World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 744
The Shen Xiang's words, really make that ten Dan King be angry, but they actually must acknowledge the person, they accept that Dongfang Lingyun Good Fortune Fruit, naturally must to help the Dongfang Lingyun office worker, as for is any matter, they have not known now. Dongfang Lingyun looks secretly clenches teeth, because was Shen Xiang opened his scheme, making him fall on Dongfang family inside image greatly, the matter passed on quickly, he knows that this matter will spread in the entire new world not long, perhaps he will be crusaded when the time comes against by Dongfang family. Shen Xiang, since you kept on proclaiming one can a furnace leave pill two grains of quality excellent Lesser Transformation Pill, thinks that you had a skill, why not to make everybody experience, came to make everybody of coming from far away broaden the outlook, two came you also to obtain Good Fortune Fruit, why not?” That Ling Chen calms down, indifferently said. Good Fortune Fruit is a bottom line, if increases the gambling stake again, if Shen Xiang builds up, then loses seriously. Shen Xiang lightly smiled: I am not wreck the event, I thought that the Pill Association establishment to the new world is a good matter, can make many alchemy famous experts exchange, brings honor to Pill Dao, brat truly can a furnace refine two grains of Lesser Transformation Pill, that is only because I look very much heavily to herbs, cannot to succeed pill sacrificed massive herbs, sometimes succeeds not necessarily is correct.” Then also asked Little Friend Shen to grant instruction, making me and others open mind.” Although Ling Chen approves of the Shen Xiang's words, but alchemy time who can give a thought to that many, so long as can leave pill that's alright, certainly can sell in any case, who manages him to leave many, quality many, itself alchemy is not very easy. Shen Xiang walked, has put out one Lesser Transformation Pill herbs, can lead this rank herbs alchemy master along, can explain that he has certain resources. Since majority on the scene must look at the result, Shen Xiang also puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to come, to have this Sacred Level dragon tool pill furnace, speed rapidness of his alchemy. Please inspect.” After Shen Xiang puts out pill furnace, the posture that has made invitation, lets in that Ling Chen examination. If not skilled in the refiner person, is absolutely impossible to see this Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace strange place, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is very famous in Heaven World and Sacred Dan World, person actually few that but can recognize until now, even if in Sacred Dan World is also so.

After Ling Chen inspection, definite inside does not have any cheating mechanism, then nodded. Afterward Shen Xiang starts fast carries on herbs processing, the movement is very smooth, lets that in nearby Fang Sheng cannot help but looks in the heart to acclaim one, at least he cannot achieve. Processes in the herbs process, not only need carry on the even assignment herbs, except that the above unnecessary part, meanwhile can solve the herbs characteristics, is familiar with various herbs qualities, can let the alchemy master when alchemy, can accurate judges. After Lesser Transformation Pill herbs enters Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside, Shen Xiang going alchemy wholeheartedly, meanwhile revolution Refining Simulation Technique, looks like is very earnest. The people the expected outcome, they thought to wait for on a period of time now, because most people think refines the high quality time, the time needed will be longer, let alone is pill more matters. How long but their unexpectedly has not waited for now, half double-hour, Shen Xiang turns on the pill furnace cover, sees only two grains of red splendor pill pellet to wind around by light red Qi mist, Shen Xiang blows gently, Qi mist dispersing, that two grains of Lesser Transformation Pill release Zhenzhen red splendor light glow, as if vital Elf, but that grain that before that Fang Sheng refined, was similar to the dying embers is ordinary, did not have life Qi/angry. The quality high under stands sentences, this absolutely is excellent quality Lesser Transformation Pill, is two grains! Person took a deep breath in great hall, they while shocking the Shen Xiang alchemy level, envies Shen Xiang to obtain that Good Fortune Dan. Ling Chen is speechless at this time, he is away from Shen Xiang to be recent, when Shen Xiang use flame alchemy, the weak flame temperature countless changes, he can feel that Shen Xiang has not cheated, in such a short time refines two grains of Lesser Transformation Pill to come depending on the real skill, no wonder he will unable to bear reprimand that Fang Sheng to waste herbs, added that their these Dan King sit the well view day, because he has this qualifications! These Dan King kept on proclaiming nobody can a furnace refine two grains of Lesser Transformation Pill to come, but Shen Xiang actually builds up now over ten thousand people of front, this embarrassed these Dan King, the face was hit to be swollen.

Compared with strength Shen Xiang compared with these Dan King, compared with refining high level pill he also compares, but, but the basic level he is very self-confident. That Fang Sheng is shameful, he refined that Low-Grade quality Lesser Transformation Pill to be also pleased with oneself before, thinks that was very fierce, in addition a that Ling Chen boast, he also really thinks own unmatched in the world, but now he actually by Shen Xiang attack maliciously. Was a pity, such character unexpectedly had not been invited by Pill Association.” Also no wonder, others Pill Association Dan King received Dongfang family ten Good Fortune Fruit, but Shen Xiang is the person who Dongfang family 10 billion post a reward, how possibly to make Shen Xiang join Pill Association?” Hehe, Pill Association is not it seems like clean!” Wants the places of some people, will be unclean.” In the great hall discuss spiritedly, the Pill Association prestige was affected immediately, must know that was invited the person who is the honored guest, person who majority have the status in each influence comparison, now the Pill Association face lost in a big way. Naturally, if Pill Association that ten Dan King know that Dongfang Lingyun is any goods, will not accept that ten Good Fortune Fruit. The Pill Association congress is not smooth, they want to enhance oneself Pill Association image, making some level good young alliance members come to power alchemy, then well boasted, if were not they blows extremely, Shen Xiang will not come to power.

Not only now is the image destroys greatly, old fellow compensated Good Fortune Fruit, after Shen Xiang attained that Good Fortune Fruit, is only lightly smiled, then received in the pouch, then returned to the position. Has not traced hot Good Fortune Fruit, such had been won by Shen Xiang, this lets in that Dan King heart the drop blood, but this type looks at compared with the life the face important person, will be will not go back on word absolutely. Naturally, Shen Xiang's alchemy technique not only makes people broaden the outlook, makes these Dan King deeply have the sensibility. The Pill Association congress must continue, today must select Association Master to come, although opening is poor, but Shen Xiang appears also makes the people feel that does not have came in vain. Little Friend Shen alchemy technique also really makes Ling feel ashamed of one's inferiority, if Little Friend Shen must join Pill Association, can after this congress ended applied, like the alchemy master, we welcome.” The Ling Chen clear and resonant voice said with a smile, the manner was good. Then starts our congress most essential times, selects Pill Association Association Master.”