World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 747
Sky over scenery exquisite mountain forest, Shen Xiang is looking out into the distance all around, has not discovered any dangerous situation, although here Spirit Qi is thin, but also because of so, few people came here. Has Mysterious Realm in nearby!” Long Xueyi induced anything: That can the confused mind dangerous situation be possible very much in that Mysterious Realm.” Elder Dan sees Shen Xiang to be puzzled, then said: This dangerous situation, only then our minority expert know, moreover in Mysterious Realm, this Mysterious Realm does not know how to form, is the same with that Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, can make people unable to use True Qi, meanwhile has one type to be able very fierce confusing soul strength.” Can't use True Qi? Shen Xiang is very puzzled: How then we do want to use flame alchemy?” Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Liu Meng'er are not first time enter this type unable to use True Qi Mysterious Realm, but they know that Shen Xiang is different races, can have in these Mysterious Realm with others different treatments. With this, I frequently in inside practice, with this method.” Elder Dan gives a Shen Xiang bead, this maintains a fire the bead, can store up the massive flame in inside, Liu Meng'er and in the Dongfang Xinyue hand has Shen Xiang's to maintain a fire the bead. Shen Xiang suddenly thought that rarely becomes very greatly, because he first time comes alchemy with this way, cannot use the True Qi words, in goes in cannot release the produce fire flame to come, to depend entirely on the Divine Sense control directly to maintain a fire in Zhu flame to come alchemy, this is the severe test on flame controlling force. Shen Xiang grips that to maintain a fire the bead, starts to pour into that to maintain a fire in his Universe Fire Zhu, then asked: „After going, everybody will receive that strength confused mind, then they?” Does not need to be worried about us, on our these flying disc has to resist these strength formation.” Liu Meng'er said that then looked at Gu Dongchen with a smile. Hexagonal flying disc of Gu Dongchen under foot is the Liu Meng'er refinement, initially Liu Meng'er maliciously had killed his blade, making him still unforgettable, but magic treasure of Liu Meng'er refinement truly is the good thing.

Then, when the time comes we in that type does the environment that floods captivated god strength, use to maintain a fire in Zhu flame to come alchemy again?” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that the pressure is not small, because he understood that now refines Earth Level Low-Grade Dan, uses Refining Simulation Technique to refine strange pills in that environment, to succeed is not easy. Right, like this is quite fair to you, Earth Level Low-Grade Dan when the time comes I refine is I have not refined.” Elder Dan said. Elder Dan has not refined, definitely is pill who these little use, these pill are not the use are small, is the refinement difficulty is high, therefore is abegging. „A true fierce alchemy master, can build up pills to come under very bad situation, you should little try!” Elder Dan has sneered: I frequently alchemy in this adverse circumstance.” The Shen Xiang brow tip twitched, the alchemy master has needed very strong Divine Sense, truly can make Divine Sense in that environment more formidable. That Mysterious Realm entrance is very secret, under a lake, after entering that Mysterious Realm, Shen Xiang immediately saw empty lands, is floating intermittent white fog, the sky is dusky, appears very depressing. This is pill furnace!” Elder Dan wields the white hands, flings to a Shen Xiang quality also calculates that good pill furnace, he is the same with Elder Dan's pill furnace. Gu Dongchen urged: Young Martial Uncle, if dull suffices 12 double-hour here, will turn into a lunatic, once some crossed old fellow of Nirvana eight tribulations to explore in this inside, but falls insanely.” Liu Meng'er is also the serious color: We currently have the formation protection, therefore does not have the matter, as soon as you tread the flying disc words, will immediately be disturbed, you best honest staying in same place alchemy, because strength of deep place will be more formidable, even if there is fierce protection formation, I do not dare to penetrate.”

Taking, what in the black box thinks is Spirit Force Dan herbs, what red box attire is Returning Spirit Dan! You must open the red box, must need many strength, only then eats up Spirit Force Dan to open with ease, but Returning Spirit Dan mainly can let you in the short time, will not be affected.” Elder Dan throws to Shen Xiang two big boxes , to continue saying: In these two boxes, separately puts Profound Elemental Soul Refining Dan herbs, but decides the victory and defeat looks at that Profound Elemental Soul Refining Dan quality.” Shen Xiang received that two boxes, is chewing that contest rule carefully, this rule can say very thrillingly, but makes him somewhat not be feeling well, because beforehand Elder Dan said that makes two Earth Level Low-Grade Dan compared with trial, but now is actually three types, moreover unpopular pills that is very difficult to refine. At this moment, he cannot say anything, he treats as one type to try to practice this, he also looks, this is the Elder Dan careful preparation, has very big advantage to him, because he has not experienced this competition. Prepares the good words, treads flying disc, if you want to cheat, they can look clear.” Elder Dan said. Shen Xiang is taking that pill furnace, has inspected, then jumps out Gu Dongchen that hexagon flying disc, after he just jumped, hears an ocean waves sound on suddenly, but oneself on a desert island, he now are actually standing in the beach, the ocean waves clashes slowly, that cool sea water is real. Shen Xiang is hard to believe that this is matter that because mind confused had, because all these are very real, he waits and sees all around immediately, Gu Dongchen and Liu Meng'er their flying disc has disappeared. However Gu Dongchen they can actually see Shen Xiang like an idiot, is transferring same place, but Elder Dan actually started in same place alchemy. Shen Xiang understands quickly that his five feelings were confused, this and 72 Transformations inside camouflage is mostly the same except for minor differences, but most makes him feel what is panic-stricken, his unexpectedly and Su Meiyao they lost the contact, in his heart shouted several Long Xueyi, had not replied. Liu Meng'er sees a Shen Xiang face panic-stricken appearance, cannot help but lightly said with a smile: This idiot, the terror does not know that we are visiting him.”

That confusing soul is strength very really fierce?” Dongfang Xinyue asked that she has not tried. Um, stayed for a long time absolutely has been able to fall insanely.” Liu Meng'er said. Shen Xiang naturally their buzz of conversation, but can actually hear the ocean waves the sound, as well as on Lan Tian the long howls of these great hawks. little rascal, a bit faster alchemy, several people visit you to be in a daze.” Long Xueyi's sound suddenly transmits. Shen Xiang one happy, hastily asked: Sister Meiyao?” I here, have not thought that this confusing soul strength is so strong, I and some Senior Sister also Xueyi saw that with is the same, moreover Xueyi Nine Heavens Mental Exploration that you see does not have any use, regardless of flies far, sees is the seas.” Su Meiyao exclaims.