World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 738
Appears must eat food in Space Devil Beast of new world, above Nirvana Realm all transfers these expert of cultivation base, is good to facilitate him to eat, as for Nirvana Realm, was put together by Space Devil Beast, after he enjoys banquet, treats as between -meal snack to eat these strength faint people again. This is the Space Devil Beast consistent attitude, naturally, this from Long Xueyi's inheritance memory, because Space Devil Beast easily does not meet on Heaven World. Hits after Dongfang Xuanlong lies, Shen Xiang then eats up grain of pills, afterward walks in a direction, because of such a long time, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue has not come back, this makes him be worried. Those who let him feel relieved, he knows that Dongfang Xinyue is also living, because he and Dongfang Xinyue has the master and servant contract, can feel, but could also feel that Dongfang Xinyue is also living, does not know place that she is. Long Xueyi already displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to seek, but looked everywhere this forest, does not have any discovery, does not have including a trace, Long Xueyi guessed that possibly in a space, Space Devil Beast has formidable space strength, must achieve this not to be difficult. Wait / Etc., they definitely fight in that space, but that space is Space Devil Beast makes, will not be definitely strong, I give a try can feel that weak space to fluctuate!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang can only wait for now patiently that frequently was feeling between he and Dongfang Xinyue that wisp surmounts the relation of space, where no matter he now, can always be able to feel with Dongfang Xinyue and relations between Hua Xiangyue these two outstandingly beautiful female slave. When Shen Xiang waited for more than double-hour, intense space strength, the entire forest slightly shivers, afterward is an intermittent intense air wave is being then turbulent in the forest, blew many big trees, that broke the broken thick boughs as well as many big pieces leaves, was similar to the tide is ordinary, dozen toward Shen Xiang. Air wave that intense True Qi turns into is very strong, Shen Xiang can feel that Liu Meng'er's ice wind cold air, this made him feel relieved much. The giant bough fragment that in order to avoid that assails innumerably, Shen Xiang jump arrives airborne, welcomed that wild air wave to lead the way, what he wants to have a look at that Space Devil Beast is!

The air wave vanished, the forest becomes peaceful, but Shen Xiang also saw a distant place place to be very spacious, has big holes, that is the great tree is pulled up by including root create, that stretch of plaza has more than 30 individuals to distribute above scattered, most it is noteworthy that lies down in the middle that muddy height many long black wools, there are three person such big giant beasts. This is Space Devil Beast, with similar of Long Xueyi description, the build likely person, the whole body is the black wool, moreover huge strong, but has lain down there now, the body full is the cold frost, understood at a glance that is Liu Meng'er that fierce Icewind Divine Art creates. Shen Xiang can see these more than 30 expert in the distant place clearly, including some are he knew that for example Devil Subduing School's Man Futian and Zuo Zhenxuan, Dongfang family Dongfang Lingyun and these elders, have again are that Divine Martial Skill gate two elders. However their complexions are not attractive, could see them to avoid being swallowed by that Space Devil Beast, attacks brutally, some were also injured. Snort, Huang Jintian here, Dongfang Xinyue you are not without a fight, you are seriously injured now, revolts with anything!” A Dongfang Lingyun face grins fiendishly, looks at that face whiten Dongfang Xinyue. Liu Meng'er has cleaned blood on the corners of the mouth, the body releases cold air, is grasping White Jade long spear, coldly said: Dongfang Lingyun, coped with this domestic animal a moment ago time, we gave many strength, can not say that our two women, you will certainly be eaten by this fellow!” That is also what kind, now I must grasp with my Dongfang family rebel!” Dongfang Lingyun has not attacked to experience personally severely wounded Dongfang Xinyue immediately, but walks toward that Space Devil Beast, this Space Devil Beast is so fierce, definitely the whole body is the treasure. „Do you want to do? We have fight, do you want sole possession of?” A old man whole face refuses to accept, but Dongfang Lingyun actually maliciously waited for that old man one. Now the wounds of everyone some varying degrees, moreover True Qi has consumed, but Dongfang family has four people!

On this prospect? Fight time shrinks in the back of woman, others won, actually must rob others' victory.” Shen Xiang imitates the Huang Jintian's sound to say immediately. Ha Ha, is Huang Jintian really you? Do not think that has deceived my one time, but also wants to play my second time? Shen Xiang, I know that certainly is you!” Dongfang Lingyun said while loudly laughing. Liu Meng'er and in Dongfang Xinyue heart secret one startled, they hope that Shen Xiang do not come out, otherwise danger(ous), Dongfang Xinyue will receive very heavy wound after all, stands continually difficultly, moreover other people definitely will not offend that powerful Dongfang family, nobody will help their. Shen Xiang also saw that the circumstance is very disadvantageous to Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue, but he appeared, moreover very calm grazes slowly, on the face is also having the light smiling face. You also really plant, although we were injured now, but must cope with or not have the issue, like pinching an ant is so simple!” Dongfang Lingyun said while loudly laughing. Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, put out a grain of pill, hastily has put in the Dongfang Xinyue wing celtis mouth, although the Shen Xiang's movement was quick, but some the people of being able to judge the quality of goods saw what Shen Xiang ate up to Dongfang Xinyue was any pill. Multiplying Pill!” old man is startled to shout that more than 30 expert immediately in an uproar. Multiplying Pill, Heaven Level middle-grade. Eats up the later injury and consumption True Qi can rapidly restore to come, in time that in the efficacy has not abated, True Qi is inexhaustible, after the body is injured, can rapidly restore to come, when is regarded as crosses one of the Nirvana Tribulation best pills. Really, after Dongfang Xinyue eats up, was weak including her who the words could not say, immediately has stood, on the tender body was emerging intermittent boiling hot True Qi.

Dongfang Xinyue is Shen Xiang's female slave, Shen Xiang naturally not stingy pills, before he has given some Liu Meng'er grain of Multiplying Pill as well as Life Returning Pill, but Liu Meng'er now is useless, obviously already used up. After Dongfang Xinyue eats up Multiplying Pill, Shen Xiang puts out Life Returning Pill to give Liu Meng'er, the people sees, in the heart sends out one intermittently **, when this may be transcends tribulation gives up with thing, but the Shen Xiang eye does not wink now, gave these two women to eat up. Shen Xiang this pills wealthy and powerful family, making person heart frightened, which the people are very curious his come that many high level pill. Dongfang Lingyun, do not kill me?” After Dongfang Xinyue eats up Multiplying Pill, feels that inexhaustible True Qi, she has unprecedented soaring fighting intent, grasps one to burn the shackle of flame, beautiful eyes is spraying a [say / way] to kill off, looks at Dongfang Lingyun. Liu Meng'er ate up Life Returning Pill, the wound immediately restored, although the condition was not best, but actually they be better than Dongfang Lingyun.