for that Patriarch Blood Spirit, Dongfang Lingyun soon transcend, then to him is the matter of primary importance, but Dongfang Xuanlong cannot use Patriarch Blood Spirit, that is he most regrettable matter. Therefore they will conspire, join up to cope with Dongfang Chaoqun, in order to transcend, Dongfang Lingyun and Dongfang Xuanlong will make such matter. But Dongfang family now the new world first big influence, moreover Dongfang Lingyun unceasingly is still expanding, slaughters to revolt against his person unceasingly, the words this way, the new world cannot unite together, only then pulls down Dongfang Lingyun, making Dongfang Chaoqun this Patriarch control Dongfang Clan, can stop. Shen Xiang such does, is this reason, these matters may be Dongfang Xuanlong keep on proclaiming say, moreover some these many people hear, definitely will pass on, passes to the ears of Dongfang family these people, these definitely will be vacillated when the time comes by the person of Dongfang Lingyun deceit. If Dongfang Chaoqun and Dongfang Xinyue take good opportunity, can definitely from recapture the Dongfang family authority newly! Looked, in you said in the share of truth, I circle your life today, your father will handle personally your.” A Shen Xiang palm knocks down Dongfang Xuanlong. The Shen Xiang's method has made these people deeply frightened, even if 100 billion posts a reward, perhaps also nobody dares to have the idea of Shen Xiang head.