World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 743
In a people hiss, that Fang Sheng has to receive that Three Clear Pill herbs, put out one to refine Lesser Transformation Pill herbs to come, was making the great hall peaceful. A herbs appearance of Lesser Transformation Pill, some depend upon Demon Beast sect to stare the big eye specially immediately, this Lesser Transformation Pill can however Profound Beast have the method of certain sensibility probability Shapeshift, can Profound Beast raise Shapeshift turn into a human. Demon Beast must arrive at Nirvana Realm to be able Shapeshift, but many Demon Beast block to Profound Beast this ridge, if Shapeshift turn into a human, cultivates the human martial arts, will become stronger. These raise Demon Beast sect, once Demon Beast Shapeshift, will become they most loyal friend, because there is a master and servant contract. Although Lesser Transformation Pill only then certain probability lets Profound Beast Shapeshift, but is very marketable, if this furnace refines, perhaps will come an auction at the scene. Under the patient waiting of people, that face anxious Fang Sheng, suddenly relaxed, opened that blue pill furnace, sees only inside to have one grain to be red not very thorough pill pellet. Succeeded!” Ling Chen also relaxed: „Our little friend can in this age, refine the Low-Grade quality Lesser Transformation Pill not to be very easy.” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, these herbs qualities are good, if he refines, at least is also two grains of qualities excellent, his previous time when Sacred Dan World carries on Alchemy Competition, uses may be rotten herbs, he can build up two grains of excellent qualities Lesser Transformation Pill. Although the Low-Grade quality disappoints the people slightly, but this was also good, after all others are very young. Probably has many friends present to purchase this pill, was inferior that we do carry on an auction to be what kind of?” Ling Chen saw the complexion of people better, hastily said with a smile. Wu Kaiming looked at Shen Xiang, he had been anticipating Shen Xiang makes anything to come, but the Shen Xiang complexion has been light.

brat no talent, but refines this Low-Grade quality Lesser Transformation Pill to come, revealed shortcomings.” That Fang Sheng stands up, on the face unexpectedly has a proud smiling face to come, because he sees Lesser Transformation Pill that many people want to purchase him to refine. Ling Chen he he smiled, has patted the shoulder of Fang Sheng: I know that in being many old alchemy masters is somewhat disappointed, but after all Fang Sheng is only young people, can achieve this to be good, in young one generation, he is the outstanding person, otherwise is unable to become our Pill Association alliance member.” „The first young eight levels of alchemy masters, such name should not be overrated for him.” Pill Association radically was boasting that now own Pill Association alliance member is fierce, since others extend to give the person to hit the face now, Shen Xiang could not sit still. These words said somewhat rampantly!” Shen Xiang suddenly indifferently said, the sound is not quite grating, but can actually sift in the ear of people, obviously this minute of True Qi utilizes very ingeniously, making many expert cannot help but acclaim one. „Can Oh? this you look to obtain analogy little friend also fierce youngest eight levels of alchemy masters?” Ling Chen frowned, some unexpectedly people smash the field, naturally, deals with this person, must make the opposite party be sincerely convinced. Is Shen Xiang!” A person shouted one. Although Shen Xiang has dressed up slightly, but the eyesight good person can recognize, in Wu Kaiming heart one happy, he knows that the good play is performing. In these theater boxes to the Shen Xiang quite familiar person, lightly smiled, Shen Xiang this brat, is always everywhere, is in sharp opposition with these formidable influences specially, this person can so be exactly long, is a miracle. Hehe, brat no talent, is only in Mortal Martial World recognizes the youngest first alchemy master.” The Shen Xiang's sound fills to tease, moreover he did not think that this is arrogant, because this given name is the Mortal Martial World recognition.

Please advise!” Fang Sheng naturally has listened to the Shen Xiang's matter, he also wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to have any ability, unexpectedly dares to clamor here. Other nine Dan King in theater box, in heart secret angry, some unexpectedly people are so bold, pounds their ten Dan King gathering places, but can they be what kind of? Drives out others, does that make the honored guest who these were invited look at the joke? Does not know how many furnace Lesser Transformation Pill Brother Fang you have refined?” Shen Xiang stands on the position, inquired. Since is Shen Xiang, the people know that will be definitely possible, especially these to the Pill Association somewhat discontented person, secretly were anticipating Shen Xiang makes anything. Could not remember, but I can refine finally!” Fang Sheng is very self-confident, because of this age, can achieve eight levels of alchemy masters, is very rare. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Then Brother Fang has refined much, but will the quality so be disappointing? Moreover has pill to be few!” Shen Xiang, the alchemy masters present know that Lesser Transformation Pill is only pill one grain, but the refinement difficulty is very big, isn't your this is boring tip of cows horn?” Ling Chen immediately said with a sneer. The audiences alchemy masters in abundance nod. Shen Xiang said with a smile: My luck is good, has refined several furnace Lesser Transformation Pill, I have pill am two grains, moreover quality excellent, I do not bore tip of cows horn, this is by my vision, Brother Fang alchemy is spoiling herbs.” Words everybody will say, but do you want also to put out a real skill persuasively to come? You refine Lesser Transformation Pill to leave two grains, you think that my this Dan King is mixes?” Ling Chen laughs, the laughter fills to despise, is having an anger.

If to pick a quarrel, expels intentionally!” The old sound conveys from the theater box together, one listens to know that is power and influence very big Dan King. If I can refine? Your these Dan King in my opinion, but sits the well view day.” Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, turns around to leave: „The standard of this Pill Association, is really disappointing, oneself cannot refine, thinks that others cannot refine.” Shen Xiang went to Sacred Dan World, he also really had the qualifications to speak these words to these Dan King. Holds on a minute, if you can refine two grains of excellent qualities Lesser Transformation Pill to come, I give my Good Fortune Fruit to present as a gift Brother Dongfang to you, if can't, how you in Pill Association for the slave hundred years?” That old man disdains, immediately said that he thinks Shen Xiang was just blustering. Wu Kaiming somewhat was worried at first, but he sees Shen Xiang that face to be calm, he knows that old fellow must have bad luck. Good Fortune Fruit? This thing I have many, in my eyes was too humble, Good Fortune Fruit, can buy the hearts of the people. Trades other thing.” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles. The people in great surprise, Shen Xiang is not wrecking the event immediately, but is provoking these Dan King bottom lines, unexpectedly satirized these Dan King to be bought by Dongfang Lingyun, but this saying also said the universe, Good Fortune Fruit was very precious, did Shen Xiang possibly have?