World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 745
Pill Association Association Master is the Pill Association representative, has in Pill Association to the high authority, to sit this position, must show own strength, this also already reached an agreement, but high level alchemy master who these come from each world, already wants to carry on a competition. They will not refine Heaven Level pill absolutely, should refines Earth Level High-Grade Dan, if refines Heaven Level pill, here person may probably wait for a long time to see the result very much.” Su Meiyao said. Refines Heaven Level pill not to be very easy, needs massive time that is the affirmation . Moreover the material is also very limited, requests to be very harsh to the environment, was staring by the people, many will affect the display. Invited four Dan King, they then must show their strength through alchemy, selection make Association Master that the person was sincerely convinced come.” Ling Chen said. Four Dan King that walks not disappointing, with the people imagination in almost, is some hair beard white Hua Hua old men, looks like likely is half treadons into coffin that type, but also is these old fellow, making many people respect, making many people flatter, because they understood that refines these to have unusual strength pills. The alchemy master will not win generally like martial artist badly beaten, if opposite party alchemy technique is very fierce, will respect the opposite party, like Shen Xiang, in these Dan King hearts secretly is admiring, will therefore make Shen Xiang join Pill Association. These four Dan King, the whole body passes one to make people feel very depressing burns the heat breath, can see that they wish one could to dispute now immediately. They will refine Life Returning Pill, refines to win first.” Ling Chen said. Life Returning Pill this Earth Level High-Grade Dan, many people on the scene have not seen, only then these crossed Nirvana Tribulation martial artist to eat.

Shen Xiang also wants to have a look at these Dan King competions to refine the Life Returning Pill process, he naturally cannot have a liking for Life Returning Pill now, because he has many, but he has not refined, moreover cannot reach that level. Four Dan King put out pill furnace, puts out that greedy herbs, Life Returning Pill herbs separates to auction, is very expensive. I thought that only through first refines Life Returning Pill this standard, is hard to see a level of alchemy master, because of the different alchemy masters, they will have the different practicing laws in alchemy, the speeds of some alchemy masters will be truly slower, but actually cannot miss on behalf of the quality, if speed slow, has pill to be many, the quality is high, I think that many alchemy masters will choose to build up to be slower.” Shen Xiang's sound suddenly resounded, making that four alchemy masters stop immediately. alchemy is not the competition runs, but should compete the pills quality, the disparity of excellent quality and Low-Grade quality is important on this high level pill, I thought that should not limit the time, but decided through the quality. If through the speed, only will make the alchemy master not give a thought to the quality to consider only the speed, such comes spoils herbs.” Can refine the excellent quality, actually to give dual attention to the speed, builds up the Low-Grade quality to come, too wasted.” Shen Xiang said is very reasonable, these Dan King have knows. But the result is very difficult to evaluate, if four Dan King refine the excellent quality?” Ling Chen said that actually this competition also to rush to time, because refines the time that Earth Level High-Grade Dan requires to be also unceasing, the too long words will definitely make people arid.

„If the excellent qualities, who refines first is who wins, regardless in brief excellent quality pill the speed is much slow, compared with Low-Grade quality, come alchemy using herbs fully, but be much more difficult than fast alchemy.” Shen Xiang said. The alchemy people know that such evaluation is also very fair, if displays well, can also be able the quality to be high quickly, can make the alchemy master give dual attention to two aspects in the competion. Ling Chen also has to revise the rule now, because Association Master must be sincerely convinced, these Dan King do not have the opinion, after all Life Returning Pill is very precious, they do not think, because this builds up the Low-Grade quality. „If the fierce alchemy master, generally how long can build up Life Returning Pill to come?” Shen Xiang asked Su Meiyao. I at least take one day a night, if the Low-Grade quality, quite a while can solve, naturally, my builds up two grains, their levels should only refine one grain, it is estimated that a day a night sufficed.” Su Meiyao said. actually this, I also think that with is very long!” Shen Xiang curled the lip, the time is shorter, showed that this Life Returning Pill is not complex, did not refine that Heaven Level Soul Eroding Powder like before, the time needed makes Shen Xiang somewhat frightened. Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, you use Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace are also half time's matter, enhances along with the level of alchemy master, the refinement speed will be faster, has the Fire Spirit alchemy master, I do not have Fire Spirit, therefore is slow.” Su Meiyao said. martial artist practice time, requires the time, therefore this a day or two can endure, but Shen Xiang can actually display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, plays to outside, inquired something.

So long as is the matter of celebrity, will spread quickly, Dongfang Lingyun these dirty business passed to this Pill City, majority the person who came from Celestial Emperor City passes on, moreover on the same day presents to hear the person who Dongfang Xuanlong confesses, from the new world many places, is very difficult to cover can cover. A day passed by, that four Dan King one face heavy colors, it seems like arrived at the essential time, can come here person, majority are the alchemy master and side Big Shot, very has the patience, the production of Association Master is very for them important, because of each influence needs pills, if can immediately and Association Master hits relationship, later when must obtain the high level pill medicine, will become quite relaxed. During the following half double-hour, four Dan King turn on the pill furnace cover one after another, quickest and slowest phase difference time is not very big, the level is similar, moreover can build up in the time of Su Meiyao expectation, explained that they have certain level, can refine Heaven Level pill's Dan King. Life Returning Pill that four people refine is the excellent quality, if must refine the Low-Grade quality, on their possibly quick such several double-hour, if not the Shen Xiang's words, their four precious Life Returning Pill herbs will waste, to compete distressed pill, but refines the Low-Grade quality. Is excellent quality Life Returning Pill, everybody can also look now as for the result. I think that this should refines the Life Returning Pill peak level, naturally, our Little Friend Shen, if can arrive at this level, can perhaps a furnace refine two grains to come.” Ling Chen said with a smile. Yes, Shen Xiang can build up two grains small Shapeshift, this is Life Returning Pill also? This reminds the people of Shen Xiang to have the massive Life Returning Pill matters, in the heart suspected secretly Shen Xiang understood refines Life Returning Pill!