World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 742
The VIP suite has many, can in inside person be in the new world being in power people of these big sect respected families, but in the great hall, many people complained an own not passenger compartment, the person majority that after all invited think that their strength is good, was such despised by Pill Association, in the heart are many. Wu Kaiming to anything, has not sat martial artist here, had much crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations, but did not represent them is strongest martial artist, sat in the theater box not necessarily was strongest, but was Pill Association that several Dan King relationship is good, or was their influences has the fierce alchemy master to ally this Pill Association. Fire God Palace has a theater box, if Elder Dan or Hua Xiangyue come, perhaps also will have.” Shen Xiang looks at great hall above all around these rooms, low mumble said. Dongfang Lingyun also came, this fellow is our Extreme Martial Sect's foe, previous time the enmity that comes Extreme Martial Sect to clamor has not reported!” Wu Kaiming coldly snorted, how he and Gu Dongchen started to plan hold Dongfang Lingyun, otherwise their Extreme Martial Sect will certainly be laughed. Shen Xiang thinks somewhat inconceivable, this Dongfang Lingyun currently unexpectedly also has the mood to run, he and Dongfang Xuanlong schemes and tricks should to be passed on to be right, but does not have what sound now. When Shen Xiang has doubts, in the great hall in several thousand people of doing, some people started to discuss in a low voice that mentioned Dongfang Xuanlong for that Patriarch Blood Spirit matter, colluded with Dongfang Lingyun, plots to murder Dongfang Clan Patriarch. Wu Kaiming also quickly heard this news, moreover this matter was yesterday happens in Blood Thunder Mountain and Sea, but this was Shen Xiang presses for an answer. Young Martial Uncle, fierce!” Wu Kaiming has raised up the thumb to Shen Xiang. „If as expected, this Dongfang Lingyun must fall from power, he does come to here to seek harbour?” Shen Xiang suddenly somewhat is worried that several Dan King preserve the Dongfang Lingyun words, everyone dares to say anything. Dongfang Xinyue fuses that purple Fire Spirit, after eating up Shen Xiang's Multiplying Pill, the strength be stronger than before, therefore Shen Xiang is very confident, Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Chaoqun can from recapture Dongfang family newly. The people arrive one after another, when waited for that this congress starts, the people discussed the Dongfang Lingyun matter.

After the great hall is almost filled, on front that stage suddenly walks a look ordinary middle-aged person. Everybody waited, the Pill Association establishment conference starts now, I am Pill Association one of the ten elders, Ling Chen! Our ten elders are Dan King, can refine Heaven Level pill, including six Dan King give up competing for Association Master, including me.” Dan King in the influences of many people, is beard white Hua Hua old fellow, but this Ling Chen is actually a middle-aged appearance, lets nearby the great hall in an uproar. Again, our Pill Association thanked Dongfang Lingyun this old friend to ten Good Fortune Fruit that we bestowed......” In the Shen Xiang heart scolded one lowly, these Dan King did not have the moral integrity, everyone Good Fortune Fruit was bought. Person who was invited, is the experienced people, moreover in this also several thousand Pill Association alliance members, hear Good Fortune Fruit this Heaven Level spirit herb, all shock, after a piece is silent, humming sound the noisy discussion sound transmits. Now must kill Dongfang Lingyun more difficult, has the Pill Association protection, who dares to offend Pill Association? His mother, when I also takes some Good Fortune Fruit to buy some fiercer Dan King, irritates this Pill Association.” In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly is not feeling well very much, ten Dan King regarding the new world that many world fusions become, was too few, definitely also had fierce Dan King that hid. Now said that our ten elders discussed alchemy master rank division that everybody listens carefully......” After Shen Xiang hear, the cursed pit father, this new world unified alchemy master rank division is one to nine levels of alchemy masters, above nine levels is great alchemist, Dan Ancestor and Dan King.

So long as understood that refines three Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, was nine levels of alchemy masters, great alchemist needs to understand that refined three Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, Dan Ancestor needs to understand refined three Earth Level High-Grade Dan, but Dan King? So long as understood that refines Heaven Level pill, even if Dan King! This rank division was more loose, especially Dan King, if according to this standard, Shen Xiang thought that Dan King definitely will have many. Young Martial Uncle, you understood that now refines three Profound Level High-Grade Dan, should be eight levels of alchemy masters, was very high!” Wu Kaiming said with a smile. Shen Xiang low coldly snorted, actually he soon became nine levels of alchemy masters, can arrive at this level depending on his present age, was very extraordinary the new world. In our Pill Association, the youngest nine levels of alchemy masters are only hundred years old, now looks like also young, it is estimated that he was in the new world the fiercest young alchemy master.” That Ling Chen loud voice said. Hundred years old are less than can refine three Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, become nine levels of alchemy masters, this truly impressive again and again. „The youngest eight levels of alchemy masters, should belong to Martial Uncle!” Wu Kaiming said. I am not rare, must do makes youngest Dan King.” Shen Xiang laughed: So long as refined Heaven Level pill to come to become pit father's Dan King, Ha Ha......” After Ling Chen and other people were peaceful, Cailang sound said with a smile: I know that everybody wants to have a look at nine levels of alchemy masters to refine the Earth Level Low-Grade Dan appearance, but everybody knows that Earth Level Low-Grade Dan herbs is hard-won, but the youngest eight levels of alchemy masters are willing to come up to reveal shortcomings.” „The alchemy master of our Pill Association invitation alliance, recognizes the most outstanding alchemy master, will not disappoint everybody absolutely!”

The youngest eight levels of alchemy masters have come to power, unexpectedly is the Fire God Palace's fellow, looked that red such as the special clothes of blood knew. 60 years old, can refine three Profound Level High-Grade Dan, can become eight levels of alchemy masters, so long as continue to try hard, quick can become nine levels of alchemy masters.” Ling Chen smiles was saying: This little friend came from Fire God Palace's Fang Sheng.” Wu Kaiming thinks yelled very much nonsense, because Shen Xiang is the youngest eight levels of alchemy masters, although has not carried on this Pill Association alchemist assessment. That Fang Sheng very white and tender, looks looks like the 20-year-old shy man, because cultivation base promotes quickly, year to year takes pills, can therefore maintain the young appearance, will not be senile, Shen Xiang guessed that this Fang Sheng at least is also Tempering Realm late stage martial artist. What refinement is Three Clear Pill? Refines this simple Profound Level High-Grade Dan is not deceiving the person?” In the Shen Xiang heart is despising secretly. What presents many alchemy masters to look at that Fang Sheng refinement is Three Clear Pill, some population straight hearts are quick, has sent out an intermittent taunt the sound, this is in Profound Level High-Grade Dan most does not have difficulty pills, although is used to detoxify, but the disintoxicating effect is not very good, eats up later needs to recuperate long time can achieve the complete disintoxicating the effect.